Thought for Today (8/21/2019)

When you get an urge or craving to do something that is unhealthy for you and others, try doing some deep breathing exercises and other grounding skills for 15 minutes, and that destructive urge will pass.  You’ll thank yourself later. ~ ME

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Thought for Today (8/19/2019)

The thought for today is about being grateful for what I have, and not dwelling on what I don’t have.  I am grateful for:

  • My faith & the loving God I follow;
  • My family;
  • The closeness of the veteran community I belong to;
  • My relative health;
  • Being gainfully employed;
  • My sobriety;
  • The coping skills I have for depression and PTSD;
  • To be an American and all the freedoms & rights that go with that;
  • My pets who love unconditionally;
  • Being able to learn from my mistakes;
  • Having a purpose;
  • My ability to laugh even when things get dark;
  • Having hope;
  • My ability to forgive; and
  • For having the ability to enjoy nature.

Focusing on what we are thankful for instead of what we don’t have is a major step in living a happy and healthy life.



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Thought for Today (8/16/2019)

Take a positive outlook and attitude towards each day for positive outcomes.  Take a negative outlook for a shitty day.  The choice is yours to make. ~ ME

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Thoughts for Today (8/15/2019)

Yesterday is gone forever

Tomorrow will always be an unknown

Live in the now. ~ ME


Would of, should of, could have and what if are all only ways to prevent your own happiness. ~ ME

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Another Thought for Today (8/12/2019)

The Rural Iowegian is also known as Schrodinger’s Blogger.  As long as you don’t ever try to find him, he can exist in life, or be totally made up.  But if you go searching for him, you might find he doesn’t really exist and therefore never have dual existence again.

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Thought for Today (8/12/2019)

Biden wrote an op-ed about bringing back a ban on assault weapons.  If he did that, would he not have to amputate his hands and lips as he has assaulted many females by groping and kissing them even when they do not consent.

An assault weapon is anything you use in an attempt to inflict injury upon someone else.  It could be a stick, knife, hands, feet, a rock, etc.. As far as the often claimed “Assault Rifle”, every long gun could be used to assault someone.  Biden says “no one needs a rifle that can hold 100 rounds!” That is true.  The AR 15 holds 1 round at a time.  There are aftermarket magazines that will hold 100 rounds, so ban them, problem solved.  But the left does not go after the common sense approach and limit the magazines, they go after the rifle.  They also don’t go after the perpetrator, they blame the president.

It has been the left that has daily attacked the President because he is not one of their party members.  It is the left that blames the right for everything that they don’t like.  Many conservatives greatly disliked Obama, but you didn’t see the media and the right going after him daily, even after he sold automatic weapons to the drug cartels in Mexico.

Final note, AR in the AR 15 does not stand for assault rifle, it stands for ArmaLite Rifle, the company that manufactures the AR series of rifles.

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Thought for Today (8/6/2019)

When you’re down or anxious and no one is around, try using your five senses to pick you up.

For most people I talk to, the olfactory sense seems to be the extreme on both ends of the enjoyment chart.  It can either pick you up quick or send you into the dumps equally as fast.  When I need a ‘pick-me-up’, I go downwind of a bakery.  The aroma of fresh baked goodies remind me of happy times and after a few minutes I am up and going again.  For some, the smell of burning petroleum products remind them of combat and trigger negative emotions.

For touch, the feeling of my youngest granddaughter’s breath on my neck as she sleeps in my arms is very soothing and relieves all of my anxiety.

For sight, sunrises and sunsets seem to be #1 for me, but also watching a campfire dance at night and watching the sun reflect off of ripples on a pond or lake also do the trick.

For auditory, the sound of rain on the roof, a thunderstorm, and the sounds of nature without the interruption of manmade sounds are tops.

Finally, for taste, marzipan chocolate, meatloaf, and Dutch Lettuce all remind me of happier, less stressful, times in my life.

Make a list of these five senses and your favorite things about them for yourself.  You can carry the list in your wallet or purse and when the dumps get you, pick one of those sensory delights to bring you back to a state of contentment.

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