Thought for Today (10/17/2016)

I have to work early tomorrow, so let’s look at stats today.

The statistics show in 2014 the single parent households by race were as follows:

Native America 53%

Asian 17%

Black 66%

Hispanic 42%

White 25%

Mixed 42%

This directly correlates to the percentage of children born out of wedlock by race.  Of these same races, the percentage living in poverty were:

Native American 35%

Asian 12%

Black 38%

Hispanic 32%

White 12%

Mixed 22%

Then I looked at the percentages of each race (although I was not able to get the Native American & Mixed Race numbers) for graduating from high school.  Nationwide, an average of 80% of all students graduate from high school.  Broken down by race:

Asian 86%

Black 69%

Hispanic 71%

White 85%

With African Americans making up 12% of the population, some claim that there is disparity due to the number of African Americans in prison. 34% of African American families are dual parent and 69% graduate from high school.  Of the 66% single parent households, approximately 48.5% of these are below the poverty line.  If you look at the statistics for crimes, African Americans are responsible for 52% of all murders and 56% of all robberies. Once you throw in all other crimes, it does drop African Americans down to 28% of all crimes; however that is still 1 and ½ times their percentage of population. In prison, non-Hispanic African Americans make up 30% of the prison population. The 28% crime rate and 30% prison population are compatible and correlate to each other.

83% of Asian American families are dual parent and 86% graduate from high school.  Of the 17% single parent households, approximately 71% of these are below the poverty line.  As far as criminal activity, Asians are in that one percent of Americans incarcerated that are not European American, African American, or Hispanic American.

58% of Hispanic American families are dual parent and 71% graduate from high school.  Of the 42% single parent households, approximately 76% of these are below the poverty line.  In the area of crime, Hispanics Americans are responsible for about 1% of violent crimes and 37% percent of non-violent crimes.

75% of European American households are dual parent and 85% graduate from high school.  Of the 25% of single parent households, approximately 48% of these are below the poverty line. In the area of crime, European Americans make up 68% of the population, commit 42% of murders and 69% of all violent crime.

So what does it mean to me?  It means families with both parents in the household and ensuring their children graduate from high school are the one’s with lower poverty and incarceration.

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Thought for Today (10/16/2016)

I recently read a post where someone was trying to use statistics to validate a point of view.  I saw early on in the post that fallacious arguments (FA) were being used but there was insufficient data to determine whether or not it was sophistry (intentionally using fallacious arguments in order to deceive).

The more I read, the more FA were clearly visible.  The writer compared unrelated sets, i.e. “In 2012, 18% of Germans ate prune danish and in the first month of 2016 32% of Americans at prune danish.”  If someone wants to compare, not only does the subject have to be the same, so does the time frame.

They used uncorrelated data to further their point.  An example of this would be: “Native Americans make up 2% of the American population, and yet in Noatak, Alaska 90% of the people arrested are Native American.”  This is misleading because although nationwide Native Americans make up 2%, in Noatak 97% are Native American and therefore the arrest figures would not reflect the national average.

Another point was presented without taking into account mitigating factors.  The writer posted about comparing poverty levels between black and white.  What the writer did not take into account was the number of single parent families and their effect of poverty and education levels and poverty.

I won’t address the number of arrests based on color in this as I have already done the research and posted it earlier that percentage wise the number of people incarcerated by race directly correlates to the number of crimes committed by race.

Finally the last point I’ll address is this writer spoke of people who were shot by police officers.  The writer posted the percentage of those shot who were armed with actual firearms, and then lumped together ‘unarmed’ and ‘toy guns’.  WHAT?  You say that someone who points a toy gun at someone is the same as being unarmed when interacting with police officers???  When a police officer, or anyone else for that matter, has a gun pointed at them, they have a split second to decide what to do.  NO ONE has the time to look at the gun and analyze it’s appearance to determine whether or not there is a threat!

If someone broke into your home and pulled out a gun, are you going to try and figure out if it is real before you defend yourself?  No you are not!  You are going to shoot them.  The writer did not distinguish if the criminal had another form of weapon either.  Whether they have a baseball bat to swing at the officer or a knife, that officer is just as entitled to self preservation as the criminal is.

The more inaccuracies you have in your argument, the quicker you lose your audience. ~ ME

My next post will be to show how there is a correlation between education levels, dual parent households, and poverty.

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Thought for Today (12/13/2016)

“They’re nothing but your standard rednecks.”  (Bill Clinton)

“We need to infiltrate the Catholic Church and change their ideology.” (Podesta)

“They’re nothing more than a basket of deplorables.” (Hillary Clinton)

This all from the leaders of the party who says they want to bring Americans together.

