Every 28 Hours an Unarmed Black Man is Killed

This is the claim of political activist John Parker and Marc Lamont Hill that every 28 hours an unarmed black male is killed by police.  When Politifact.com checked this claim it was found to be false because of the facts regarding the cases.  Some had used their cars to try and run down officers when killed.  Another was a man who was the man who was trying to eat the face off a homeless man when he was shot.  Out of all the people they claimed were killed while unarmed, 136 were actually recorded in the report by Malcom X Grassroots Movement as really being unarmed.  Since all the circumstances are not known in each case as to what happened to lead to the shooting, these numbers are non-factual.

When Hill was confronted with the facts from politifact.com he said he misspoke about the unarmed part, but still every 28 hours a black man is killed by police (once again based on a report that was not developed in an unbiased way).  The other person, John Parker, a political activist and the communist World Workers Party candidate for president in 2004 also parrots this propaganda.  Why would a person want to continuously report data that has been debunked?  Could it be because he knows that most Americans won’t check the information and many will blindly follow?  What happens to that person’s goals when the truth does come out?

Also in the media a lot now is that African American’s are in prisons disproportionately.  Let’s look at a comparison that may explain this:

EURO-AMERICANS make up 78% of the population and are responsible for 47% of all murders.  They are also responsible for 59% of all violent crime.  A violent crime committed by an Euro-American happens in America every 2 minutes.  An Euro-American murders an African American every 45 1/2 hours.  An Euro-American murders another Euro-American every 3 hours 20 minutes.  59% of all prison population are Euro-Americans.

AFRICAN-AMERICANS make up 13% of the population and are responsible for 48% of all murders.  They are also responsible for 39% of all violent crime.  A violent crime committed by an African-American happens in America every 3 1/2 minutes. An African-American murders an Euro-American every 19 1/2 hours.  An African American murders another African-American 3 hours 15 minutes. 37% of all prison population are African-Americans.

CONCLUSION:  Since 13% of the population is responsible for 48% of all murders and 39% of all violent crime but only make up 37% of the prison population, it appears there is no discernable disparity in crime and punishment of African-Americans.The -2% difference in prison population versus violent crimes committed is negatable.

With Euro-Americans making up 78% of the population yet being responsible for 47% of the murders and 59% of all violent crime it would be logical to conclude their tendency for violence is less than that of African-Americans. The prison population matching the percentage of violent crimes would indicate that there is no disparity in crime and punishment of Euro-Americans either.

When socio-economic class was included in the equation for crime, it was found to be a major contributing factor regardless of race.

So the next time you read that one race or another is being targeted, look at the statistics from RELIABLE sources before buying into the premise.





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Today is Thanksgiving, a time to celebrate the blessings in your life.  Our family has been celebrating Thanksgiving since the first one in America at Plymouth.  There have been times throughout our history that finding a reason to be thankful might have been a little more difficult than others due to drought, famine, financial depression, loved one’s off to war, etc., but even in those times we had our health and family.

For me, every few years Thanksgiving falls on my daughter’s birthday as it does this year.  Today she turns……. Ha! You thought I was going to screw up and give away her age?  I think not.  It should suffice it to say it is an anniversary of her 29th birthday.  Since my son and his wife and children are having Thanksgiving Dinner with her family at noon, we will have our Thanksgiving/Birthday dinner in the evening.

This year I am thankful for God’s blessing, the service members keeping us free, my health, my wife’s health, my children’s health, and my grandchildren’s health. I am thankful for my friends and extended family and pray for the health and fortune too.

I hope that each one of you also finds reason to be thankful and I pray that God blesses each of your households too.

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There Came A Time….

I sat down with my wife of 35 years to look at photographs taken over the years together.  As we worked our way back through the years of photographs memories came back to mind of those times.  Our 2nd grandchild, our first; our son’s marriage; him and I fishing and hunting together; back through time we went.  Our son’s graduation from high school; our daughter’s graduation; our daughter’s prom; back we continued on our journey.

Photographs showing us in Kalamazoo, Michigan; West Allis, Wisconsin; Germany and Korea we went.  The further back we trekked, the more difficult to recreate the surroundings in the photograph in my mind.  Finally, I turned  a page in the 10th or 11th photo album and there was a photograph of me before my wife, before my children, before all the things that are now very important to me.  I knew the photograph was me; I knew it was taken while I was on duty on my ship while in port in Saint Thomas, the Virgin Islands; but I did not remember the boy staring back at me.

Somewhere along the journey there came a time when priorities and values changed.  As I looked at those photographs from forty and fifty years ago that used to bring back floods of good memories, they now were nothing more than the person who became me looking staring blankly for me to see.

Is my memory getting full to where some things have to be erased to make room for more?  Am I in the pre-stages of some terrible disease that is like a lit fuse burning away the past while trying to catch up to me?  I started to feel uneasy looking at these photographs and quickly picked up the next album.

