Feeding The Soul

Yesterday I went for my second hunt of the bow season for deer hunting.  I needed to get out and get away from school, the city, and ‘society’.  After bandaging up my foot real well (I had surgery on the toe a week ago), I slipped my feet into the boots, threw my hunting clothes and bow in the back of the vehicle and headed out.  The closer I got to my destination, the more relaxed I became.

Pulling up the lane, I espied my 75 year old neighbor messing with his 1952 Ford 9N Jubilee tractor.  He was doing a little swearing at the old girl because she wouldn’t start after he recharged the battery.  I yelled at him “I wouldn’t work for you either if you swore at me like that!” catching him off guard.  I got out of the vehicle and walked over to see the old Ford tractor that I had operated several times when we still lived down there.  I walked around her checking fluids and such when I noticed the fuel valve was turned off.  As my neighbor said he had already checked everything, I subtly reached over and turned the valve on and told him I think I could get her started.

“Go ahead and try” he said, “it ain’t gonna start.”

To make the show look more convincing, I stroked the hood a couple times and talked to the tractor soothingly “I know he’s a mean old bird and I don’t blame you for not starting for him.  But now Jub, I want you to start up for me and we’ll go for a spin to show him how a woman needs to be treated.”  With that, I climbed up on her and pressed the starting switch while pumping the choke knob in and out, and she started right up.

I drove the old tractor around the barn lot once while my neighbor stood there rubbing his head and lightly swearing with amazement.  I stopped the tractor in front of him and told him that the tractor was kind of like him, old and cantankerous.  Then we talked about my plans for the day and he asked that I call him when I left so he would not worry.

With that we parted company.  I pulled my vehicle off the lane and suited up in my camouflage, grabbed the bow and arrows and hiked the 30 minutes back to the tree stand.  Once securely attached to the tree in a death nest 20′ above the ground, I sat back to wait.

Two hours into the sit I heard some stomping behind me which startled me out of my day dream.  I slowly turned to peer into the woods behind me and didn’t see anything.  “I know I heard a deer stomp” I thought to myself and strained to see if I could make out a deer.  As I was about to return to my normal seating position I saw something falling to the ground.  When it hit there was that stomp I heard.

It happens every year.  I get into a stand in the fall when trees are dropping their fruit and forget about the Osage Orange trees common scattered around my property.  They grow these big fruits that we call ‘Hedge Apples’ that are about the size of a softball.  When they hit the forest floor, they sound just like a deer stomping.  I smiled and turned around.

I watched the birds for a while and saw seven or eight Blue Jays flitting from tree to tree.  The Downy Woodpeckers were busy all around with their distinctive calls followed by the hammering of their beaks against the trees in search of a meal.  A Northern Flicker, which up close is a very pretty bird, danced from limb to limb in the tree that I was sitting in giving me some up close and personal views of his spotted belly.  Over by the pond I could hear a few Red Wing Blackbirds singing.  I would have thought they would thought they would have migrated south by now, but it was good to hear their song.  Off in the distance a couple Hoot Owls were carrying on a conversation back and forth.  Finally, I watched as a handful of Chickadee’s  hop from weed to weed dining on seeds as they went.  It was so good to be back in the country.

Around 5:00 PM, the clouds started to burn off, although the humidity level kept a heavy haze going.  120 yards out in front of me in the field a doe and her two off spring came out of the neighbor’s land and crossed in front of me.  The way the doe would go and then look over her shoulder before going again enticed me to think that a  buck might be chasing her and I watched and waited to see if something else crossed the fence, but it didn’t.

Shortly thereafter, two turkeys sauntered by pecking at bugs as they made their way back towards their roosts for the evening and that was the last two creatures I saw as the sun which had already quietly slipped below the horizon turned off her light to give way to the night.  I quietly climbed down out of my aerie and started the hike back to my SUV.

During the drive home, the humidity of the day transformed itself into avalanches of fog that made its way from the high grounds into the low lying areas.  It got thick at times and I could only see a very short distance in front of me and then without warning I would bust through a wall into clear driving again.  When I reached a point where I had cell signal, I called the neighbor to tell him I had left.  While talking about the day, I confessed that I noticed he didn’t turn the fuel petcock valve on and I did before starting the tractor.  He laughed as he called me a few choice words as he explained how he had gone back to the house and told his wife that I must be some sort of tractor whisperer or something as he related the story of our encounter.  Then he confessed that he always turns the valve off when he’s done using the tractor as he has done for fifty years like clockwork.  He said he must be losing it if he forgot to turn the fuel on.  We both laughed and I promised to go by his house when I finish hunting on Sunday.

I arrived back home at 8:30 PM and had my dinner.  I then went back out and unloaded the hunting equipment until my next venture into the woods and at ten o’clock retired for the evening.  My soul satiated, I fell asleep.

This morning I woke up at 7:00 AM!  That was nine hours of uninterrupted sleep which I never get.  It was good to feed the soul as I have been unintentionally starving it for too long.

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We Are As Many As We Are One

We see ourselves as individuals, a singularity, uniquely identified by name and genetics.  Through the materialization of how we aspire to be we create the building blocks of who we think we are and what others should see in us.  The foundation we lay for building ourselves might be strong and square as we see it, but in truth may very well be uneven and skewed because of our psychological need for self preservation.

Yet, no matter how carefully we build who we think we are, those who surround us do not see us as we see ourselves.  Their image of us might be close to what we think we created, or it could be completely off.  To complicate the matter, every person we come into contact with will view us differently than others.  Their view of us might be close to another’s but there are always varying degrees of difference.

