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Communism or Capitalism

Which Is The Best? In this day and age, it is frequently commented that we need to be one world. There are those who claim to be “the 99%” who want the remaining 1% to pay their way.  They claim … Continue reading

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Have We Become Too Satiated?

This post is nothing more than me rambling on while I think about a theory I’ve come up with.  The theory goes:  We Americans are like the kid whose parents raised them thinking they could do no wrong.  In being … Continue reading

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What Does America Owe You?

If you’re one of the people that thinks that America owes you something, whether it be free education or free healthcare, I have some bad news for you.  America does not owe you a single thing.  Let me see if I … Continue reading

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2012 Deer Season

07/25/2012 Every year, I start a log for that year’s hunting, and every year I fail to complete the log.  Hopefully posting this on here will help stimulate me to finish it. In preparation for the deer season this year, … Continue reading

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Can You Relate?

When I was younger, I enjoyed hunting and fishing immensely.  My maternal grandfather was the person I credit for my love of both.  He took me fishing many times when I was a lad and then when I was 12, … Continue reading

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Are You Making A Difference?

If you read my post Remember “The Good Old Days?” you can follow this post easier than if you have not.  One of the by products of ADS, is all the waste going into landfills daily.  What doesn’t make it … Continue reading

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Turn the sarcasm switch on here. While we’re on subjects that seem controversial here, let’s talk guns. At least we’ll use guns into the segue into what I want to say. For the sake of this argument, let’s say guns … Continue reading

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Remember the “Good Old Days”?

Remember when life was simpler?  You know, that time when people could go to bed at night without fearing something would happen to them or their family if they left their doors unlocked or windows open.  A time when people … Continue reading

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Over the years, I have come up with sayings that have come to be known as “Cooperisms”.  Here are a few of them: 1.  Reality is only for those who cannot fathom my fantasy world. 2.  Even if you were … Continue reading

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