Are They Coming to Take me Away?

While driving home on 5/25/2015, off to my right was a cumulonimbus cloud growing. I decided to get a photograph of it while driving across a long bridge. While looking ahead at the road, I pointed my camera out the passenger side door and took a burst of four photographs in 2 seconds.

Now, three months later, I was finally looking at these photographs and look what the camera captured!

In this first photograph, about in the center is a bright light emerging from the clouds.

In this second shot, it has emerged and moved to the left and is lower.

This third shot, a full second after the first, the bright light seems to have moved slightly to the right again.

Finally in this fourth shot, it has clearly moved more to the left in a half second. None of these photographs have been altered at all and I have the RAW photos too that show the same bright light in the clouds.

What could the bright light be?  It’s not a weather balloon, it’s not swamp gas, what is it?

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Is This Customer Service? Mediacom at its Worst

Yesterday at 6:05 PM  Central Time

“TO:  Khartoon Ohan, Mediacom

When my wife and I purchased a home we called Mediacom to get service.  We were told that Mediacom does not service our area, that was two years ago.  Last week a Mediacom van was at the end of our street and a representative was conducting an audit.


I spoke with the auditor and he told me that Mediacom does service our town and there is a service connection right across the street from our house.  I called (844) 274-6753, the local Mediacom number and asked if we could get service.  The young lady put me on hold and had our address verified.  Soon she came back and said yes, we could get service.  We discussed various packages and then ordered a package that was going to cost us approximately $88 per month, including phone, internet, and cable.  She set up an appointment time of between 1:00 PM and 5:00 PM today and said the installer would call when he was 30 minutes out and I needed to be here with cash, check or credit card for the first month and hook up fee.


Two days ago I received an automated call to verify that I was going to be here and have the first month and hookup fee when the installer arrived.  I verified that I would be here and all was a go as far as I knew.


Today, I left the university early to ensure that I was here when the installer arrived.  I waited all afternoon without any call from the installer telling me he was on his way.  After 5:00 PM, I called Mediacom at the aforementioned number and was transferred to a young lady by the name of ‘Tara'(?).  She checked the system and then told me that the installation order was cancelled.  Imagine my surprise!  I asked who and why it was cancelled and she set the phone down, did not put me on hold, but dropped the phone on to the desktop.  Approximately five minutes later she came back to the phone and said that it was cancelled because Mediacom does not service my area.  I reminded her that my address was ‘verified’ last week and it was not a problem then; why is it a problem now?  She then told me that she would check and laid the phone down again!  After another pause of several minutes she came back and said yes, Mediacom does service my address and all we had to do is reschedule an appointment.


By this time I am exceedingly aggravated.  I told her that I needed to speak to a supervisor because this is unacceptable.  What kind of business has customer care like this that notify a potential customer when there is a change to avoid treatment like this.  I asked ‘Tara’ to get a supervisor on the line now.  She told me that she could take care of rescheduling an appointment and I replied that I wanted service hooked up within the next 30 minutes because I have already had to take time off for today and would not do it again.  The phone was laid down for a third time!


She came back to the phone after another extended wait time and informed me that Mediacom does service homes in my area, but not mine.  I again reiterated my desire to speak with a supervisor and was told there were no supervisors there.  When I called her on that as no call center operates without supervision, she said that the supervisors were on calls with other customers and I would have to call another number and leave a message.


I ask you Khartoon, is this how a business like Mediacom operates?  Are call center employees directed to make up stories?  Are call centers instructed to lie?  Does Mediacom think it is permissible to perform operations where a potential customer is not informed of status changes? 


It is regretful that you had to receive this, but the Director of Marketing and the Director of Operations do not have their email addresses published, but yours is.  I do expect a response from someone higher than the local operations on this though in a timely manner.  There is an old saying that goes:


“When a person is treated right by a business they tell everyone they know.  When they are treated wrong, they tell EVERYONE!”



