Thought for Today (3/24/2017)

The vast majority of our problems today is based upon people telling God that He is not welcome in our lives.  We  want to live based on urges and lust and not on morality.  Until we change our ways, our lives will not get better.  If we choose to return to God and morality, things will change.

“Come, let us return to the LORD. He has torn us to pieces but he will heal us; he has injured us but he will bind up our wounds.” Hosea 6:1


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Thought for Today (3/23/2017)

Today a talk radio show talked about how millennials for the most part do not know how to change a light bulb.  The survey showed the vast majority would call their parents to help them if a bulb did go out.

This got me to thinking about a millennial who came into a retail store where I worked part time last December.  He wanted a car battery and wanted it changed out for him too.  It was 5°F outside with a wind chill of -20°F, and as we don’t have an indoor facility to do it, I was none too happy.  I told him he had to be outside to start the vehicle if needed (if I was going to freeze my butt off for someone for a measly $8.00 per hour, he was going to suffer too).  While I was changing the battery I asked him if he had ever changed a battery.

“Nope” he replied, “that’s why you’re doing it.”

I then asked him “do you know how to do it?”


“Have you ever changed the oil?”


“Do you know how to do it?”

“Nope, that’s what a mechanic is for.”

“You ever changed a tire?”


“Do you know how?”


I said “Funny how times change.  When I went to school we were taught how to change the oil, spark plugs, tires, batteries and other mechanical types of activities.  When my son went to school he learned the same things. I think maybe the school system is failing.”

I told him to start his car, which for a moment I thought he might need help with that too, but he succeeded.

The next day the manager told me the customer called corporate and filed a complaint, stating that I had belittled him.  I looked at the manager and laughed, “No, I think the education system belittled him by not teaching him how to be independent.  I made an observation and if he was hurt by that it does not say much for the future generation.”

The manager then told me if it happened again he would have to let me go.  I again laughed and responded “why wait?”  The next day I put in my two week notice with the addendum that I would not be changing any more car batteries during that time.  The manager acted shocked and actually tried to get me to change my mind.

So, if the vast majority of the millennials do not know the basics of being independent, how are they going to survive once all the baby boomers are gone?  Which brings me to the thought for today:

If you want to survive, you must know how to perform the most basic of tasks. ~ ME

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Thought for Today (3/22/2017)

March 22 Sunrise

The people walking in darkness have seen a great light; on those living in the land of deep darkness a light has dawned. Isaiah 9:2

I captured this photograph this morning and Isaiah 9:2 popped into my head.  Thought I would share.



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Thought for Today (3/21/2017)

They say you can never go home again meaning that you can never regain that time in life and the feelings of that time. I say you may not physically be able to go back in time, but you can go home again.

Home is a state of mind and heart that is often attained by triggers.

Triggers can be an old song or other sensory stimulant that you enjoyed during a moment in time.

The song Windy by the Association, which was released in 1968, takes be back to a trip we took in the family station wagon from Newton, Iowa to Forreston, Illinois over Easter weekend.  That trip is fond in my memory because my cousin had a dog breeding facility there and I would spend every day we were there playing with the puppies.  One puppy who was a Miniature Shetland Sheepdog, was a dwarf and scheduled to be euthanized.  She was a beautiful pup and playful as any other pup.  I begged my parents for that pup every day to no avail.

As we were leaving my father stopped the car and told everyone to wait in the car.  Pretty soon he came walking back to the car with a box in hand.  I thought he changed his mind and decided to get my sister a bunny she wanted. When he got to the car he handed me the box and told me it was my responsibility to take care of it.  Inside the box was the puppy!  We named her Ga-Ann (a combination of the owners of the kennel, Gary and Jean Ann, and she stayed smaller than a Yorkie.

Other memories brought back by triggers:

The song Midnight Confessions – My first girlfriend.

The song When Will I see You Again – My second girlfriend.

The song Walk Away – My Tour in Korea

The song Han O-baek Nyoen (About Five Hundred Years) – Dating my wife.

Meatloaf and Hotdog Boats – Mom.

Stale cigarette smoke – Dad.

There are many others, but you get the idea.  We can go back home again, if only for a moment or two.



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Thought for Today (3/20/2017)

Today is the first day of spring; a day of new beginnings; a day where the past should be laid to rest.  With that in mind, it is a day to take account of one’s own life and focus another year on fixing one’s own faults and sins. Unless your own life is absolutely spotless of even one iota of fault (which is mortally impossible), do not spend your time pointing out faults in others.

There are many aphorisms to remind us of this.

Geoffrey Chaucer wrote in the year 1385 wrote “Whose house is of glass, must not throw stones at another.” (People who live in glass houses should not throw stones.)

I wrote in 2012 – “Overlooking faults in others can help keep your own a mystery to you.”

Matthew 7:1-3 says “Do not judge, or you too will be judged. For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged, and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.”

God Bless.



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Thought for Today (3/19/2017)

Could the difference  between liberals and conservatives be the difference between fact and feel? 

Many of my liberal friends and acquaintances often use the word “feel” when they talk about different topics.  Most of my conservative friends will use factual data during those same conversations and not put their feelings into the dialogue.

So, is the difference liberals guide their decisions based upon feelings and don’t rely on the facts while conservatives base theirs on facts and push their feelings to the back burner?

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Thought for Today (3/18/2017)

There is a reason that your eyes are in your head, not in your chest. ~ ME

Think with your brain, not your heart.  After you have logically thought it out, then consider feelings.  If you think with your heart your reaction may not bring about the best results.

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