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What is That Saying About Glass Houses?

What is that saying about how people who live in glass houses should not throw stones? It seems that the political tactics of negative campaigning and outright lying about your opponents has spilled over into the commercial world. Whatever happened … Continue reading

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The Rut

Every year around the first week in November in this neck of the woods the whitetail does go into estrus.  Around a week before this happens, the whitetail bucks start looking for does to breed in what is called the … Continue reading

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Obama’s Financial Plan, Success or Failure?

Is President Obama’s financial recovery plan going to be a success, or a financial fiasco? This morning on the news, a “financial analyst” was so bold to state that by the year 2020, five million jobs will have returned to … Continue reading

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The “No More!” Campaign

Even though in this article I am speaking to the American people, many countries could apply this article to their government officials. When the President of the United States admits his campaign ads are filled with lies and instances where … Continue reading

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Author, Author!

I recently read on someone else’s blog that writers have to be detached from the real world in order to write.  I’m not sure that is totally true.  It may be the case for a few, but I believe that … Continue reading

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The Business Concept

In this hypothetical situation, you are the owner of Widgets Are Us, a small widget store located in Hometown, USA.  You have been working hard since you opened the store and now decide that you want to take it easier, … Continue reading

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Morning Has Broken

I awoke this morning to life already starting the day without me. I looked out the window to see the pond blanketed with a layer of fog that reached out to hide the trunks of the trees that line the … Continue reading

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Why I Write

In order for me to tell you why I write all these posts, I have to give you some background information.  Please bear with me on this and somewhere around 1200 words from now, I can tell you why I … Continue reading

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How To Be Wealthy

How many wealthy relatives do you have?  No matter who you are, you have a few. Too often we relate wealth to how much currency one has, but is there a direct correlation between the amount of financial funds you … Continue reading

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Have You Loved a Gook Lately?

Just from reading the title, I can sense many people’s Pissedofftivity Meters pegging out.  If you happen to be one of those pissed off people, I am happy to hear that, yet I challenge you to read on and maybe … Continue reading

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