What the Heck?

A woman posts a photograph of herself with a whitetail deer she harvested.  Below the photo she thanks another female hunter for being a role model and giving other women the courage to reach their goals.  I consider the photograph and the statement a positive for not only females, but people everywhere because it shows them they can set goals and reach them.

In no time at all, the woman who posted the photograph starts getting hate mail from other women.  One posted:

I truly hope that one day in your heart of hearts you will come to understand that these animals lives are as precious to them as your lives are to you. Do you think you are superior to them? And if you are superior in intelligence etc wouldn’t it be better to take the opportunity to be kind and protective to each of these creatures rather than killing them. But also you are harming yourselves because if you really look deeply you will see that everything we do always comes back to us, one way or another. There is no escape from the eventual repercussions of our actions. No-one can escape this natural law. Vanity and hardheartedness and grasping are long term causes of misery and suffering to us, it is a terrible trap. It takes courage to turn our backs on how we have been thinking and acting and to really dig deep in facing what we are really doing and the lies we are using to ourselves and others to justify our deeply harmful actions. Please try to free yourselves from this cycle of harm.”

Ignoring either this poster does not know grammar or she believes that people have multiple lives, I chose to address this as:

1.  Unless you live in a cave without fire or clothing (two of the three essential needs of humans), you are making a carbon foot print that is equal if not more than harvesting an animal for food.  Since the poster posted on the internet via an electronic device, we know she is not doing so.

2.  Whether you have always lived your life as an herbivore, omnivore, or carnivore, everything you eat was at one point a living organism and who is to say that the life of a cauliflower is any less important than the life of a deer or squirrel or rabbit?  If you eat berries, you are eating what the plant put out to perpetuate the species and preventing it from doing so.  If you eat wheat, you are eating the seed needed to continue the wheat field.

3.  Before you judge others, you need to make sure your own life is free of sins against mankind and the planet.  If it is not, it is best to work on your own flaws before pointing out the flaws of others.

4.  I looked up the person’s profile and they live in a large city wearing clothes and have what appears to be an apartment.  All of these facts are contributing to a large carbon foot print.  This means that they are not living a righteous life while telling others to get right with nature.  I think people who judge others while ignoring their own flaws has less of a soul than one who lives their life while not hiding their flaws.

That’s all I’ll say on that.

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Communing with God

Got to the stand at O Dark Thirty this morning and climbed up in a thick fog. Around dawn the wind picked up and started blowing the fog off while a mist fell. Shortly after what would have been sunrise without clouds, I caught movement to my right and there was a big bobcat mousing along the mowed trail. Then another came out from behind me and joined in. Both had their spotted coats still on. Then I heard a noise behind me and there was even a larger bobcat in almost all brown sharpening her claws on the hedge tree behind me. Turned out to be an adult cat with two kittens hunting together.

Didn’t see a deer all morning, but this almost made up for it. Wish I would have had a camera with me!  The wonder of bow hunting is you see the wonders of God that had you been walking through the woods you more than likely would not have seen.

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Just outside the VA Medical Center in Des Moines Iowa on Euclid Avenue is a billboard that has in HUGE letters:

“GODLESS? So are We”

and then a website.

It must be an extremely sad life to have to use a billboard to find others to share in your misery.

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Obama Using Illegal Aliens for Political Gain

Last night the POTUS came on TV to announce how he was going to take the law into his own hands and use people for personal gain.  He claimed that he was helping ‘undocumented workers’ gain citizenship.  All he is done is rewarded 5 million ILLEGAL ALIENS for violating American law. He has taught others illegals that if you can hide in America long enough you too will be given citizenship. If illegals can boldly disregard American laws and be rewarded for it, is this not a precedent for Americans to disregard laws they don’t like?

He claimed that he was embracing that all men are created equal.  In America, all men are created equal; all Americans should be treated equally; but in order to be equal we all including the illegal immigrants have to abide by the same laws.  With four million people waiting on lists to LEGALLY immigrate to America, the onslaught of illegals are punishing other immigrants who are trying to become American in accordance with American law.

He then challenged congress to pass a law on immigration if they think he has overstepped his authority.  This is the reason he waited until after mid-term elections to do this action.  The democrats knew that they were going to lose control of the senate and thus control over all of the legislative branch so he waited to do this until the republicans were in charge so he and other democrats could point their fingers at the republicans and make them the bad guys for the 2016 election and hopefully gain control of not only the legislative branch, but main control of the executive branch.  This is evidenced by his rule that the vast majority will not gain amnesty until 2016.

