A Lesson to be Learned

Years ago, 1987 if I remember correctly, we were visiting my sister and her family across town.  My niece was about two at the time and my sister commented that if someone taught her baby to ask “why?” she would end that person’s life.  In what seemed to be the same breath, she asked my wife and me if we could watch her daughter overnight so that she and her husband could have some alone time.

I thought to myself, “you throw down a challenge and then are foolish enough to ask me to watch your child?”  “Sure! We’d love to!” I cheerfully responded.  My niece loves her “Uncle Mawk” as she used to call me and was excited about spending the night with us.  As soon as we got back to our place, the training started.

My little niece Stephanie had a cute way of speaking back then and at a very young age would pipe up with “Heffie!” when asked her name.  Shortly after “Heffie” came “Heffamie” and to this day I lovingly call her so.  But to return to the story, her training started that afternoon.  I repeated over and over again that whenever Mommy told her to do something she should smile at Mommy and say “Why?”

Stephanie being the quick learner she was excelled in this lesson so quickly, I felt obligated to advance her to the intermediate class of “Great Things Uncles Teach Nieces” where she was given an extra response.  The rest of the evening and the next morning she played with her cousins and soon enough my sister arrived to retrieve her daughter.

After a short period of chit-chat about the great evening she had with her husband, my sister looked at Heffie and said “Put your shoes on, it’s time to go.”

Heffie looked up at her Mommy and replied “Why?”

My sister’s response of “Because” was preceded with a glare at me.

No sooner had “because” left her lips when Heffie responded with “Because why?”

“I hate you” my sister growled at me; and in unison both Heffie and I replied innocently “Why?”

With her other daughter from a very early age would tell her mother she wanted this and that whenever they went to the store.  My sister’s response to her was always “we don’t have the money.”  The first time we babysat her, I taught Heffie’s little sister “K-Bob” (I really have no idea why we called her that) to respond with “Charge it!”

The lesson to be learned here is for parents never to challenge aunts, uncles and grandparents, because if you do, as family we are obligated to take that challenge very seriously for family entertainment.

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New Poetry Blog

I have added another blog to dedicate strictly to poetry.  It can be found at:  http://www.ruralpoetry.wordpress.com

I am separating the prose and poetry only for organizational purposes and if this inconvenient, I am sorry.

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The New Day

As the first hints of sunrise

chip away the last remnants of night

Jupiter extinguishes her candle

For another day

And I thank God

For being here to enjoy it.


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You May Not Know It

Suicide is final,

Where you never realize what you seek.

You may not know,

You have family that care.

You may not realize,

You have friends that care.

You might not understand,

You have strangers that care.

Suicide is final,

Where you never realize what you seek.

You transfer your suffering,

To the family that care.

You transfer your suffering,

To the friends that care.

You transfer your suffering,

To the strangers that care.

Suicide is final,

Where you never realize what you seek.

You leave everyone behind,

Not knowing.

You leave everyone behind,

Not understanding.

You leave everyone behind,

Not realizing why.

Suicide is final,

Where you never realize what you seek.

Beyond the darkness,

There is hope.

Beyond the solitude,

There is help.

Beyond the grief,

There is happiness.

Suicide is final,

Where you never realize what you seek.

Ask a family,

For the hope.

Ask a friend,

For the help.

Ask a stranger,

For the happiness.

Just ask,

Because suicide is final,

Where you never realize what you seek.

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The Patriot

Fifty stars up in the sky

The white of honor soaring high

The red of liberty with which they fly

For these things I would die.

So our families can sleep at night

enduring combat in dark and light

Overseas we take the fight

For these things I would die.

For Americans with different views

The haters and pacifists on the news

For whatever reason they did choose

For these things I would die.

On the soil of a foreign land

Defending freedom as I can

This is why I raised my hand

and for these things I have died.


This poem was originally written in the 1970’s and lost somewhere along the lines.  It was written after someone I knew back then asked me while I was home on leave what it was like to be a war mongering baby killer. 

Today it came to me and though I could not remember the exact words I wrote 40 years ago, the spirit remains the same.  The American soldiers, sailors, marines and airmen do not fight and die to protect only those who think we need defended, they also give their lives for those who disagree with the cause or the military in general.

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On the trail of life

You come across

Another traveler



Try to help

And get slapped

Denying the break

Oblivious and


Finding comfort

In the break

Avoiding possibilities

Safety in being


Potentials lost

Futures avoided

cutting off everyone

In a cocoon and


They look in the mirror

Seeing someone else

Vision blurred



Some finally call out

Tired of the presence

Others don’t

And die


As you walk away

Know you didn’t fail

Your heart was right

It is they who were



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Your Tax Dollars Being Spent on Political Advertising

Did you know that many states and the federal government does not have laws preventing entities that receive government funding from placing political ads?  Whether you support a position or entity or not, they should not be allowed to politic as an entity for a candidate.

Recently in Iowa a Political Action Committee calling themselves as Planned Parenthood Votes started running negative advertising against one candidate attempting to sway voters away from that candidate.  The Secretary of State for Iowa shows that the primary address that is the same as the local Planned Parenthood office and the officers of both are the same.  The argument in the 30 second advertisement utilizes a logical fallacy, but it might still might trick some voters.  With the frequency of these ads, a lot of tax payers dollars are being spent for a political agenda.

If these agencies have enough money on hand to spend it on campaigning, maybe we should cut their government funding and get it to agencies that really need the money for the purpose originally intended.

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