Thought for Today (9/29/2016)

The Turkish immigrant who shot and killed 5 people at a mall in Washington State is a resident alien who has been in America since he was 6.  He is not a US citizen and yet it comes out today that he has registered and voted in Washington 3 times.

The officials in Washington say they have no way of telling whether or not a voter is a US citizen and depend on the good faith of those who register to be eligible.  They went on to say that even though this terrorist illegally voted three times, there is no indication that voter fraud exists in Washington.

My thought for today on this is:  “What the heck are they putting in the Kool-Aid in Washington to make them believe when voter fraud is discovered it is no indication of voter fraud?”  I think each and every voter should have to prove they are a US citizen to get the proper ID to vote and ID should be mandatory before the vote is cast!

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Thought for Today (9/28/2016)

I keep seeing commercials by democratic candidates where they castigate their opponents for wanting to defund Planned Parenthood.  They talk about republicans trying to keep women from getting healthcare.

My question is:  What the heck are you complaining about?  Obama’s Affordable Healthcare Act made it mandatory for all to have health care.  If all have insurance  why would we need to fund Planned Parenthood? If all are insured, what is stopping women from getting healthcare?

Seems like a little sophistry to me.

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A Political Statement

How can someone declare that they have spent their “entire adult life — looking … in particular, to find the ways for each child to live up to his or her God-given potential” and in the next breath declare she is for abortions?

You may answer that the unborn are not considered children, but only as fetuses. However, if you have this thought, she also said “unborn children have no constitutional rights.”

My qualms with these are:

  1. Abortion denies a child of their future and our own too. How many discoverers to the cure for cancer were murdered before their first breath?
  2. A child is a child no matter what stage of childhood they are in.
  3. Being murdered in the womb is NOT part of God-given potential.

These quotes come from the mouth of Hillary Clinton.  She has no moral compass, nor does she care about anything other than becoming president for her own narcissistic reasons.


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Thought for Today (9/25/2016)

I came across an article this morning that had “shocking news about Jesus”.  I thought, “what new news about Jesus could anyone have?” So I opened the article up to read what details the reporter had about Jesus that would shock the world.

The first thing the reporter wrote was “Jesus was not a tall white male like what is depicted in many famous paintings.”  Let me get this straight; Jesus who was born in Nazareth, which was part of the Roman Palestine, was not a European looking white male?  Dude! that is not shocking, that is common sense!  What is shocking is that the reporter thought it would be shocking.

The second part of that was the reporter said he was not a tall man.  He reports that anthropologists have determined that the average height of a Palestinian in the time of Jesus was about 5′ 4″ tall.  So, since the average height is 5’4″, does he think that no one can be taller (or shorter for that matter) than 5′ 4″?  The average height right now for a white American male is 5′ 10″, yet I am 6′ 3″ so am I not a white American male?  What is shocking is the reporter wants to make an assumption based upon averages.  I am not saying Jesus was a tall male, I am not saying he was average or short either.  I am saying we cannot know how tall Jesus was based upon averages.

Next the article went on to say that Jesus was not a peaceful man.  The writer’s proof was the passages about Jesus going into the temple and overturning the money changer’s tables and running them off.  This made me want to ask the writer the question “If you walked into your parent’s home and saw that people had moved into the home your parents were residing in and turned it into a crack house, would you sit quietly by and do nothing?”  The money changers, with the priests approval, had defiled the temple.  Jesus did what he had to do to rid the holy temple of that which soiled it.  Once again, this is not shocking.

Then the writer spoke of divorce.  He/she said that divorce was permitted by Jewish law but Jesus taught against it.  Yes, the Jewish law did permit for divorce, but only in certain conditions, i.e. adultery, inter-faith marriages which were not contracted by God, a man who did not provide for his wife, or a woman who broke the marital contract.  Jesus did permit that under the law divorce could be granted, but He also stipulated that if the marriage should be saved if possible.  Once again, not shocking but morally correct.  Jesus was saying what God has put together between a man and woman, man should not destroy.

My thought after reading this was “have we strayed that far from morality and our ethical compass that we find this shocking?”  If so, we are on the downhill slope into debauchery and need to get our leadership to reverse course.


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Thought for Today (9/23/2016)

A House Divided Soon Falls

When Kaepernick, who is far from oppressed, started this BS with not standing for the National Anthem, the NFL and others were all about his freedom of speech.

When other professional football players followed suit, freedom of speech was touted again.

When the lesbian soccer player, sorry don’t know her name, did the same for being an ‘oppressed’ homosexual, many lauded her ‘courage’.

Now a catcher for the Seattle Mariners expresses his opinions about the riots in Charlotte because an armed black man who refused to cooperate with a black police officer and drop his weapon got shot, and all of a sudden free speech on social media is unacceptable in MLB’s eyes.  The chants of kill cops and white people are the devil are okay but anything decrying people take responsibility for their actions is not?

We are setting double standards where it appears that free speech is okay only if it goes along with the chosen few.

Had the rioters been in Tulsa where an unarmed man was shot, it would be more understandable, but there the officer has been charged with first degree manslaughter.

No matter what your skin color is, if you don’t want to be shot by a police officer, don’t commit a crime and don’t disregard what an officer is telling you when you come in contact with the police!

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Thought for Today (9/22/2016)

To my friends and family:

If I am pulled over, I will obey the police officer’s commands; even if I think I have done nothing wrong.

If arrested, I will not resist; even if I think I have done nothing wrong.

If questioned, I will exercise my right to have counsel present; even if I think I have done nothing wrong.

If arrested I will not waive my right to a speedy trial; even if I think I have done nothing wrong.

If I feel I have been mistreated by law enforcement, I will air my grievances in civil court, not on the streets.

If I fail to abide by my own rules and am shot while not obeying the commands or resisting, I ask my friends and family to realize that I died due to ignorance or I committed suicide by cop.


To Law Enforcement:

If you light me up, I will pull over and obey your commands, so please do not escalate the situation for whatever reason.

If arrested, I will not resist; so please do not go all macho to prove to yourself that you are in control.

If I exercise my right to counsel, it does not mean I have done anything wrong, it means I am getting someone in the room who understands the law better than me and will witness all that is said and done.

If I am arrested, I will also not waive my right to a speedy trial; so you better have a rock solid case from the get-go.

If you abuse your position, please understand that I will take at a minimum, civil action against you. If you break the law, I will file criminal charges against you. The law is for all without exception.

If I fail to abide by your commands, before placing bullets in my body, please make sure I can hear you. I am getting older and finding it more difficult to hear things.  Also, I have no intention of ending my life prematurely.


To the media:

Quit slanting incidents to increase ratings. Your job is to report the facts and allow the masses to form their opinions from there; not to tell the masses what you want them to think.


That is all.

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Have You Ever?

I woke up at 6:30 this morning and with an air of urgency and got up to get ready for work. “Why didn’t that dang alarm go off?” I wondered as I quickly started the coffee and took the dog outside. “I can still make it if I hurry”, I mumbled to myself.
I checked my phone to ensure the alarm was still set for Mondays and Fridays and sure enough it is. I then went into the bathroom to start the shower while commenting that the alarm indeed is set to go off every Monday and Friday.
It was that moment in time that I realized that today is Thursday and I don’t have to be to work until noon. Oh well, I guess since by now I’m wide awake, I’ll have some coffee and toast.
Must be an age thing.
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