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Thought for Today (10/10/2016)

After watching last night’s debate between Clinton and Trump (although I flopped back and forth to the football game), it was clear that the moderator’s were favoring Clinton, but it did not seem to help her.  Today, I am reading internet articles that declare Clinton won.

Clinton won?  Was there another debate other than the one that was shown at Washington University?  Let’s review the highlights (in my opinion):

  1. When Clinton said something to the fact that she is glad that Trump is not in charge of making laws in America, Trump responded with “Because you’d be in jail.”  I almost choked on the glass of milk I was drinking. Point Trump.
  2. When Trump reminded everyone of Clinton’s failures as Secretary of State where she sold weapons to ISIS, four American diplomats dead in Benghazi, and a couple other instances, she talked about Syria, but avoided ISIS and Benghazi.  Point Trump.
  3. When faced with answering for deleting 33,000 emails from her server AFTER getting a subpoena from Congress to provide them, she again refused to account for herself.  Point Trump.
  4. When asked about Islamophobia, Trump said to alleviate it Muslims need to report to authorities when someone in their community is known to be planning an attack.  He also said there needed to be a freeze on Muslims from certain regions of the world until they could be properly vetted.  Clinton then said we need a reporting system (same thing Trump said), she also wants random vetting to try and eliminate terrorists getting into the country.  Her lack of interest in ensuring all immigrants are properly vetted gives the point to Trump.
  5. When again asked about her private server, instead of taking responsibility for her actions, she screamed that there was no proof that her system endangered America and Americans.  The fact that she had an unsecured server where classified materials were sent, is the proof that she endangered America and Americans.  Point Trump.
  6. When asked to say something nice about their opponent, Clinton refused to do so and would only say Trump as nice children.  Trump complimented Clinton’s drive.  Point Trump.
  7. When asked about whether or not public officials should have a private view point that differed from their public persona, in a roundabout way she said sometimes it was needed.  So she basically admits that she says things that she may not agree with just to get votes.  Typical politician mindset.  Point Trump.
  8. When asked how a public servant of 30 years gets to be a multi millionaire, she did not answer. Point Trump.
  9. She asked Trump if he used loopholes in the tax system and he admitted he did.  For his honesty – point Trump.  He went on to say that so did her supporters Buffet and Soros.  For this – point Trump.
  10. When Trump ran out of time, Anderson Cooper and the other moderator started butting in immediately but would let Clinton to go on and on.  Only when Trump voiced what they were doing did they somewhat half-heartedly try to interrupt Clinton.  For bringing the bias out in the open – point Trump.

With these reasons alone, Trump was clearly the winner in last night’s debate.

I don’t like Trump, but I like Clinton way far less for her narcissism, lies, and evilness.  So given a choice between the two I will vote for Trump.

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Thought for Today (10/06/2016)

As I watched part of the Today Show this morning, Matt Lauer kept harping on Trump’s VP nominee on what Trump has said in the past.  I kept hoping that Pence would say “At this point, what difference does it make?”  But what bothered me more was the media is blatantly left winged in their version of what is important.

Hillary Clinton lied about her trip to Bosnia saying they had to run for cover because of reported sniper fire when the video shows her enjoying a lengthy welcoming ceremony on the tarmac.

Hillary was responsible for all Americans assigned overseas at American Embassies and Consulates while Secretary of State  and she turned her back on the Ambassador to Libya and three other Americans and let them be murdered to support Obama’s agenda to blame the unrest on a movie.  There were American forces close enough to respond and save them, but were denied permission to save them.  When questioned about her lack of action by Congress, her response was “At this point, what difference does it make?”

As the exiting first lady, she supervised and directed the theft of over $200,000 worth of furniture from the White House.  The furniture wasn’t returned until they were threatened with criminal charges.

She has been involved in a multitude of investigations involving fraud all the way back to when her husband was the Governor of Arkansas.

She was thrown off the Watergate investigation of President Richard Nixon for being unethical.

Finally, she disregarded national security and the law by setting up a non-secure email server.  She told her staff to remove all security markings before emailing documents to her.  When it came to light, she lied about it and when caught in the lie, wiped the server to destroy evidence against her.  She lied to congress about it and was outed by the FBI director.  Of course the Clinton’s had already bought out the director and charges were not filed.

And yet the media and Clinton want to focus on what Trump said about certain women before. He specified certain women, not all of womankind. I do not condone what he said about some, but others who verbally attacked him and he responded, I have no sympathy for.

I really wish there was a candidate who was not a whore for a political party, but a states person who wanted to work for America, but so far I have not seen any to include the Green Party and the Libertarian Party.

