Buyer Beware!

Almost two years ago I purchased a laptop to use at university.  At the time of purchase, the big box store that I purchased it from had an extended warranty and a store based computer help staffed by store ‘experts’ which I also purchased to cover my investment.  The two items cost additional $358.00.v  Over the two year period, the letters on the keyboard were worn off and the dvd read/write quit working.  The other problem was the monitor would zoom in and out on its own.

I called the store and they told me to bring it in and they would get it going.  So, I loaded up the computer and went to the big box store.  The team member from their ‘expert’ team told me it would have to be sent in to their main shop for repairs.  He asked if I wanted the hard drive backed up and I said “yes”, I paid for a service to protect my computer and its contents.  He told me that would be an extra $85.00 plus tax.  Then he asked if I brought an external drive with me.  I said “No, when I called no one said anything about bringing an external hard drive.”  He found a 32 Gig thumb drive for another $20.00 that would hold my documents, photographs, and videos.  I spoke with a manager who in turn refunded the $85.00 charge.

Today, I got a call from that store and they told me that they got the computer back and got it ‘almost’ working right.  The caller said that updates could not be installed and they were going to have to ‘refresh’ my hard drive.  I asked what ‘refreshing’ does and was told that I would lose any software I installed.  I said “So, you’re going to ‘restore the computer to factory settings?”  And the caller said “No, we’re going to ‘refresh’ the hard drive.”

My mind was becoming unsettled because this ‘expert’ didn’t even know the terminology.  I asked to speak to a supervisor.  He started telling me the same story that I would have to reinstall all the software that I had previously installed.  I asked him what the heck I had paid for.  I was now livid and was not ready to take any crap.  I asked if I had to reinstall my own software after being reset to factory settings, what did I pay for?  I then came up with this analogy; I told the supervisor telling me that I have to do the work myself is like you bringing your car to me telling me that the check engine light had come on and would not go back off and me telling me that I could disconnect the light, but after that he would have to do everything else himself.

Then he said he agreed and would get it fixed.  Ten minutes later I get a call from the first ‘expert’ again telling me that some of the software that was on the computer is not sold by their store and therefore I would have to do it myself.  If I had checked my blood pressure at that time, I am sure I would have been concerned about another heart attack or stroke.  I told the ‘expert’ if I did not get my computer repaired with everything in place, it would not fair well for the store and the ‘experts’.

A few minutes later the manager called me and said they would get it taken care of.  I haven’t heard anything else from them since 3:00 this afternoon and the next call from them better be that everything is done correctly or an offer to replace the computer and all software or comparable software.

If you purchase support when you purchase an item, make sure they provide the service they sold you!

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Scripture for Today 12/19/2014

“When these things begin to take place, stand up and lift up your heads, because your redemption is drawing near.”  Luke 21:28

When life seems bad, lift your head up because the Lord will deliver you.

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Some Waters Run Shallow

I haven’t been up on my soapbox lately because the one I was using was worn out from frequent usage.  Well, today I have finished my new improved soapbox 2.0 which will handle the frequency and weight without me having to worry about it crashing down around me.

There is a Christian sect today that put out a piece on celebrating Christmas on December 25th.  A church calling itself “The Living Church of God” is spreading the word that Christmas is a pagan holiday and by Christians celebrating Christmas on December 25th, they are performing a pagan ritual.  Some of its followers went as far as to say that Santa is nothing  more than an anagram for Satan.  How shallow the waters must flow through these minds to be so simplistic in thought.

I have covered this before, but I will again to reinforce the point.

1.  Most people agree that Christ was not born on December 25th.  In the time of Emperor Constantine, the emperor that tasked the Council of Nicaea to standardize the Christian faith, there were two common rituals held on the winter solstice. One was Saturnalia and the other was Mithras.  These events fell between the 13th and 22nd of December.  Emperor Constantine, who had converted to  Christianity, declared Christmas to be held on the 25th as to make it easier for the followers of those pagan rituals to more readily accept Christianity (or so scholars believe).  To say they are associated is like saying the major chain stores must own the government because of the sales they run for the 4th of July.  Some cannot fathom this as their waters run shallow.

2.  Christmas aka Christ’s Mass was the day that was celebrated in remembrance of the birth, death, and rebirth of Jesus Christ.  Somewhere down the line people narrowed it down to the birth of Christ for the Catholic Church.  Even though the Catholic Church celebrates Christmas on December 25th, many Orthodox and Coptic churches celebrate the birth of Jesus on January 6th or 7th, which in no way aligns even closely to Saturnalia or Mithras, although there are those who would want you to believe that due to the proximity of the holidays there is an association.  Those who cannot understand have waters that run shallow.

