I recently published a post entitled “Here is the Plan” discussing how to fund a two year college degree for every American after serving their country in either the military, AmeriCorps, or the Peace Corps.  87% of the responses were positive to this plan, but there were some naysayers too.  So let’s look at what some of those were saying:

1.  One person said “I don’t want a handout, I want the government to make a college education more affordable.”  There are only three ways that I see it that the government can make college more affordable:

a.  Nationalize all colleges and universities and then set a rate for each one;

b.  Go with my plan of earning two years by three years service; or

c.  Getting college and university employees to include professors and administrators to take a whopping pay cut.

Out of the three, my plan was the only really feasible answer.  But if the poster thought about it for a moment, by stating he wanted an education that was less demanding on his wallet, he is asking for a handout.

2.  Another person said “You seem to have put lots of thought into your flawed idea. America already has a staggeringly huge armed forces, and it would cost us more to pay for someone in the armed forces than community college. ”  I addressed a feasible way to pay for this without raising taxes that this commenter failed to read, or maybe just could not understand.  Also, the options for service were not limited to serving in the military.  Finally, his claim is it is easier to give it away than for someone to earn it.  I am not a proponent of giving it away.  A reward earned will be cherished more than something given away for free (even though it would not be free to the taxpayers).

3.  Another said “This plan was nothing more than making community colleges a place for mass production of associates degrees and would put an undo burden on society.”  Evidently this was another who did not read the whole post.  By reducing the spending in other programs by 1%, it would pay for itself.  Not only that, just because someone is eligible for a tw0 year degree does not mean they are going to take advantage of it.

What kind of nation are we becoming when people expect to be given something for nothing?  A nation where people think they can drop out of school and be worth $15 per hour?  A nation where people no longer has the ability or desire to pull themselves up and work hard for what they want?

This is a pretty sad commentary on a majority of the youth of this nation.

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Today’s Scripture – 5/3/2015

And ye shall serve the LORD your God, and he shall bless thy bread, and thy water; and I will take sickness away from the midst of thee. EXODUS 23:25

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Today’s Scripture – 5/2/2015

For by works of the law no human being will be justified in his sight, since through the law comes knowledge of sin. ROMANS 3:20

The law is the minimum acceptable standard for behavior of the people in the land.  Just following the law is not the virtuous life that is acceptable to God.

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Here is the Plan

There is talk that Hilary Clinton wants to change the student loan programs and allow high school graduates to have a free two year college education. Nothing is free, so I devised a plan that would allow every high school graduate to go to school for at no further cost to them for tuition and books, and not cost the tax payers any more than they are already paying.

Here is the plan:

  1. We cut 1% from the budgets of all federal programs except Social Security (it is already in way too much trouble). This would give us approximately $343,000,000,000 (343 billion dollars) to play with.
  2. We mandate every able bodied 18 year old who has dropped out or is graduating from high school be given their choice of:
  3. 3 years military service;
  4. 3 years AmeriCorps service; or
  5. 3 years Peace Corps service.
  6. After successfully completing their service to America, they would be entitled to 2 years tuition and textbook free education. Those who are removed from service for misconduct are not eligible for the education benefits and are not eligible for student funding elsewhere (i.e. pell grants, Stafford loans, etc).
  7. There are approximately 4 million people in America who turn 18 every year. Not every one of those people are able bodied, but for the sake of this plan let’s count everyone. We start each one at a private’s pay of $1537 per month. Housing and meals are provided so the cost of each is $18,444 per year, leaving us with a whopping $269,424,002.00 left each year to cover incidentals and education afterwards.
  8. Unlike the draft during Vietnam, there are no waivers for education and such. Those with a criminal history by their 18th birthday will only be given a choice between AmeriCorps or Peace Corps. AmeriCorps workers could easily be put to work growing crops on farms to feed the prison inmates and we could not only have people serving this country, but cut the cost of feeding the incarcerated.

The end result would be we would have a whole generation that, no matter what income class they came from, have learned that life is NOT all about them and they have earned the first two years of their education.

Now all we have to do is get a politician to write it up without loopholes for his friends’ children; get the legislative branch to pass it; and get the president to sign it.

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Today’s Scripture – 5/1/2015

Do not be deceived: God is not mocked, for whatever one sows, that will he also reap. Galatians 6:7

This ties to my previous post.

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Well, Your Belief is My Fiction

Today, a person who I used to think a lot of for his service to our country and the community, decided to mock Christianity.  He used words like ‘fiction’, ‘far fetched’ and ‘naïve’ to describe Christians.  I thought to myself “this guy believes that out of a vacuum of nothing there was an explosion which created the heavens and earth.  Then, out of all the barren planets a lone single cell life form magically appears on this one and then procreates with itself and creates a multitude of life forms.  So, he believes that out of nothing total chaos creates order.  This is the guy who claims Christians are naïve people who believe in a far fetched fictional story?”

I tell you what, I don’t care if someone wants to be atheistic in their life, but when you step on my toes and expect me to turn the other cheek, you have another think coming.  Without making a very vocal rebuttal to this person who not only believes in a religion of chaos, but also feels the need to mock Christians, I chose just to quietly remove him from my list of contacts.

That is all.

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What Ever Happened To……

Whatever happened to keeping the Sabbath for worship and family?

Whatever happened to the morals that went with that?

Whatever happened to being able to sleep with your windows open and doors unlocked without fear of someone breaking in?

Whatever happened to holding children responsible for their actions?

Whatever happened to being able to play outside without adults having to supervise every second?

Some claim society is in a constant state of progress, I disagree.

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