Thought for Today (6/17/2019)

If you believe you will wake-up tomorrow morning, you can believe you can be successful.  If you can believe you can be successful, you can believe you will be happy.  Believing in yourself is having faith in yourself and having faith in your abilities is more than half the battle.

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Dang It! Here’s another Thought….

I was responding to a post on another blog when this came to me and I cursed myself for not sharing it here first.

Learn to be at peace with what is and where you are, and the world will fall into place all around you. ~ ME

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Thought for Today (6/14/2019)

If you spend all your time taking care of others, you have no time to take care of yourself. ~ ME

It is okay to say “no” when you need to take some time for yourself.  True family and friends will understand and those who don’t are neither friend nor family. ~ ME

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Thought for Today (6/13/2019)

It is easy to hide in a crowd of wrong-doers and difficult to stand alone for what is right. The difference is the one doing the right will sleep peacefully and free of guilt. ~ ME

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Do You Remember…. (6/11/2019)

Do you remember when expert workmanship was the norm, not the exception?

Do you remember when a person’s word was their bond?

Do you remember when ethics was real and valued, not something people try to emulate to take advantage of you?

Do you remember when the product you purchased was the product you received, not some cheap imitation?

I remember those times, but hey, I’m getting old.

Enough buildup, let’s get to the heart of the matter.  There is a practice these days that, although not illegal, is without a doubt unethical.  What these people do is get a group of like businesses together and leave the name and face of the business in place, but replace the product with a cheap imitation.  The customers left with substandard products get angry and who do they take it out on?  The original owner of the business that was duped by some slick talker.  Once they have enough businesses rounded up, they sell the whole group making a huge profit for themselves and leaving the original business owners left with ruined reputations and little, if any money, from the sale of the group.

There is a small business out of Fort Smith, Arkansas that makes canvas prints of photos you take and the quality is second to none.  I stumbled upon them when I was looking at getting some of my photographs on canvas.  After looking at MULTIPLE sites, something told me to go with this company and I did.

After waiting in what seemed like an eternity, although it was just a few days, I received a package via UPS I believe.  That package was so well wrapped, that it literally took 10 minutes to unwrap.  When I looked at the canvas print that was already framed and ready to hang (it even came with the hanger to attach to the wall), I was stunned!  It was beautiful!  It was that moment I thought I’d give them a 2nd chance of becoming my one and only.

My second order was not one iota less in quality than the first.  I think this old codger even smiled that day.  I decided to call them and express my happiness with the product they create.  I called the 800 number and expected to get a recording like every other business you call, and I was wrong.  Heck, I didn’t even get a recording telling me to press #2 for English.  The phone was answered by a real human!  It was the voice of one of the co-owners.  I told this young lady what a great job they were doing and I was answered by a response of gratitude and humility.

Being the talker that I am, we ended up talking for about an hour. I learned this nice lady was running a small business with a few other people who take pride in their work and after hours and on weekends you can find her on her farm taking care of her family and livestock.  I knew right then and there I would be trusting no one else with my business after that.

The business is known as and that young lady is Kristy.  I have now been doing business with them for over 5 years and have 44 prints from them (just don’t tell my wife how many I’ve ordered).  Not a single reject in the bunch, but if there had been, it is their policy to refund 100%.  All you have to do is cut out part of the rejected work and mail it back to them.

I have had orders that needed to be rushed – not a problem for Kristy and her crew.  When they were real busy they would let me know that an order might take a couple days more.  These people are the real deal!  Consistent quality at a honest price; and for regular delivery, they cover the cost of shipping in their price!

Recently, a secret shopper from purchased canvas prints from three different businesses.  All were ordered exactly the same size, the same framing, everything was identical.  When they received their prints, CanvasHQ won hands down!

Here is where it gets REAL interesting!  The other businesses were part of that roundup scheme and both of those prints came out of the same business but appearing to be two different entities.  When they found out that they had been secret shopped and lost to CanvasHQ, they started trying to get the people at phototalk to remove the secret shopping event.

You see, the same foreign group that got the other canvas printers to join the group had contacted Kristy and she turned them down.  So they decided to try and put Kristy out of business.  They bought the right to use canvashq on Google Ads and if you google CanvasHQ, all four ads take you to another company, not the real CanvasHQ. This is deception, and although not illegal, it is unethical!!!

I heard from a little bird that every time you click on an ad in Google Ads, whoever pays for that ad gets billed for the click.  So, while doing research for this post, I clicked on each one multiple times so they could pay for their deception!

If you want a quality canvas print of a photograph, and:

  • you want to order from a company that is a family business;
  • you don’t want to have to push #2 to get a person who speaks English;
  • you want to order from a business that pays honest wages to their employees;
  • you want to order from an American business where all of their products are made in America;
  • you want your purchase to be professionally packed to reduce any chance of damage;
  • you want your purchase to be shipped with standard shipping at no cost to you;

order your prints from Kristy and her gang at!

When you do, tell them the Rural Iowegian  sent you.  It doesn’t get me anything,  but makes me feel somewhat important.  Ok, not important, but not inert either.

Then for a little fun, google canvashq and click on the ads multiple times.  I heard that every time you click on one of those sites, another angel gets her wings!

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Thought for Today (6/10/2019)

Have you heard of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs?  It is the theory that there are different levels of needs that have to be met for other needs to be met.

At the base are the physiological needs (food, shelter, water, air, clothing, etc.).

Then there are the safety needs (security, law, order).

The third level is love and belonging (herd mentality for family and friends).

Coming in on the 4th level are esteem needs (dignity, respect, achievement, etc.).

The 5th level is cognitive needs (knowledge, understanding, curiosity, etc.).

6th level is aesthetic needs (beauty, balance, form, etc.).

7th level is self-actualization needs (potential, self-fulfillment, personal growth, etc.).

8th level is values that transcend beyond personal self (mystical experiences, nature, service to others, science, religion, spirituality, etc.).

I agree that for survival, we need the physiological needs, but after that it becomes a personal preference and outlook.  What Maslow theorizes is 8th level transcendence, for me is on the 2nd level with law, security and order, as are my family and friends.  The seventh level would be my 3rd, as personal growth is a driver for me and has been all my adult life, which would include Maslow’s 5th level. The 6th becomes the fourth and final level for me.  This level appears by chance.  I don’t need to be creating or looking for something of beauty or balance to find it.

Then, if you look at people with mental illnesses or addictions the order changes again and for many replaces the first level of Maslow.

After pondering it for yourself, how close is Maslow to your being?

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Thought for Today (6/9/2019)

On a visit back to Normandy in the 1960’s, President Eisenhower said “we have to find a way for eternal peace for this world”. Peace will not come while tyranny exists, and tyranny will never end as long as humans exist. I think you can deduce the rest. ~ ME

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