Thought for Today (7/23/2017)

A community college chancellor, Eloy Ortiz Oakley, states that requiring students to take and pass algebra to get a degree is a violation of the students’ civil rights.  Is this what common core education has taken us to?  If a course seems too difficult just declare it a civil rights violation and move on?

Instead of lowering the standard to be more inclusive, how about raising the expectations and actually teaching children! ~ ME

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What Ever Happened to… (7/22/2017)

What ever happened to the America where military personnel, parents, elders, teachers, police officers, and firefighters were respected?  Today the media blows up every SINGLE event into a major ordeal and has destroyed society as it used to be. ~ ME

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Thought for Today (7/21/2017)

Looking over your shoulder at the past jeopardizes your present and prevents you from seeing the future. ~ ME

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Thought for Yesterday (7/18/2017)

Let’s do a social experiment!  We’ll have all liberally minded people move to the East and West coasts of America, calling them Left America; and all conservatively minded people will move to the central United States calling them Right America.

Left Americans will pay for and be eligible for all the social programs that they tout.  Free healthcare, unlimited food stamps, common core education, freedom from religion, minimum wage of whatever they want, unlimited immigration, taxing the wealthy to elevate the lives of others, government agencies dictating aspects of life, and all of that.  The conservatives will pay for the programs that they support to include minimal federal government involvement in life, flat taxes, invisible hand determining supply and demand to include minimum wage, freedom of religion, controlled immigration, mandatory operating in the black, and all of that.

Each, without the help of the other, will continue as long as they can but must continue to operate as long as they can.  If money is needed, it can be borrowed from other countries, but not from the other America.

At the end of 20 years, whichever America has prospered the most to include the government being solely in the black, will be declared the winner.  Which America would be the victor?


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Thought for Today (7/19/2017)

A society built on a common hate instead of common likes will eventually turn on, and destroy itself. ~ ME

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Thought for Today (7/16/2017)

After having two grandchildren (ages 5 and 3) spend the night, Papa and Nana are done tuckered out.  I am hagridden every time the kids ask us to watch the grandchildren over night, but I would not change that for the world.  Today’s thought is:

Live for today, save for tomorrow, and invest in the future of your generations to come. ~ ME

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Thought for Today (7/15/2017)

Grandchildren are not only the catalyst for us to remember our younger years, but also an ‘in your face’ reminder that we are no longer young ourselves. ~ ME

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