Thought for Today (11/11/2019)

First, a thank you to all my brothers and sisters who have selflessly defended my country.

Second, when threatened, stand up for yourself. Retreating only encourages more escalating threats. ~ ME

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Thought for Today (11/5/2019)

After going over to my son’s house this morning because my 19 month old grand daughter kept saying she wanted “PAPA”, I came home to do something a little less strenuous like organize the basement.

That little girl ran my butt ragged and didn’t want me to leave when I did, but I was worn out! Which brings me to the thought for today:

You don’t have to be the smartest, you don’t have to be the strongest, and you don’t have to be the fastest.  All you have to do is have more stamina than what others think you have and you will defeat them all. ~ ME

PS – The basement is coming along just fine.


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Thought for Today (11/4/2019)

Today I had my normal 3 month checkup at the VA.  When I first retired from the military in 2008, I was on a once a year schedule for checkups.  After a stroke in 2012, I was moved to having checkups every six months.  Then, heart problems and being diagnosed as a diabetic, I was relegated to checkups every three months.  I swore then that I was not going down without a fight.

I changed my diet, changed my exercise routine, and my mindset.  I wanted to get the diabetes and cholesterol under control to where I would not need medications to survive.  If I couldn’t beat it, I wanted to keep it under control to the point where minimal medications were needed.

The diet change required giving up, or at least cutting way back on the foods I have always had in my diet.  Potatoes went on the “only once in a great while” category.  Pasta was out the door as was rice.  Breads, I completely have up and chocolate was a rare reward and only dark chocolate.

I told the physician then I would get everything under control because I need to be around to see my grand children graduate from school and get married.

After the first 3 month period, I had the A1C down below the diabetic level again.  Cholesterol was on its way down too!

Exercise was more difficult as I had a job that mandated a lot of time sitting on my butt.  So I spent weekends hiking and took two weeks to hunt bear in northern Minnesota where there was food restrictions and lots of exercise.  After coming back, an issue with a supervisor at work encouraged me to retire from the civilian job I had.  Without that, I got busy at home.  I built a new shed, created a decorative picket fence to go around the vegetable garden, and have been replacing the pickets on the privacy fence.

Today, I had another 3 month checkup.  When my health care provider saw my lab results, she was ecstatic!  A1C well under control, cholesterol within normal limits, kidney function was normal (which I found out was out of whack but the physician didn’t want to put too much on my plate with everything else), my liver function was almost back to normal and she told me that taking fish oil pills will help put that back within the limits.

Until today, I have never seen a physician get so emotional.  She wanted to give me a high five and praised me right and left.

As I was leaving her office she called me back and informed me that she was moving me back to 6 months between checkups and if everything is good in six months, I will be moved back to annual checkups!

So my thought for today is: No diagnosis is necessarily permanent if you want to get well bad enough, but no one can do the work for you. ~ ME

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Thought for Today (11/2/2019)

I awoke this morning to the same weather I have awoken to for several days now.  Frost was on the roof of my home, my car windshield and everything else that spent the night outside.  Leaves are falling from the maple trees while the Magnolia and Sweet Gum trees hang on in defiance of the inevitable.

As the sun peeked above the horizon as if to see if it was safe to come out, the frost slowly began its retreat to the west.  The thermometer is showing 21° F and there is a light breeze.

I get dressed and step outside with my sidekick Gizzy so he can empty his bladder.  He barks at a neighbor’s dog down the street and little puffs of steam come out of his mouth with every bark.  Beside Gizzy talking to the neighbor, all is quiet except for the light ringing of the wind chime in the tree.

Autumn is definitely here and like every year, I have mixed emotions about its arrival.  I love the cooler weather, but if I dress for being outside in the early morning, by 10:00 AM, I am overdressed.  So each morning I have to make a decision, dress in the early morning knowing I’ll be changing clothes by 10, or wait and don’t go outside until after 10 AM.  The dysphoria if further compounded by the autumn leaves falling from the trees.  I love the colors but I also know that I will have to either rake them up or mow them into mulch.

Add to that the time change tomorrow morning with daylight savings time ending, and my internal clock needs a few days for its semi-annual reset to time change. As far as I am concerned, they could do away with daylight savings time all together and life would be grand.

After a couple of minutes of mood swings always present at this time of year, I grab my camera and head outside.  After capturing a few photographs, all is well in my soul again.

