I Need a New Soapbox!

I have spent so much time getting up on the soapbox this year, I need a new one because this one is worn out.

Ok, some may not agree with this, but let’s round up all the illegal immigrant children that came unaccompanied and all the other illegal immigrants put them on planes back to their native countries and tell them there is a process for legal immigration that needs to be followed. This will send the proper message that unless you get an immigrant visa, you are not welcome!  The alternative if we don’t stem the flow of illegal immigration into America is setting a precedent that the laws of the country do not need to be obeyed and with that comes chaos.

Many of these children are carrying polio, dengue fever, TB, swine flu, and other infectious diseases. With our nation umpteen trillion dollars in debt we cannot be the indigent hospital for other nations either.

There was a report the other day about how the Soviet Union considered using the approach of sending disease infected persons to America en masse as a biological attack against us.  Now we are being biologically attacked whether by design or by chance in a similar fashion with the onslaught of 50,000 children of which many are carrying disease that were long ago eradicated in America.

Then, close the border with Mexico because the Mexican government has no interest in stemming the flow. Order that the border be sealed until our neighbor to the south takes care of their problems with human trafficking and the drug cartels. Also inform the government of Mexico that any weapons fire coming from their side of the border will be considered an act of war.

The sealing of the border includes manning our southern border with properly armed US military troops with orders to repel any incursions into America and if fired upon return fire with overpowering counter fire until the threat no longer exists.  Law enforcement officials are now coming under attack from the Mexican side of the border with .50 caliber sniper fire.

Now, I’m not insensitive, we can give all Americans a 60 day notice that the border is going to be sealed against ALL northbound traffic. All flights to Mexico ceased and all incoming flights banned. All marine traffic to be halted that stops in or originates from Mexico.  This will give American citizens who do not wish to be trapped in a hostile country a chance to get out.  It will also give the Mexican government two months to reconsider its stance on the border issues.

Do you suppose those involved in illegal activity will get the message? I hope so. My wife immigrated legally so there is no reason why anyone else cannot.

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The Illusion of Virtuous Acts

Aristotle said for an act to be virtuous, it must be done knowingly and willingly, the act must be in character with our normal actions, and it must be done with no ulterior motive. Herein lies the problem; upon performing a virtuous act, the recipient of the act will likely show gratitude either by words, a handshake, bow, or something as simple as a humble smile. That gesture of gratitude then takes on a feeling of warmth or pleasure if I may. I have often said that doing good deeds results in me getting warm fuzzies much like I get when I see someone else who has done a good deed.

Once you have experienced the warm fuzzies several times, it becomes the heroin to an addict in need.  It is not something you can go out and seek, but when a nice deed presents itself, the addict knows they have to act.

So, a person can only perform virtuous acts a few times before they’re addicted to the warm fuzzies, or could it be it is the gratitude shown by another that causes the warm fuzzies and is a unintended reward for the act?

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2nd Anniversary

Two years ago today I started posting on this blog. The original intent was to post one entry per day to help me recover vocabulary that a cerebral vascular accident I incurred had taken away from me.  If you include the 35 posts that I deleted a long time ago, well closer to the beginning of the existence of this blog than the present anyway, I still fell short of my post a day goal.

Two years ago, I still had many days of being at a total loss while searching for a word as common as “premium” or “policy”.  Those days are fewer and further between and for that I am grateful.

Two years ago I would often wake up and not be able to remember my address, age, or my children’s names.  Those days have completely subsided and for that I am grateful.

Two years ago the whole right side of me tightened up as if I was having a hemispherical body cramp on that side only and it didn’t go away for quite some time.  It has not been back since then and for that I am grateful.

Two years ago I was afraid that if I went to sleep I would not wake back up.  This too has subsided and for that I am grateful.

Two years ago today was a day I do not ever wish to repeat, but because of it I am a lot more spiritual, and for that I am grateful.

In the past two years of posting on this blog, I have had some people who liked what I have had to say; others who did not.  Some left me encouraging messages; others not so encouraging messages.  For both the good and the bad, I am truly grateful.

This being my two year anniversary speech, I am grateful to still be here but I probably would not have shown up if I had not known who the speaker was. :-) (Humor)

I am two books published since two years ago, and now am working on what will be my most important work.  It is not going as easy as I perceived it would, but if it was too easy it wouldn’t be worth reading would it?

