Thought for Today (2/20/2017)

If you turn your ear to wisdom and your heart to understanding, you will understand the fear of God and find the knowledge of His law.


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Thought for Today (2/19/2017)

Since you refuse to listen to God when he calls out to you and you turn away from His hand; since you disregard His advice and ignore his chastise; He will laugh when disaster strikes you and mock you when you are hit by disaster.

When catastrophes hit you and disaster sweeps over you like a tornado, when you are in a state of distress and overwhelmed and call out to God, who you have ignored, and look for Him, you will not find comfort in Him for you chose not to fear and obey Him.

Since you did not abide by God’s law and ignored his rebuke, you will eat the fruit of your ways and be filled with the fruit of your schemes.  Those simple people who have left God to live in the City of Man and those fools who have been complacent will be destroyed; but those who listen to God’s word will live in safety and be at peace without fear of harm.

This is from Proverbs 1:24-33.  Does the word reflect what you see around you during these times?  When disaster strikes whether in large scale or personal, fools and those who have strayed cry out “If there is a God, how could He let this happen?”  They do not understand it is they who turned away from God, not the other way around.

If you turn your back on a loved one and totally ignore them.  If you disregard their advice and counsel until you are in a time of distress, can you expect them to come to your aid?  So, if you don’t have a personal relationship with God on a daily basis, why would you expect Him to wait around until you think you need Him?

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Thought for Today (2/17/2017)

The last few days I have been bringing you thoughts from the Book of Proverbs, Chapter 16; but today I am going to switch away from that to bring you one of my own.

Each and every person is influenced by their environment, but the final cast of character lies sole within. ~ ME

We all have influences from our surroundings to include: family; friends; faith; and national identity, but who we are is totally up to who we make ourselves.  You can’t blame someone else for who you are.



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Thought for Today (2/17/2017)

The person who gossips with you when you are near is the same person who gossips about you when you are not.

A person who meddles in gossip does not do so to lift others up, but bring them down.

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Thought for Today (2/16/2017)

It is better to be truthful and poor than dishonest and  rich.

If you gain your wealth by deceiving others and doing them wrong, the weight of your dishonesty will far outweigh any good you’ve done in your life.

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Thought for Today (2/15/2017)

With the constant lambasting of Christianity and God by non-believers via the media and courts, more and more turn away from faith.  As more turn away, the instances of immoral and unethical activity increase.

Through love and faith your sins are washed away; and through fear of God evil ways are avoided.

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On the Lighter Side……

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