My Thanksgiving Wish for You

May your travels be safe,

Your hearts filled with the love of God, family and friends;

and your stomachs filled.

This is my wish for everyone of you!

Happy Thanksgiving

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No Greater Love

As a child growing up, I experienced my mother’s love on numerous occasions.  She could make the physical aches and pains of childhood dissipate with a properly placed kiss.  Her hugs could make the sorrow of the death of a family member ease.  She knew when to let me run free and when to rein me in, all out of love.  She was my mentor and confidant throughout my childhood and I knew there could be no greater love!

In 1980 I married my wife, the woman who by just a look could make my heart melt.  She would ease my aches and pains each day when I returned from the military base each day.  She listened to my stories and became my other half.  She lifted me and held me up and I knew there could be no greater love!

In 1981 my first child, my daughter, was born.  That tiny human being that bonded with me and was so pure, innocent and completely dependent upon me and her mother for existence.  Every achievement, no matter how small it might be, was greater than scaling Mt. Everest to me and made my heart flutter.  When she finally said ‘daddy’ I was overjoyed.  When she screamed with laughter at my antics, my heart skipped a beat.  I knew there could be no greater love!

In 1983 my second child came, a son to carry on the family name.  Like his sister before him, he instinctively knew which actions would pull at my heart strings and overwhelm me.  Everything we did together as a family seemed to increase my happiness tenfold.  I knew there could be no greater love!

In 2011, my son and his wife gave me a granddaughter.  On the day she was born, as I held her she reached out and grabbed my little finger in her tiny hand and the immediate flood of endorphins rushed throughout my body washing away anything negative and again I knew there could be no greater love!

In 2014, I was again rewarded for being a good grandfather with another grandchild.  This time I was given a grandson.  On the day he was born, as I held him in my arms, he reached out with his tiny hand and took ahold of my little finger.  The same little finger that my granddaughter had grabbed on the day of her birth.  The endorphin reaction was no less than when my granddaughter had been born and I knew there could be no greater love.

Some where along the line I also gave over my life to God who had lifted me up when I was unable to lift myself up and washed my sin away. He loves me without consideration to my shortcomings, just like my mother, but unlike my mother he gives me life over death.  I knew there could be no greater love.

As I sit here today, I know in each case I have received love from each in a way that none of the others could and for that I am grateful for knowing that there is no greater love than what each has given me.


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Media Doesn’t Know how to Deal with Trump Lying?

  • reports that the media does not know how to handle Trump’s ‘constant lying’. That’s easy to handle!

All they have to do under the fair and equal reporting of news is give it the same attention they give to Clinton’s constant lying; which is not report it.  See how easy that was!

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Democratic Socialism?

Bernie Sanders has a sure fire plan for economic equality!  His plan entails taxing the wealthy heavily and also all stock market transactions.  Let’s take a peek at that.

If you could tax the wealthy at 60-70% and tax stock market transactions at that same rate, you could rake in a lot of money!  It might work except for a few minor flaws:

  1.  If you start taking what people have, do you think they won’t protect their assets?
  2. Do you think that there is no other country that they can live in?
  3. When they do move, do you think they’ll leave their businesses in America?

So then what are you going to do?  Are you going after those who become the next level 1%ers which includes many of the elected officials in the Congress and Senate?  If so, please refer back to questions #1 – #3.

At this point Bernie and his $700,000 will be considered one of the 1%ers.

Now we will look at the other part of the plan; heavily taxing stock market transactions.  Thank goodness all of the markets are located here in America!  What?  There are literally dozens of other markets located outside of America?

Dang! Those rich people are sneaky!


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Hillary Preaching Sophisty

“We’ve seen a lot of hateful rhetoric from the GOP. But the idea that we’d turn away refugees because of religion is a new low.” – Hillary Clinton

How is protecting US citizens hateful when governors say that they will not accept refugees until they are properly vetted to ensure they have no ties to any terrorist organization?  It is not, it is looking out for the welfare of your people.

Is it lower than lying about your involvement in a criminal activity (Whitewater)?

Is it lower than turning your back on your employees and allowing them to be murdered (Benghazi)?

Is it lower than lying about trying to join the military when you were demonstrating against the military?

Is it lower than lying about your financial wealth by claiming you were broke, when actually you and Bill had millions of dollars?

Is it lower than calling out others who make 300 times more than their employees when you do too?

Finally, if the refugees, which for the main part are not Syrian, are allowed into the United States without proper background investigations and just one commits an act of terrorism on our home soil, are you willing to be held accountable for their actions?

The answer to all the questions above would have to be answered ‘no’.

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Leaves Like Humans

These leaves come from different locations and all come together in harmony.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful if humans could live together in harmony like the leaves?

But wait! These leaves are all dead.  Will there be no harmony between men until we are all dead?

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Thoughts for Today

  1. The State of Indiana passed a bill that equally protects persons in the LGBT community AND people of faith who have businesses.  The LGBT community has declared this bill as hate mongering conducted by Christians and Republicans.  One representative went as far as to say that Christians can practice their faith in their own homes, but not in public.  Do they not realize that the hate being spread is from their own lips?
  2. Of the refugees coming into Europe, 50% or less are from war torn Syria.  75% are adult males many travelling alone and the remaining 25% are women and children.  I have said before, “What better way to infiltrate the countries of your enemies than claiming to be a refugee?”  Today, Turkey arrested 8 ISIS terrorists claiming to be refugees who were travelling to Germany.  Sure do wish someone would have listened before.
  3. In light of the bombings in Beirut and Paris, you would think the current administration in America would want to properly identify possible refugees before accepting them into America.  But this administration won’t listen.
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