Thought for Today (8/14/2018)

Many today believe that they are entitled to be endowed by the government a comfortable life.  These people have a strong external locus of control, and by maintaining that thought process have no personal responsibility in success or failure as they have someone else to blame if things go sour.

Others have a moderate or strong internal locus of control and believe their success or failure in life is mainly dependent upon their own actions and their future is decided by their decisions.  If failure comes, they only have themselves to blame.

Likewise, many addicts subscribe to an  external locus of control, whereas those who are successful in recovery have switched to an internal locus of control.

In politics, the left leans heavily towards external locus of control and the right leans heavily towards internal locus of control.

So, where does your future lie, Internally or Externally?

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Thought for Today (8/10/2018)

Nothing to say for a few days now.  Take life as it comes and find happiness in that.

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Thought for Today (8/6/2018)

The missus and I drove to Minneapolis for the weekend.  There we met not only friends that I haven’t seen for 40 years, but also new friends that shared a military mission with.  At one point during the weekend I mentioned that I am closer to my military comrades than I am to my own flesh and blood siblings.  To my surprise there was not one word of dissent.

In the military, people learn that it is not about the one, but the whole and in order to ensure the whole survives we much all look out for each other.  It’s too bad that that all siblings don’t to the same.

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Thought for Today (8/1/2018)

I frequently have people tell me that I look somewhere between 45 and 50 years old (even people who are not trying to flatter me).  Then, I meet people who look quite a bit older than me that are in actuality my age or younger.

Of the people who all look a lot older than me, all of them have a history of drug or alcohol abuse.  This tends to make me believe that drugs and alcohol cannot only kill you, but they speed up the aging process.

What do you think?

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Thought for Today (7/30/2018)

San Francisco has passed an ordinance stating business owners cannot offer their employees free meals as an incentive to work there as it is hurting the local restaurant owners.  My thought is where in a republic does it say that we can restrict businesses from looking out for their employees’ welfare?

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The Monster

Time to review this again. Still, if not more true, than when it was originally posted in 2013.

The Rural Iowegian

The artist paints the world
Through rose colored glasses
With a fantasier’s soul
And it is a pretty street urchin on the canvas

The realist sees
The hideous monster
As it is and always will be
While it poses for the artist to paint

The artist cries out at the realists words
Burdening him with labels to load him down
And break his spirit
But it is to no avail as the realist does not waiver

The realist tears the glasses
from in front of the artist’s eyes
Only for the artist to turn his head
until his glasses protect his view again

As long as the artist will not see
And the realist will not waiver
Nothing will change
And the monster smiles

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Tip for Today (7/24/2018)


Many sites now require a password that has both small case and upper-case letters, numbers and special characters. This can often result in people creating passwords that are often forgotten. This sheet will help you create a password that both meets these requirements and is easier to remember.

First, think of something you can remember (i.e. type of car, a pet’s name, etc.) The item you choose should be at least 4 letters long, depending on which password creative advice you use. Most times, you will want at least six letters.

Now, using the chart below, replace letters that you can with the numbers:

A=4 A=FOUR) (A four looks like an A with a leg cut off)


E=3 (E=THREE) (A three looks like a backwards E)

I=1 (I = ONE) (A one looks like an I)

O=O (O = ZERO)

You will come up with something that looks a little less than what you originally chose. For example, if you chose the name “Pete”, when altered it would look like “P3t3”. You have now used upper-case letters, numbers and lower-case letters. But, this password would be too short, so you have to add to it. You can choose a year that you will remember like the year you started school, the year a child was born, etc.; or you can choose 4 digits like the last four of your phone number, first 4 of your social security number, etc.

For the purposes of building this example, let’s say you started school in 1990. You have P3t3 as the first part of your password, so combine the two to get p3t31990. You now have an 8-digit password that meets all the criteria except the special character. So, make it simple and add the first special character at the top which is “!”. Add that to the end of your password and you now have “P3t3e1990!”

Some passwords require you change them every so often. Most of the time, all you have to do is change the special character at the end to the next one. In our example we had “P3t31990!” as the original password. The new password would be “P3t31990@”.

PRACTICE: Keeping in mind that you need upper-case, lower case, numbers and special characters.

My first car was a ’69 Impala. The password could be: _______________________________________

My cat’s name is Pita and he was born in 2000. The password could be: ________________________

I live on Maple Street and the last 4 of my phone number is 5515. The password could be: _________

My daughter’s name is Sara and the first four of her SSN is 1234. The password could be: _________


If need be, you can write clues on a piece of paper and keep it in your wallet. For the password P3t31990!, you could write two clues:

What rose is banned from stadiums? (Pete Rose)

What year was the Hubble telescope launched? (1990)

For 691mp4l4!, the clue could be something simple, just write down “My first car”

For P1t42000!, the clue could be “What year was a pain in the ass?”

For M4pl35515!, the clue could be “Sweet sap call number”

For 54R41234!, the clue could be “Call my daughter for security”

With the clues, just make sure you write down something you will easily remember.

Another, not too difficult one to remember is mixing numbers with names. The number could be the last four of a phone number, the first four of a phone number, the first for of the SSN, the last four of an SSN, the house number, year of birth, month and day of birth, whatever.

Example: the password is Mike and the last four of his phone number is 0618. The password could be “M0i6k1e8!” or it could also be “M016k138!” using the letter replacement method above. Either one would make no sense to someone trying to break your password.

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