So now I am done rambling on and would like to close with “If you’re old enough to drink alcohol, raise a glass of your favorite spirit and if you’re not, raise a glass of milk or soda and shout along with me if you so desire, HERE’S TO TWO MORE YEARS!”

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What is the Value of Books?

In today’s day and age, what is the value of a book?

I grew up reading a lot.  I read Dr. Seuss when I was young, Dickens, Stephenson, and Twain as a pre-teen.  I moved on to Asimov, Heinlein, Vonnegut, and Steinbeck as a teenager.  My young adulthood introduced me to King, Koontz, and L’Amour.  Then, the mid-adulthood guided be to St. Augustine, Socrates, Plato, and other theological and philosophical works.

One thing that did not change throughout my life though was my respect for books.  Whether they were books that I read and enjoyed or books that did not draw me in, I respected them for the effort that someone else put into them and valued them for their representation of someone else’s thoughts and ideas.  Even books that I despised because of the message they send should be kept as an example of warped humankind can be.

I have on my bookshelves here at home hundreds, if not thousands of books.  The oldest book on the shelves was written in 1792 and the newest, a year or two ago.  I have classics and non-classics; I have scientific books and atlases from the 1800′s which are not only educational to show what the great minds thought just a couple hundred years ago, but as a bench mark of change; and I have school books.  Every one of them sits in it’s proper place upon my shelves where I want them.  Some are sorted by author, some by topic and others by previous owner as I have books that were owned by my father, grandfather, great grandfather, and 2nd generation great grandfather.  My wife thinks that I should do something with them and has even said “either give them away or throw them away.”  But that is because she does not appreciate them the same as I do.  All I do is respond each time with “I’ll get rid of every book I own outside of the one’s that are family relics if you get rid of every flower you own and never replace them.”  This ensures the subject will not be brought up again until the next time we move.

I have never thrown away a book; if I don’t like it I donate it.  I have never torn up or defaced a book for whatever reason.  Most assuredly, I have never used a book for a coaster to sit a drink on.

This morning I saw a photograph from National Public Radio on the web.  There is a sweaty glass of what I assume is alcohol with ice sitting on top of an old book.  It is a story by a book critic on where are good places to read.  I tried to read the article in its entirety but the glass sweating onto that book prevented my mind from being able to consider the writer’s message.  What I got out of the whole thing was the writer of the article is pretty pretentious and whoever came up with the idea for this photograph is an idiot.

Am I out of date with the ideology that books should all be appreciated and cared for?

You can see the photograph that set me off at:  http://www.npr.org/2014/07/19/332312641/a-shot-and-a-book-how-to-read-in-bars?utm_source=facebook.com&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=npr&utm_term=nprnews&utm_content=20140719

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Shallow Minds

“Shallow minds can only swim in shallow waters.” – ME

A question was asked “When was the golden age of man?” I answered, “Personally, it was before it became inconvenient to believe in God.” One person kept asking when that was specifically. I asked him when it became inconvenient for him to believe in God and he answered “1984 – That was when I was born.”

What I meant was the golden age would be a different time for each person and it would be when they still held the teachings of God close to their heart. But this person could not fathom that answer and needed a specific date for my answer to work for him. I could have explained it as I have had to do with this person before, but even with an annoying gnat you can eventually learn to ignore it and get on with life.

Sometimes the answer does not lie on the surface and you have to go to deeper waters to find it, meaning that you have to ponder the statement more fully to get the message. If you give a shallow mind a philosophical situation to consider they will drown long before they find the right answer.

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Last Monday in Macroeconomics class we were discussing e-books and their value compared to normally published ink on paper books. One student said she thought the price of e-books was a rip-off for two reasons: One, there is no ink and paper involved; and Two, anyone can sit in the bath and write something down and get it e-published which to her does not qualify them as an author.

I responded to her in class with “I’ve written two books that were e-published only because I don’t see how a literary agent can determine the value of my writing when they may not have the same tastes as myself or many readers. So, instead of someone else who may or may not value my writing skills telling me the value of what I have to share, I can e-publish and let readers determine that for me.”

I then came home and decided to test her bath theory. I have now been through three laptops which are consistently not water friendly and still haven’t anything new to publish. So, even though bathtub gin may be accomplishable, bathtub books are nothing more than a myth. ;-)

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Even Jesus Had His Posse

Chapter Nine of my latest writing An Inconvenient God.  The title is self descriptive, can you figure out what the chapter is about?

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