General Rant (Don’t Read if You’re Sensitive)

Colin Kaepernick is nothing more than a punk ass beotch.  With his $19,000,000 per year he knows about oppression as much as I know about being a frog.  If he wants to show solidarity with oppressed people, let him pull out his fat check book and do something besides insulting every person who has laid down their life protecting his right to be said beotch.

I stand with #veteransforboycottingthe9ers


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Thought for Today (8/27/2016)

As there is no perfect human, and we are all effected by biases, perceptions, environments and many other factors, it is not possible for anyone to know absolute truth or absolute reality.  Therefore, truth and reality are nothing more than personal illusions. ~ ME

I would argue that no matter how two like minded persons thought alike, if they were perfectly honest with each other, eventually they would find points of discord on any subject.  Then, the more people that come together, the more points of contention that can be found.

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Thought for Today

I have been working managing a retail business for four months working an average of 65 hours per week, though when hired I was told 50 hours per week.  After turning in notice because my doctor told me to slow down, I will be stepping down on 9/1 as the manager.

The franchise owner has now offered me wages to still work part time for him.  The hourly wage matches what the salary would have been if broken down into hourly wages.  The difference now is if needed to work extra hours now and then I will be getting time and half if I exceed 40 hours.  This is important because he wants me to fill in four weeks a year for salary employees who have to work 50 hours a week.

Maybe I should have pushed for hourly wages from the get go.

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A Conversation Today (7/26/2016)

Today at work a woman walked in wearing a Bernie shirt.  I asked her how she felt about the emails that were leaked from the Democratic National Party.  She replied she and many of her friends are quite irate about it.  I then asked if she was going to follow Bernie’s directions and vote for Hiliary. (Yes, I intentionally spelled it that way)

“Hell NO!” she responded adamantly.

“Who are you going to vote for then?” I asked.

“I hate having to do it, but we’re voting for Trump” she said.  “We have to do whatever we can to keep her out of the White House.”

Now if more Americans would wake up and realize that putting her in the White House would be the death knell for America.

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Happy Anniversary to Me

Four years ago today I started blogging here.  Although I have deleted some of my posts from early on, I still have a few on here.  Here is the earliest one still on my blog:

Over the years, I have come up with sayings that have come to be known as “Cooperisms”.  Here are a few of them:

1.  Reality is only for those who cannot fathom my fantasy world.

2.  Even if you were walking on egg shells, they would still break.  So, quit being so timid and go make some omelets.

3.  If you really want to screw up someone’s mind, occasionally throw out a rhetorical answer (a random answer thrown out without a question being asked).

4.  Wealth is not measured by the amount of worldly goods you amass while you are here, but by how long and how fondly you are remembered after you are gone.

5.  If you live your life meeting other’s expectations of you, you will never reach your full potential.

6.  If someone calls and asks if they can ask you a question, and you answer “yes”, hang up real quick or they will ask you another question!

7.  The wise man admits to what he does not know.  The fool does not have the wisdom to acknowledge his ignorance.

8.  Ignore imperfections in others and your own can remain a secret to you.

9.  Words can leave wounds that will never heal.

10.  A successful marriage is when both parties want health and happiness for their partner more than they want it for their own self.

11.  If you always find yourself surrounded by jerks, look in the mirror to find the common denominator.

12.  If someone tells you that they are not laughing at you, but are laughing with you, look in the mirror.  If you don’t see a smile, they are laughing at you.

13.  It is better to spend your dying years living than your living years dying.

14.  There is a fine line between being over optomistic and being a lunatic.

15.  The past can be a very heavy burden.  The longer you carry it with you, the more it will bog you down.

16.  The path you take to reach the end is unimportant, what you do to improve the path for others is what counts.

17.  There is a direct correlation between your quality of life and your perception of the world around you.

18.  There is a time for reality and a time for dreaming.  It is best not to confuse the two.

19.  The best medicine for stress does not come in a bottle, it comes in a change of scenery.

20.  It is better to question the teacher than to be taught wrong.

21.  The smallest accomplishment out trumps the biggest dream every time.

22.  Being a parent is a test of energy, faith and perseverance.  Being a grandparent is the reward for acing the test.

23.  Never judge a book by its’ cover, unless all the pages are blank, in which case look the cover over real well.

24.  A blind man can see beauty better than a sighted man because his eyes cannot interfere with the view.

25.  If you find life passing you by too fast, take your foot off the accelerator and coast for a while.

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Thought for Today (7/24/2016)

Today the Today Show interviewed a person about illegal immigration.  The person being interviewed said that the number of illegal immigrants is the lowest it has been since before 1986.  What the show failed to address is not mentioning that the current administration has ordered Customs and Border Patrol agents not to apprehend immigrants.

Insinuating apprehensions are down because there are less illegal immigrants is like claiming that violent crime statistics are down after ordering police officers not to arrest anyone for committing a violent crime.

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Thought for Today (7/18/2016)

Could it be true that the only reason Hillary Clinton has not been charged is because it would leave the Democratic Party without a candidate?  Sure seems like that is the case.

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