To Young People Starting to Work

To young people starting to work, I have seen trends the past three weeks that are disturbing and want you to think about:

  1. Work/Job is where you are compensated for performing duties during scheduled hours.  It is not where you try and get money for doing nothing.
  2. The scheduled hours you have are what you agreed to when you accepted the job.  Calling in and informing your employer that you have an appointment in the afternoon so you don’t see a need to come in at 8:00 when you are scheduled to start working.
  3. Work is where you receive money for tending to your duties at your employer 100% during working hours.  It is not where you take breaks every 20 minutes to make or receive a phone call.
  4. This last one is the most important!  If you find other employment and give your employer two weeks notice, it is imperative that you complete those two weeks.  Deciding one day to quit showing up at the job you are leaving before the two weeks is up can and will come back to bite you in the butt!  Some day down the line, you will apply for a job that will check with your previous employers and you will have to pay the price for your immaturity because the new potential employer will not hire you.  But wait! You know that it is illegal to give someone a bad reference so how could it come back to get you?  Here is how:  Your potential employer calls me and asks “What kind of worker was he?”  To which I will reply “The law states that if you cannot say anything good about a previous employee, you cannot say anything at all.  Is there anything else you want to know?”  It is pretty blatant that you have just been served the just dessert you have earned and now have to find some other potential employer that you hope will not check with your previous employers.
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Thought for Tomorrow, but Presented Today (5/14/2016)

Always set goals for the future and strive to meet them and you will always be where you need to be in the present. ~ ME

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Thought for Today (5/14/2016)

When a person misrepresents themselves to you, any obligations you may have had to that person no longer are valid. ~ ME

I accepted a job that was offered to me.  Three weeks into the job, I find the owner of the franchise ‘sugar coated’ the conditions present.  For several days I worked the 13 hours each day trying to compensate for those shortages.  Last night I came home and went straight to bed, only waking this morning after 12 hours sleep, and now I realize that even though I accepted the job, what I accepted and what I was given were two totally different scenarios and I owe the employer nothing.

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Thought for Today (5/8/2016)

It is Mother’s Day in America and if you are fortunate enough to have your mother still living, take the time to show her how much you appreciate all she has done for you while she is still here.  There are no guarantees that she will be here next year, or even tomorrow for that matter.

My mother was taken away during a surgery to repair her broken arm.  Of all the things to take her, repairing a broken arm was not one that I worried about.  She never regained consciousness again and I live with not having told her one more time how much I love her.

So, make it a habit to not only tell your mother, but everyone in your life who is dear to you that you love them daily or as often as possible.  That way there are no regrets.

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Thought for Today (5/4/2016)

I had an interview yesterday for a position that I was highly qualified for.  This is the 20th interview since I graduated from university in December.  I was told that out of 163 applicants, only 10 were chosen to interview.  I interviewed well, but no sooner had they finished the last interview today and I received a “Non-Selection Notice”.

It is days like today when I would like to tell the rest of the world to bugger off.

I’m going to bed.

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Thought for Today

Last night as I lay in bed exhausted from putting in 70 hours at work in 6 days, I thought about the book I am writing.  I do this often and not much of the unwritten portion changes as I think about it.  But, last night a different thought came to me.

I have had plenty of opportunities to finish this book before I went back to work, but I didn’t.  I wondered why I procrastinated finishing it up, and after a bit I considered that maybe I haven’t finished it as a self image protecting tactic.

Egos can be strong or weak, and small, medium, or large.  No matter how strong an ego is, every one of them has a weak point that if attacked in just the right manner, can be shattered.

When I wrote E.A.R.T.H., I had several people read it that enjoyed the book, when it came to agents, the rejections poured in. With that in mind, I have to ask myself:

Is ‘The Cerebral Man’ sitting unfinished only to protect my self image from further rejection?

I do not know the answer, but it is a legitimate question to ponder.

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Thought for Today (4/28/2016)

Yesterday I lost a friend from years ago.  I first met Pam in 1980 when we were both stationed at Zoeckler Station in Korea.  She and her boyfriend both became friends and when they rotated back to stateside assignments my wife and I adopted their dog “Pete”.

More recently, we reconnected on a social media site and kept up on each other’s goings on.  Then, yesterday, out of the blue, Pam was no more.

My thought for today:

Cherish your friendships both old and new for there will be no warning when they end. ~ ME


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