Thought for Today (12/6/18)

I was watching TV before going to court to support my daughter this morning. The show was about how beer made a lot of things possible. One story was how the Egyptians were entitled to 1 gallon of beer per day while working on the pyramids. The beer the Egyptians brewed had a natural tetracycline in it which helped the workers stay healthy.

They also said the records show that the Egyptians would take the grains used to make the beer and burn them for medical purposes. From the burning grain the smoke was “anally infused” into the patient to make them feel better. I thought “blowing smoke up someone’s butt to make them feel better?” I wonder if that is where the saying “Don’t blow smoke up my ass” came from…

Thus the thought for today: It might advised to drink a beer when you need to feel better than to have someone blow smoke up your ass. ~ ME

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Other Thoughts Today (12/5/2018)

Here are a couple of other thoughts for today:

NBC.COM was showing the President Bush funeral earlier today and in the background behind the commentators you can hear people laughing and joking. Very unprofessional NBC, yet somehow does not surprise me that you cannot show respect.

Last night on The Voice, one contestant who was in the bottom three, did not perform. So, her coach, Adam Levine went to bat for her begging people to vote for her over one of his other contestants that did sing. There are a lot of disappointments in life and when they happen, you have to go with the flow. To make special considerations for one contestant over another is bad form. I’ve watched my last of that show because I get the impression they have already decided who has won.

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Thought for Today (12/5/2018)

Creating boundaries is important in life. There are boundaries between countries, boundaries between personal properties, and there are boundaries between people.

The boundaries between countries are not to keep people out, but to set a standard for coming into that other country’s space. The boundaries between properties is to show where you are leaving one area with their standards to another where the standards could be completely different. The boundaries between people are there to set limits to what is acceptable behavior for each person.

It is when you don’t respect boundaries and violate them, conflicts arise.

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Thought for Today (12/4/2018)

In conjunction with my thought yesterday:

The taller the pedestal you put your love on, the further it can fall. ~ ME

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Thought for Today (12/3/2018)

When your significant other is unfaithful, the only fault that lies with you is that you have given them credit for more morality than they actually possess. ~ ME

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And Yet Another…….

Is forgiveness nothing more than telling someone that their actions don’t warrant a permanent residence inside your mind?

Is forgiveness nothing more than relieving yourself from having to carry around emotional baggage because of someone else’s actions?

Or is forgiveness an act to release someone else of their feeling of guilt for a transgression they have committed?

What are your thoughts on this? Please share.

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Thought for Today (11/30/2018)

We all make decisions in our lives, some good, some bad, but all our own. When someone else makes a decision to hurt you, whether physically or emotionally, that is their decision and they have to take onus for it. None of the blame for their decision lies on you. You, only have to take on the burden of your decisions. ~ ME

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