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Why I Write

In order for me to tell you why I write all these posts, I have to give you some background information.  Please bear with me on this and somewhere around 1200 words from now, I can tell you why I … Continue reading

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How To Be Wealthy

How many wealthy relatives do you have?  No matter who you are, you have a few. Too often we relate wealth to how much currency one has, but is there a direct correlation between the amount of financial funds you … Continue reading

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Have You Loved a Gook Lately?

Just from reading the title, I can sense many people’s Pissedofftivity Meters pegging out.  If you happen to be one of those pissed off people, I am happy to hear that, yet I challenge you to read on and maybe … Continue reading

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Cruisin’ Down Memory Lane With The Radio Blasting

I have a bad habit of sometimes posting more than once a day.  It’s called lack of social life, but that isn’t your concern. Unfortunately for you, today is one of those days, and that my friend is your concern. I hope … Continue reading

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Dear Mister Darwin

Please be advised that although we thought your theory of evolution was a labor of love, for all we can ascertain right now, it may have very well been a well planned out scam to get you your 15 minutes … Continue reading

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Every Man’s Dream

Shortly before I retired from the military, my wife and I purchased 50 acres out in the country with a modest ranch home and a seven acre pond in the backyard.  The nearest neighbor was ¼ mile away and when … Continue reading

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Wind Up

“When I was young, and they packed me off to school, and taught me how not to play the game.  I didn’t mind if they groomed me for success or if they said that I was just a fool.” – … Continue reading

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