Almost a Customer”

I got the name of the person to send this email to from Mediacom’s Corporate site.  A few moments later I received an auto-response telling me that this person was no longer with the company, yet they are still on the official business site.  It gave me an alternative person to contact and I forwarded the email to her.  I didn’t receive a reply which tells me that this is not a problem at a lower level, it is all the way to the top.

True to what I told them, I am making this information as a warning to others to include those I don’t know.  I also posted this to Mediacom’s Facebook site and was told by others that they experienced the same problem with this company.

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Did You Know….

Did you know that the standard definition of ‘middle class income’ is $25,000 – $100,000 per year?

For this thought it is imperative to remember that middle class is the class BETWEEN the upper and lower classes. This shows:

Upper Class is $100,001+; and

Lower Class is $24,999 and below.

All of these numbers are considered for a person working full time; 40 hours per week, 52 weeks per year.

With the middle class covering such a wide range of income due to cost of living in different areas (i.e. New York City, Washington D. C., etc.), it could also be that someone making $100,000 per year in an economically depressed area could be seen to others in the local area as being upper class.

There is a political party where the candidates are touting a line of increasing the standard of living for the middle class and helping the lower class by raising the minimum wage. As a tactic to get shallow people to vote for them, it is a good tactic.

Let’s look at this tactic. A person working full time now at minimum wage of $7.25 per hour makes $15,080 per year. This is below the middle class, and well inside the lower class. A person working for $11.50 per hour makes $23,920 per year and is closing in on the middle class. It would take someone earning $12.02 per hour to hit that $25,000 per year mark.

But if we raise the minimum wage to $15.00 per hour, someone working minimum wage full time would be getting $31,200 per year! Think how great that would be! It would be like Shangri-La would it now because now anyone working full time, no matter how menial the task would have middle class income and could afford to have a decent lifestyle.

WRONG! You forgot about that ‘middle’ part. If you more than double the minimum wage, you also have to more than double the lower and upper limits of the middle class. Middle class income would now be people working full time and getting paid in the range of $51,724 and $206,896 per year. “How do you figure that” you ask? If you more than double the minimum paid to employees in some cases, you still have to be profitable and protect your profit margin. Therefore you have to increase the retail price of the products or services you perform. Those who are skilled workers making $15.00 per hour now will not accept being paid the same as unskilled workers resulting in wage increases for them too. Their supervisors who now make the same as those they supervise will demand more. The chain reaction will rise all the way up.

This is demonstrated by the business owner of Gravity Payments in Washington State who put in a plan to raise all of his employees to a minimum of $70,000 per year. The initial reaction to his announcement by his employees was positive, but then some of his employees realized that they were going to be paid the same as the unskilled workers. Now, only five short months after implementing his plan, the company is in trouble and will probably close down due to being no longer competitive. Also, many of his employees have quit. The owner failed to consider one important fact, those who have work to get college degrees or some other higher education didn’t do so to make the same as the janitor. I am not saying there is anything wrong with being a janitor; I am saying the position does not necessitate a four year degree.

The second consequence of raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour is for a moment in time those earning the new minimum will have greater buying power, but then with everyone else getting raises to keep things in status quo and prices raising to protect profit margins, the buying power of that $15 per hour will be right back where it was as consumer goods all double in price.

Think about it.

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Did You Know…..

Did you know that Hillary Clinton complains about CEO’s that make 300 times more than the workers at the same time she made over $30,522,506 last year.  For her not to be a total hypocrite, that means she has to pay each one of her employees at a minimum of $101,241.70 to be at 300% more than their income. She would have to pay them more to not point the finger at herself.

Of course, this is the same person who claimed to be broke while getting a half mil for speaking engagements.  This is also the person who turned her back on her employees when they begged for help and let them be murdered.

Look at the facts before you throw your vote at a candidate.  Clinton belongs in prison, not the White House.

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Did You Know……

Did you know that the male of the human species should only get 12 grams of sugar per day.  The female of the species should only get 9 grams of sugar per day.  Knowing this, look at these facts:

A hamburger sandwich  has 5 grams of sugar in the meat and another 3 grams in the bun.

A coke has 44 grams of sugar in one can.