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Thought for Today (10/5/2016)

I have not always followed the Bible in the past, but was raised on and hold dear to my heart the King James Version (KJV) of the Bible.  When I attended a Lutheran university not all  that long ago, classes on the Bible were taught out of the New International Version (NIV).

The NIV was released in 1978 which makes it a baby by Bible standards.  The KJV was released in 1611, a teenager by the same standards.  Comparing the two side by side shows many, many variances.  Examples would be:

Luke 9:56 NIV reads “Then he and his disciples went to another village.”  KJV reads “For the Son of man is not come to destroy men’s lives, but to save them. And they went to another village.”

Matthew 18:11 NIV does not exist whereas KJV reads “For the Son of man is come to save that which was lost.”

Yet, Luke 19:10 in both versions are very comparable.  NIV reads “For the Son of Man came to seek and to save the lost.” and KJV reads “For the Son of man is come to seek and save that which was lost.”

The first version of the Bible in English was called the Tyndale Bible and was translated from Greek and Hebrew texts of the New Testament along with Jerome’s Latin translation of the Old Testament in 1526.

“Who is Jerome” you ask?  At one point I asked the same question.  Jerome, also known as Saint Jerome, translated the Holy Bible into Latin during his life from 347 AD – 420 AD.  He was a priest, historian, theologian, and a confessor during his life and wrote many papers on religion.  His translation of the Bible would be considered the grandfather.

Does this sour my view of being a Christian?  NO!  What it does do is drive my desire to know more about the original writings in their most complete form.

So my thought for today is:

How many times has the Holy Bible been pasteurized and candy coated over the centuries, deleting what the latest writer deems unnecessary and changing what the writer deems unacceptable?

Then the next thought is:

If it happened to the Holy Bible, what other religious texts including the Quran have been altered too? 

So I took these thoughts to a theologian and minister that I hold in high regard and he told me that the reason that KJV and NIV differ is because older versions of the books of the New Testament were found after the writing of KJV and were translated into English because they were considered more accurate, resulting in NIV and English Standard Version (ESV).

Now I will have to relearn what was once already learned.  Will you do the same?

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Thought for Today (10/4/2016)

Today I babysat my two grandchildren, a 2 year old and a 4 year old.  Although those two beautiful children ran me ragged physically, it gave me plenty of time to use my mind to ponder a current event.

If you have followed my blog for any length of time you know I am an independent voter.  On the national level I always hope for an independent that can capture the American public’s attention, and so far I am always disappointed.  On the state level it seems that my vote usually goes to the Republican candidate, and normally on the local level the vote goes to the Democrat.

Right now, we have the longest serving governor in America as our governor.  Yet, due to a current event, I now know I can no longer support him and his administration.

Earlier this year a private company went to the, with the governor’s blessing, Iowa Utilities Board, whose mission is:  “Regulates utilities to ensure that reasonably priced, reliable, and safe utility services are available to all Iowans, supporting economic growth and opportunity.” Taken directly from their site:  No where does it say “To assist private companies rape landowners.”  This private company asked the board to give it the power to use eminent domain to get land from farmers who wanted nothing to do with this company.

This forced me to think about the definition of eminent domain.  According to, the definition is:  “The power of the government to take private property and convert it into public use. The Fifth Amendment provides that the government may only exercise this power if they provide just compensation to the property owners.”

But the Iowa Utilities Board, who voted to grant eminent domain, gave the power to use this eminent domain to a private company for the sole benefit of that private company and it in no way ensures Iowans the availability of reasonably priced, reliable, and safe utility services.  Nor does it support any economic growth and opportunity for Iowans.  In fact, this company will only create a total of 40 permanent jobs.

This private business, who was given the power of eminent domain, for their own benefit is the Energy Transfer Partners, LP out of Dallas, Texas and building a privately owned pipeline from the Bakken Oil Fields in North Dakota, through South Dakota and Iowa, to a refinery in Illinois.  Due to the Iowa Utilities Board overstepping it’s self proclaimed mission and unlawfully giving eminent domain rights to a private company to gain access to 18% of land owners who want nothing to do with this plan, the project goes forward.

Recently, Native American tribes have filed suit, attesting that this pipeline will disrupt their sacred burial grounds.  The 18% of land owners who had land unlawfully taken also filed a suit to stop the illegal actions of the board, but Energy Transfer Partners claimed that if they were held up until the suit was cleared it would cost them millions of dollars.  Once again the board overstepped its bounds and granted them the ability to continue.

I hope and pray that somehow this project is forced to go around the farms that were illegally affected.

That is my 2¢ worth.



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