3.  As far as Santa Claus is concerned, this character is based on Bishop Nikolaos of Myra.  Nikolaos, who served on the Council of Nicaea, was a Greek Bishop serving the church in what is now Turkey.  He was not only renowned for the miracles he performed which brought to him sainthood, but he was also known to wander through his parish at night and leave coins in the shoes of his parishioners who left their shoes outside.  As his story spread, his name was translated to the local languages.  When it reached Holland, Saint Nikolaos became Sante Klaas which by the way is pronounced Santa Claus.  Yet, some still claim that Santa is a anagram for Satan.  Their waters run shallow.

4.  It was also a custom for many people in Europe to bring a tree inside during the winter and decorate it simply as a mental pick me up for the long winter months.  Originally decorated with fruits and nuts, they were replaced with ornaments and lights.  But, if you listen to the so-called “Living Church of God” the Christmas tree is an association to the pagans as they would burn incense under every evergreen.  Once again, this would be like saying since the first recorded house structures were found in Mesopotamia, we all must be followers of Baal if we live in houses.  Their waters run shallow.

That is all I have to say on this for now, and I am pleased to say that my soapbox did not even creak once while I was up here, so even though I hope that I don’t have to use it very often, I think it built to last.

For those of you who are Christian I say “Merry Christmas”; for any Jewish readers, “Happy Hanukah”; for the Africans, “Happy Kwanzaa”; and any others, “have a nice day.”

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Scripture for Today 12/18/2014

“My son, do not despise the Lord’s discipline,
    and do not resent his rebuke,
12 because the Lord disciplines those he loves,
    as a father the son he delights in.”‘

PROVERBS 3:11-12

Just as a parent disciplines their own child out of love, the Lord disciplines us too for our errs out of love.

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Responsibility has become a foreign or swear word, I don’t know which right now.  When did this happen?  Why is it such a difficult concept for young people to comprehend?  Where did we take a left turn and leave responsibility behind?  I don’t know whether to be perturbed at people who cannot grasp the concept of personal responsibility or scared for our future.

Over the past few years, we have grown further and further away from the idea that we are all responsible for our actions to a generation (maybe two) that thinks responsibility lies with someone else.  It can be seen constantly on the news and in the courts.  Examples are:

1.  Affluent Texas Underage Teenager buys beer, goes driving around hits another car and kills not only some of his friends riding with him, but people in the other car too and his defense team uses the excuse that since he grew up in an affluent family, he did not comprehend his actions AND THE JURY BOUGHT IT!

2.  Man abuses and batters his wife to death, the defense attorney goes with the excuse that he had grown up without a father in the home and therefore did not have an example to show him how to be a husband AND THE JURY BUYS IT!

3.  The Wall Street and other sit ins that happened all over the nation where people were demanding free college education, free this and free that; and there people out there supporting this BS.

4.  The teenager who sued her parents for cancelling her private education after she refused to listen and obey them.

5.  Another teenager sues her parents to pay for her college education AND A JUDGE FINDS IN HER FAVOR!

6.  Michael Brown tries to take a police officer’s gun and beats on the officer while doing so.  Afterwards he charges at the officer, who by the way was much smaller than this thug, and the officer fires his weapon in self defense.  Even though there are photos and videos showing how this teen was no angel, people still riot and destroy a community in support of the thug.  Where is Brown’s responsibility for causing the interaction?

7.  Eric Garner, out of bail for selling illegal (non-taxed) cigarettes is doing it again.  The store owner where Garner is operating calls the police.  They arrive and try to handcuff and arrest him.  He resists, and they end up taking him down to get him handcuffed.  He claims he cannot breathe and while being taken to the hospital in an ambulance, he dies.  Are the people upset with the man who committed a crime which brought the police in the first place?  Are they upset at that person for resisting arrest?  No, they are pointing their fingers at the police officers blaming them.  Where is Garner’s responsibility for initiating the confrontation?

Here is how it works folks, if you commit a crime, YOU are responsible for everything that happens after that.

If you are an adult and you want to attend college, it is your responsibility to pay for it even if you are lucky enough to have parents who are willing to pay.

If you are a juvenile, it is your responsibility to obey your parents.  If you choose not to, everything that happens as a result of you not obeying is your responsibility.

If you are a juvenile or adult and you get drunk or are under the influence of illegal substances and do something that results in the death of others, you are responsible.

If you grow up without a parent in the home, well welcome to the 21st century.  There are many people who grow up in single parent households that manage to function just fine in society.  If you are not one of them, that is your responsibility not anyone else’s.

Enough said.

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Scripture for Today 12/17/2014

” Peace of mind means a healthy body, but jealousy will rot your bones.” PROVERBS 14:30

This is similar to my aphorism “A grudge is like a burden you carry on your back.  The longer you carry it, the more it will weigh you down until you cannot go on any longer.”

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The Abrahamic Religions

Any person who claims to follow the God of Abraham, yet preaches or commits violent acts against other followers of God, although claiming to act in His name, in reality is the whore of satan.

Anyone who blindly follows a whore of satan in this life shall follow them to an eternity in the fires of hell in the next.

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