There are an ungodly amount of sugars in Chinese food.

Breakfast cereals, most of them have more than a few days worth of sugar in them.  Even plain Cheerios has sugar in it.

After hearing the daily intake needs for males, I started looking at everything I eat.  If it had more than 3 grams of sugar, it does not go into my diet.  The exception to the rule is fruit.  I allow myself raspberries and/or blackberries on my cereal because they are full of anti-oxidants.

I find it is still difficult to drive by my old eating haunts and even at school where it seems half of the people are walking around with bagels, breakfast sandwiches, or hamburgers.  Even so, I fight the urge and drink water and eat low/no sugar snacks.

After four weeks of eating foods that don’t hold a sugar buzz hidden within their flavor, I have lost 13 pounds.  I know the losses will fluctuate so I have probably a year of dieting to get back to my goal.

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To Catch that Great Photo

Sometimes to catch that photo that turns out amazing you have to be looking where you don’t normally look.  Check out my new FB page “Cooper’s Creative Camera”, like the page and share it to have a chance to win a print for free!

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21,184 and Counting

Yesterday, I passed my 21,184th day of life and I am fortunate enough to still be counting.  This got me to think about what I have seen during that time:

  • The cheapest I remember gas being was 31¢ per gallon.  When I started driving, it was 36¢.  In 1973, due to the Arab oil embargo, it shot up to 86¢ per gallon.  In 1979, President Carter deregulated gasoline prices and they went up drastically afterwards.
  • My first ‘job’ was delivering the Newton Daily News newspaper at the age of 9.  I had a route that covered 10 blocks.  If I remember correctly, I made in the neighborhood of $20.00 per month.  After delivering newspapers, I graduated to pumping gasoline at a gas station (we called it a service station back then) at the ripe old age of 12.  When I hit 14 I was able to work in restaurants bussing tables for the fantastic wage of $2.50 per hour.
  • On Sundays, the only things open were gas stations.  Families went to church together, spent the day together, and often ate meals with their extended families.
  • The ‘remote control’ for the television was the youngest person in the room that could walk.  The television in our house was this huge television, stereo, record player combination that was black and white only.  The cabinet was made of wood (real wood), had sliding doors for in front of the picture tube that could be closed when not in use, and the access to the AM/FM stereo and record player had sliding access panels on top.  We bought our first color TV we got shortly before the last lunar landing in 1972, but then the landing was televised in black and white.  That first console television we had weighed over 100 pounds.  Now, a television with the same sized viewing screen would we less than 20.  I purchased my first color television with a wireless remote control in 1982 and thought that was a big deal!
  • 1972 was the first episode of the show M*A*S*H also.  That TV program ran until 1983.  The ironic part was I missed a lot of the episodes from 1979 to 1983 because I was stationed in Korea where MASH was depicted to have taken place.  Other television shows promoted the family as a two parent household without swearing nor sexual connotation.
  • We went as a family to see the movie “Bambi” in 1966 at the local theater and it cost $4.00 for the admission of all five of us.  Now, to get into the theater it would cost about $50.00.
  • Telephones all had lines connecting them not only from the wall, but also a cord from the handset to the base.  If you were on the phone, you were limited by the length of the cord, which for the most part was about three feet in length.
  • When the  weather was nice, we were expected to be outside playing after our homework was done.  When it was bad, we would draw, color, or play games together inside like the infamous ‘Hide the Thimble’.
  • We used reel to reels to record voice and music and the recorder sucked in sound quality.
  • We listened to music on 45’s and LP’s (vinyl records).  It was a big deal with the 4 track and 8 track stereos started being produced that were pretty quickly replaced by cassette tapes that held the market for quite some time before being replaced by CD’s.
  • Cameras had to have film in them to take photographs and if you took a bad shot, when you had your film developed and printed, you got a bad picture back.
  • Home security was not an issue back then.  You could go to sleep with your windows open and not worry about anything.

Do I miss those days?  I sure do.  But I guess that is no different than young people today will look back on now and talk about how good it was way back then.

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