There on the first page was a beautiful black and white photograph I took of my wife in 1980.  Looking at the background which consisted of a wooden door only, I knew that it was taken at the house we lived in while stationed at Anjong-Ri, Korea.  The house was located right inside the gate to the On-Dok-Ma-Uel neighborhood and it was the home we lived in when we got married.  If asked to sketch the layout of the home, I could.

I turned the page and there was another photograph of my wife that I took when she was pregnant with our daughter.  She was not feeling very well that day and was complaining that she felt ugly.  I told her what clothes to put on and how to pose and then captured a photograph that showed the most beautiful woman in the world to me.  In fact I remember not even finishing the roll of film, but taking the 35mm cartridge back to the base photo lab, developing the film, and printing the photograph right away to take back and show my young wife how beautiful she was.

The next photograph was of my wife and me on our second date.  Then there was another that was taken after our daughter was born and we were visiting a famous Buddhist Temple.  Each photograph in this album brought back a flood of memories.  This caused me to think again.

Finally, I realized that the photographs from before I met my wife were pictures of me living, but without life.  They were all moments capturing me existing because of my parents and didn’t have purpose for me.  All the photographs after I met my wife were memories of me existing for someone else.  This gave me purpose and direction and that is when I was not only living, but I had a life too.

So, to my wife, my children, and my grandchildren, I thank you because only due to you there came a time when I went from existing to living and I hope that I can be important to you for a long time so that I can continue to really live.

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Ferguson Again

The grand jury met for 3 months on this case.  The prosecutor showed the grand jury every piece of evidence both the damning and the supporting Officer Wilson.  After three months the grand jury came back with no charges against Wilson.

Now we have people who were not part of the grand jury and not living in Missouri claiming that this grand jury was not like other grand juries they have seen.  To these people I say every state has their own version of a grand jury and the duties of said jury.

Others are claiming that Wilson should have been charged no matter what and let a jury determine his innocence or guilt.  The grand jury is a jury and they were given all the evidence and were able to determine there was no chargeable offense.  To give the grand jury partial information to get a indictment out of them to have him tried before another court would have been an extra burden on the tax payers.  Add to that Wilson if tried had the option for a bench trial where not jury would have been seated and a judge looked only at the evidence without personal bias, once again the likelihood of a conviction would be low.

Another suggested that Wilson was not charged based upon his race and the race of Brown, who the media up to now has continuously portrayed as a victim even though we know he robbed a store just prior to his meeting with Wilson ( http://forums.d2jsp.org/topic.php?t=71291958&f=119) ; we know from photos posted by his ‘friends’ that he liked to act like a thug and posed with booze, guns and money ( http://forums.d2jsp.org/topic.php?t=71291958&f=119 );  we know from statements from his ‘friends’ that he used his size to intimidate people by yelling and charging at them.  Mr. Brown was no angel.  He liked hanging with thugs and representing himself as a thug.

Others claim it is just another example of the ‘white’ man beating the ‘black’ man down.  In the last FBI report on homicides, they reported that 448 Euro-Americans were murdered by African Americans and there were 193 cases of the reverse.  So even though African Americans make up 13% of the population and Euro-Americans make up 78%, it is the smaller population committing more of the murders.  If you look at African-Americans killing their own, during that same year there were 2,447 cases.  In fact, 48% of all murders in America were committed by a race that represents 13% of the overall population.  As for Euro-Americans, there were a total of 2,630 cases of them killing their own, but even though they represent 78% of the population of America, 47% of the murders were committed by them.  If anything, these facts show that a small percentage of the population is uber-violent and responsible for almost 50% of the violent crimes in America.

It is a tragedy whenever a parent loses a child.  It is also a tragedy when parents don’t raise their children to respect the law.

My final statement is:  None of us were in that grand jury room and none of us examined all of the evidence in this case so to second guess anything about it is the perpetuating the problem, not seeking a resolution.


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A Social Experiment

For the statistics class I am attending, we were divided into teams and directed to come up with a theory, create an experiment to test the theory with our hypothesis and a null hypothesis, and then show the statistical results either proving or disproving our theory.

OUR THEORY:  Without physical barrier, students will be more likely to disregard the closure signs with males disregarding the signs more than the females.

HYPOTHESIS:  When faced with only signs and no physical barriers, the greater the danger inferred, the more people will abide by the signs; but males will be more likely to disregard the signs than females.

NULL HYPOTHESIS:  No matter what the varying degree of danger, warning signs will have no effect on people without physical barriers.

SCENARIO:  Using the same stairwell during the same class break, we would get our baseline on the first day; put a ‘Closed’ sign on the second; put a ‘Closed – Wet Paint’ on the third; and a ‘Closed for Structural Repair’ on the fourth.  We would count the number of male and female students using the stairwell each time, both going up and coming down, and the number of male and female students deterred by the signs.

BASELINE:  19 Males and 33 Females came down the stairwell and 21 Males and 30 Females went up the stairs.