I have been alive during the terms of 11 different presidents and this one has done more disgraceful acts than all the others combined.  It is time for him to be removed from office through either impeachment of indictment for sedition and treason.

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If Obama gives amnesty to the ten million ILLEGAL ALIENS while there are four million aliens waiting to immigrate here legally, all he is doing besides violating the laws he was sworn to uphold is tell everyone that we don’t have to follow the law of the land.

His actions are nothing more than trying to build the democratic party’s roles by rewarding lawlessness; and for this his name should be stricken from the annals of American history.

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I’m Stacking Three Soapboxes on Top of Each Other for This One!

Here’s a rant. If you don’t want to read it, just ignore this post.

When I retired from the military, we applied for Tri-Care Prime where we’d pay a monthly premium and it would not cost us anything else. They told us that since we lived 52 road miles from the nearest Military or VA facility we could not get it because we were outside the 50 mile radius even though as the crow flies we were 45 miles from the VA Medical Center. So we got stuck with a co-pay and deductible to meet. We put our farm up for sale to move closer to Des Moines to qualify for Tri-Care Prime.

Two days before we closed, we were notified that Tri-Care Prime was no longer available for retirees in Iowa as the VA proximity was removed and we had to live within 50 miles of an active duty military “training” base. Depending on where you live in Iowa, the nearest base could be Offutt AFB in Omaha, or Whiteman AFB in Missouri, or Scott AFB in Illinois.  During this time our deductibles and co-pays were raised. This all happened around the time the ACA started being implemented.

On my fixed income I am not able to pay deductibles and co-pays for myself and since I am rated at over 50% disability began using the VA hospital, but my wife is not eligible to use the VAMC. So there was nothing we could do but continue being nailed in the pocket book for her medical expenses.  As far as I am concerned and even the Commander in Chief before we got this sorry POTUS said in the certificate she got from President Bush when I retired, by being my spouse while I served my country, she served too by taking care of the home front (the children and our home) when I was deployed.

Today, we got a bill from the optometrist for my wife’s eye exam with a note attached saying Tri-Care denied the claim. I called Tri-Care and they claim that under Standard we are not eligible for eye exams. I explained that they paid for my wife’s eye exam two years ago and four years ago and asked when they changed. The employee of Tri-Care stated we have not been eligible. I had them look up the claims from two years and four years ago and he saw where they had been paid, but stuck to the story we have never been eligible.

I am actually starting to regret spending all that time in the military.

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‘Religious’ Wars in the Middle East

With all the fighting going on in Syria and Iraq due to Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, who claims to be the leader of a caliphate, it has given me reason to ponder and meditate on the subject of religious wars.

A caliphate is defined as “the political-religious state comprising the Muslim community and the lands and peoples under its dominion in the centuries following the death (632 ce) of the Prophet Muhammad” according to the Encyclopedia Britannica.  A caliph then would be a successor to Muhammad.

The original Abu Bakr was the father-in-law to Muhammad and the first Caliph.  This is why the so called leader of ISIS is calling himself Abu Bakr.  The leader of ISIS also added to his name “al-Baghdadi” when he split from Al-Qaeda to go fight in Iraq to try and endear himself to the Iraqi people.  His real name is Abu Du’a and he has changed his name at least eight times.  Who commonly changes their name frequently and why?  The answer to that is criminals in order to avoid capture and hide their true identity.

This led me to ponder why he is rarely seen in public.  It is because he knows what he is doing is against God’s law and not only does he hide from the true followers of God, he is attempting to hide from God Himself.

That being said, we get to what my meditation has enlightened me with.

1.  The God of Abraham known simply to Christians as God, Muslims as Allah and Jews as Yahweh has not once directed his followers to kill each other.  Since I am of the Christian tribe of followers of God, I shall refer to him as God in this post but it is interchangeable with Allah or Yahweh.

2.  As all three are followers of the same God, any leader who declares war, jihad, or tsaba on other followers in God’s name does not follow God but is nothing more than the hand maiden of Satan himself.  As God does not command his followers to kill each other, anyone who does command so does not do the bidding of God but is trying to destroy God’s word.

3.  Anyone who follows a leader who commands his followers to murder other followers of God in His name, commits blasphemy and shall pay the penalty by God’s hand as they are not doing the will of God, but the will of Satan while trying to please their caliph.

If a righteous person reads the holy book (Torah, Bible, Quran) with an open heart and mind instead of listening to the false prophets and hate mongers who do the work of Satan by preaching violence between God’s children, Satan would be forced to retreat from this earth for all time.

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