To our spouse we might see ourselves as a loving provider and friend while their perception of us guided either through clarity or the fog of mentality might see us as a controller or manipulator.

To our children we see ourselves as counselor and protector while they may know us as a dictator, ogre or scourge.

To our neighbors and co-workers we see ourselves as a comrade in community while they can view us as pest, a bother, or a nuisance.

So, who we are is not in accordance with who we think we are, but is determined by identities given to us by those around us.  The better we understand those identities, the more we can work to either change the minds of those identity creators, or accept our destiny to be many as one.

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Want to Join ISIS?

There are reports coming out of several civilized countries about people who have been stopped from going to Syria to join ISIS.  My question is WHY???

If a citizen of a country wants to leave that country and go support a terrorist organization overseas, let them!  Let them get on the plane and get to their destination and then REVOKE THEIR PASSPORT!  They got what they wished for and the country that lets them go does not have to worry about them planning some type of activity in their homeland.

If you want to go join ISIS, please do so.  When you get over there and then see a warplane flying overhead you will know that the country you left wanted to give you one last parting gift before you meet your maker.

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The Justice Department Outraged?

It was announced today that the official autopsy of the Michael Brown was leaked to the press.  It is not known who leaked it, but the report states that Brown had a wound on his hand that is consistent with Officer Wilson’s version of what happened which contradicts what Brown’s friend’s version.

After the leak, people in Ferguson clashed with the police again.  It was also released to the press that Eric “I Have An Agenda” Holder’s cronies at the Justice Department were outraged that the official autopsy came out before the grand jury decided whether or not to hand down an indictment.  If I were on a grand jury, I would want all the information available before deciding whether or not I supported and indictment.  If the Justice Department is outraged, then a rational person would be led to believe that they aren’t interested in the evidence or truth.

This also brings into question that if there is evidence that Michael Brown was not the innocent teen that his parents presented him to be, why are people still clashing with police on this?  Is it because someone from the community that, even though it was not known at the time of the shooting, had robbed a store and even posted pictures depicting himself as a street thug had to pay the price?  Is it because now they have to either keep up the ruse or admit that they looted, burned and rioted all based on a lie?  Or are they once again being enflamed by people in the background like Holder and Sharpton to promote themselves?

When people who are sworn to uphold the law like Holder turns their back on the evidence because it does not support their agenda, the system is no more than gangsters enforcing their own laws instead of the law of the land.

This post was inspired by a report from MSNBC that was so biased and painted Officer Darren Wilson who has not even been charged as a “killer” while depicting Michael Brown as completely innocent. 

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Once again marriage is in the headlines; or at least what some would like us to believe is marriage.  Government has no business in marriages.  The only reason that government ever got involved in the first place was to issue ‘licenses’ as a manner of creating revenue for that government.

Marriage was founded as a religious ceremony to bond one man and one woman.  The Bible teaches that God gave Adam woman made from his bone as a helper.  The New Testament goes on to say that “he who created them from the beginning made them male and female, and said, ‘Therefore a man shall leave his father and his mother and hold fast to his wife, and the two shall become one flesh” (Matt 19:4-5). It is evident that not only the Old Testament and New Testament both identify marriage to be between one man and one woman.

No where in the scripture nor in the Constitution does it say “Let man abridge the law of God to his liking.”  The scripture says that same sex relationships are wrong as demonstrated by Romans 1:26-27 which says “Because of this, God gave them over to shameful lusts. Even their women exchanged natural sexual relations for unnatural ones. 27 In the same way the men also abandoned natural relations with women and were inflamed with lust for one another. Men committed shameful acts with other men, and received in themselves the due penalty for their error.”  In the Bill of Rights, Amendment I clearly states “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.”  Therefore, Christianity teaches that marriage is a religious bond between a man and woman; and that same sex relations are wrong; and the First Amendment states that the government cannot interfere with religion.

Now, we have a President who wants the federal government to regulate the definition of marriage.  We have cities that have passed ordinances stating that churches cannot deny same sex couples from having a wedding ceremony in their temples. In other cities, if a minister preaches the immorality of same sex relations or gender bending, the city attorney at the bequest of the mayor starts harassing the church.

I personally hope that one or more pastors violates these mandates and when persecuted sues the governments (city, state, federal, it does not matter) for violation of the Church’s Constitutional protection.

That being said, if a same sex couple wants to have a civil union that is protected by the government, more power to them.  If you are not harming another, go for it; but don’t demand that religious entities turn their backs on their beliefs in order for you to feel good about yourselves.

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Thought For Today

“Measure not your accomplishments by the abilities of others but by your own.” – Me

Too many people measure their accomplishments and deeds by how they stand up to other peoples accomplishments.  But I ask you, who is the better person, the one who accomplishes a goal without effort, or the one who struggles to reach the end.

The person who accomplished it effortlessly has nothing invested in the deed, yet the person who perseveres through trials and tribulations has been willing to give it all to finish.

God gave each one of us talents and we can ask no more of ourselves than to give it our best try.

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Stop the Bus, I Want Off!

This novel, The Cerebral Man, is becoming too much!  It started as a clear and concise story but is growing out of control.  It started out as a one track line from start to finish, but now has two side tracks that branch out before bringing it back together.  As I work on one track, ideas keep coming for the other tracks so I hope over to that line and add on and then jump back.  I have had to put up a poster board in my work area to keep the key proponents straight and the characters progressing like they should.

I am feeling addicted to this right now as I spent most of the day yesterday pounding out fifty more pages while the weather was perfect to be outside engaging in reality.  I so want to take a break and concentrate on school and my family life, but I am afraid that if I set it aside, the story will lose some of the details.

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