CLOSED:  20 Males and 27 Females came down the stairwell with no one deterred and 31 Males and 34 Females with 7 Males and 12 Females deterred.  At the bottom of the stairwell, one unwitting male and two females discussed the effectiveness of putting up signs without physical barriers.  Their critique was that if the university didn’t want people to use the stairwell, the signs should have been larger and the stairwell roped off.

CLOSED WET PAINT:  11 Males and 7 Females came down the stairwell with 2 Males and 4 Females deterred and 13 Males and 17 Females went up the stairwell with 7 Males and 11 Females deterred.

CLOSED STRUCTURAL REPAIR:  6 Males and 13 Females came down the stairwell with 1 Male and 1 Female deterred and 9 Males and 7 Females went up the stairwell with 7 Males and 16 Females deterred.


1.  When students saw other students disregarding the closure signs they were more apt to disregard the signs and use the stairwells too.  I call this the ‘Lemming Effect’ where if one is doing it, others will follow suit.  This seems to answer that age old question parents are known to ask their children “If Johnny jumps off a bridge, are you going to jump off too?”

2.  When faced with the possibility of structural failure while using the stairs, students all walked up the stairs alongside the handrails as if that would keep them safer.  None of the students walked up or down the middle of the stairs.  One student started down the stairwell one or two steps and then went back up the stairs.  Whether fear or social mores guided her reconsideration is not known.

3.  There were other students in the statistics class that knew what we were doing and disregarded the signs thereby possibly skewing the results towards the null hypothesis direction, but the initial results still lean towards our original hypothesis.

4.  I find it somewhat bothersome that people seem to need physical restraint to abide by official notification.  Does this mean that if a store has a sign up that says closed it is permissible to go in if the door is unlocked?  This leads to the question “If a sign says someplace is closed, why would you try the door?”

CONCLUSION:  Other members of the team are doing the statistical analysis of the numbers but I will go out on a limb without the results of the statistical formulas and suggest that our hypothesis is correct.


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What the Heck?

A woman posts a photograph of herself with a whitetail deer she harvested.  Below the photo she thanks another female hunter for being a role model and giving other women the courage to reach their goals.  I consider the photograph and the statement a positive for not only females, but people everywhere because it shows them they can set goals and reach them.

In no time at all, the woman who posted the photograph starts getting hate mail from other women.  One posted:

I truly hope that one day in your heart of hearts you will come to understand that these animals lives are as precious to them as your lives are to you. Do you think you are superior to them? And if you are superior in intelligence etc wouldn’t it be better to take the opportunity to be kind and protective to each of these creatures rather than killing them. But also you are harming yourselves because if you really look deeply you will see that everything we do always comes back to us, one way or another. There is no escape from the eventual repercussions of our actions. No-one can escape this natural law. Vanity and hardheartedness and grasping are long term causes of misery and suffering to us, it is a terrible trap. It takes courage to turn our backs on how we have been thinking and acting and to really dig deep in facing what we are really doing and the lies we are using to ourselves and others to justify our deeply harmful actions. Please try to free yourselves from this cycle of harm.”

Ignoring either this poster does not know grammar or she believes that people have multiple lives, I chose to address this as:

1.  Unless you live in a cave without fire or clothing (two of the three essential needs of humans), you are making a carbon foot print that is equal if not more than harvesting an animal for food.  Since the poster posted on the internet via an electronic device, we know she is not doing so.

2.  Whether you have always lived your life as an herbivore, omnivore, or carnivore, everything you eat was at one point a living organism and who is to say that the life of a cauliflower is any less important than the life of a deer or squirrel or rabbit?  If you eat berries, you are eating what the plant put out to perpetuate the species and preventing it from doing so.  If you eat wheat, you are eating the seed needed to continue the wheat field.

3.  Before you judge others, you need to make sure your own life is free of sins against mankind and the planet.  If it is not, it is best to work on your own flaws before pointing out the flaws of others.

4.  I looked up the person’s profile and they live in a large city wearing clothes and have what appears to be an apartment.  All of these facts are contributing to a large carbon foot print.  This means that they are not living a righteous life while telling others to get right with nature.  I think people who judge others while ignoring their own flaws has less of a soul than one who lives their life while not hiding their flaws.

That’s all I’ll say on that.

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Communing with God

Got to the stand at O Dark Thirty this morning and climbed up in a thick fog. Around dawn the wind picked up and started blowing the fog off while a mist fell. Shortly after what would have been sunrise without clouds, I caught movement to my right and there was a big bobcat mousing along the mowed trail. Then another came out from behind me and joined in. Both had their spotted coats still on. Then I heard a noise behind me and there was even a larger bobcat in almost all brown sharpening her claws on the hedge tree behind me. Turned out to be an adult cat with two kittens hunting together.

Didn’t see a deer all morning, but this almost made up for it. Wish I would have had a camera with me!  The wonder of bow hunting is you see the wonders of God that had you been walking through the woods you more than likely would not have seen.

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