Maple Tonneau.jpgFall Leaves on Blue.jpgFall Leaf on Blue.jpg

My thought for today: Find the beauty in the moment and there is no room for discontent. ~ ME

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Thought for Today (11/1/2019)

No matter how often I remind myself of certain facts, I seem to forget the most important facts of life.  They are:

  1.  Getting upset over things we cannot change is self inflicted pain;
  2. It takes fortitude to change ourselves for the better as we have to admit to ourselves that we are flawed; and
  3. It is easy to think we can change things we cannot and need to realize and accept this fact.


  1.  If you live in an area susceptible to hot weather and you don’t like hot weather, no matter how miserable you are in the heat, it is still going to get hot.
  2. For many, one of the most difficult things we can do is admit we are wrong.  Admitting it is openly stating we are flawed and someone else knew better than us.
  3. My favorite example of this one is concerning children.  We may believe that by punishing a child for wrong doing, he have changed their behavior.  In reality, it is still the child who makes the decision of whether or not to change.  It is they who determine whether or not the deed was worth the punishment received.

The thought for today:

If you don’t like the cold, you have options: 1) change how you feel about the cold; 2) accept you don’t control the cold and don’t go out in it; 3) move to a place that is not cold; or 4) continue to be miserable. The choice is yours. ~ ME

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Thought for Today (10/31/2019)

Follow up to yesterday ~

I finished the trim and added interior walls to the shed before moving everything from the old shed to the new.  Afterwards, I stored away all the lumber that was left over to be used in other projects down the road.

Once completely done, I drove to the other side of town to get dog food for our four legged family members.  I also bought some items for the two legged critters in the house (Mrs. R.I. & myself) before exiting the store. I stepped out at 7:00 PM and in the short time I had been in the store the temperature had fallen and winds picked up.  I had not worn a jacket because all the stuff I did prior to this had me a little overheated.  Stepping out into the wind, I realized that I had evidently perspired while working outside because I was extremely cold!

Once inside the house, I showered and then noticed that my pulse was still running at 90 bpm.  I also noticed how sore my back and arms were.  I had a light dinner and went to bed.

This morning, my arthritis was bad enough that it was painful to twist the cap off the new jug of milk.  My body is still sore and my mind is exhausted (which means I did not sleep well, probably from the excessive exercise I got yesterday).  But now my wife wants me to clear the garage out so both vehicles will fit in it.  I think I’m not going to overdo it today because I am not 20 anymore; nor am I 30, 40, 50…

Thought for today?  Let’s see if I can come up with something….

When doing anything in life, use the age to exertion formula (which I just made up).  This put simply is:  divide the age you think you feel like by the age you actually are and then divide that by the number of hours you think it will take.  The result is how long you should take to actually complete it if you have no interference.

Yesterday, for the trim and interior walls I thought I could have it done in 4 hours because I was feeling like I was 30 again.  When completed, it had taken just shy of 8 hours, but that was with interference from Mrs. R.I. which caused more work at a higher level of exertion.

Have a blessed day!

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Thought for Today (10/30/2019)

Although I feel I should be dedicated to this blog and say something that others can relate to daily, there are times like the past four days that writing becomes very difficult.

The motivation, and the thoughts seem to be outside my reach even though I have nothing physical nor mental that seem to be preventing from writing and doing other chores.

Every day upon awakening, I think “I need to write today before I do…” And every day at this very moment, the circuit breaker that controls my thoughts and ideas seems to trip off.

Two days ago, it was the 1 month mark of my retiring from work and wondered if my lack of interaction with other veterans was somehow depressing me.  I haven’t been this relaxed since my summer vacation days as a child, so that could not of been the issue.

This morning, after reading about many causes of low motivation, I came up with this analogy:

I am standing in front of a stone bridge looking at the other side.  I can see no danger exists, but I ponder if there are unseen dangers awaiting me.  So I just stand there, looking at the other side, and over analyzing what lies ahead.  There is nothing more for me on this side of the bridge, but I am reluctant to cross over. The bridge is not rickety, nor is the river swift or deep, and yet I stand here.Ledges Bridge Painting.jpg

After a morning of laying there thinking about it, I realize that maybe it is nothing more than I am not stimulated to action.

The shed is pretty finished and all I have left to do there is the trim – boring.

I haven’t had any new or exciting events in my life of late – boredom.

So, here is the thought I finally came up with after four days of an inert brain:

Life is not all excitement so when you find yourself slogging through a lack of motivation, just push yourself to go ahead.  When you finish the task, the sense of accomplishment will give you a sense of satisfaction and stimulate motivation for the next task. ~ ME

PS – I took that photograph of the stone bridge five days ago at Ledges State Park, located between Luther and Boone, Iowa.

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