First Daybreak of Autumn 2014

Sometimes words are not needed to express the beauty of a view.

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Follow Your Dreams

A friend of mine told me that “life is short, follow your dreams!”  So I did and my dreams didn’t appreciate it.  Now I am on probation for stalking and have restraining orders against me.

Just an attempt at humor my friends, just an attempt at humor.  Before  I get the nasty comment that stalking is serious, I know it is.

And son of a gun! I got one of those comments!  To top it off, it was from one of my “followers”.  A definition of stalking is “Stalking can be defined as the willful and repeated following, watching and/or harassing of another person. Unlike other crimes, which usually involve one act, stalking is a series of actions that occur over a period of time.”  This means that if you follow someone on their blog, essentially you are stalking them.

Now, I don’t ask that people don’t follow my posts, but I do ask that on humorous posts that are thusly identified, at least attempt a little levity.

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Quite The Character

He was quite the character

Growing up fast

He had an uncanny knack

For all of his lines and actions

He was quite the character

A ladies man

For all the right words

Flowed from his lips without effort

He was quite the character

Somewhat a hero

Rescuing kittens and saving lives

never falling out of stride.

He was quite the character

Erased from existence

By the editor’s red pen

Through the writer’s objections

But for a while

He was quite the character

I came up with this one driving home from classes today.  I thought about what it would be like to be living the perfect life only to find out you were nothing more than someone else’s imagination.


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Wet Red Sand

Wet red sand
On the desert floor
Shows what was
Will be nevermore.

Wet red sand
A mother’s cry
Gold stars hang
For sons who die.

A patriot died
In wet red sand
For our freedom here
But in a foreign land.

Wet red sand
On the desert floor
Will there be a time
When it is needed no more?

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Writing for Poetry, Prose, and Documents

I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again; when writing, write what you intimately know and how you speak. If you write on a topic that you are not familiar with, the reader can see the disconnect and will disconnect from your writing. However, if you write what you know well and do so in a manner that allows the reader to hear your words through your writing, they will stay connected as long as you maintain their interest. If you write about something without knowledge and passion, although passion is not always appropriate in professional documents, your readers will know that you are doing nothing more than building word count.

For personal writing, poetry and prose, have a passion for your subject and your readers will be enabled to read your words passionately.

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The Forest of Humanity

Oaks snap
Unable to flex
While the storms do rage
In the winds of change.

Willows bend
Resisting not
Until the storm passes
And the winds die down.

The oak is badly torn
With limbs asunder
The willow is only scratched
Be the willow.

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The Party is Over

“He came in untainted,

a breath of fresh air.”

He left disillusioned

but did not care.

“Stifle your mind

and stymie your pen

we won’t tell you how

but we will tell you when!”

Chastised for sharing

“flooding the site”

he walked to the door

and turned off the light.

Good night.

I joined a writing forum to share my poetry recently. I posted three poems I had previously written and was contacted by the warden of the site informing the rules restricted submissions to two per day. I apologized and went about life. Yesterday, the warden contacted me again stating it was two submissions per 24 hours, not days. Shortly afterwards, someone posted the comment on one of my poems that I had “came in untainted, a breath of fresh air.” As I was reading this, I had already decided not to abide by their black and white rules that were what I considered anal. Two per day is quite alright, but when the keeper of the keys is counting down the minutes and seconds waiting for the chance to assault, I’m not interested. So, I posted ‘The Party is Over’ at the end of that thread and will keep my poetry and prose to this blog from now on.

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