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Just a Quick Question

If a woman can legally abort a fetus because it is not considered to be a human yet who can survive on its own, why is it if someone kills a pregnant woman they can be charged with two counts … Continue reading

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Gun Control Revisited – Are You Crazy Enough to Believe Guns are the Problem?

The Gun Control issue is simple enough to understand – Criminals proactively look for targets of opportunity to commit their crimes. Police officers are trained to react to crimes. How are law abiding citizens expected to protect themselves until the … Continue reading

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Post 200 – Should it be Something Deep and Meaningful?

For my 200th post on WordPress, should I be posting about something for the soul, or would it be more appropriate to again thank my followers for………………being patient while waiting for something halfway intelligible to come from me? As I … Continue reading

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Disturbing Revelation About Pakistan

Today, while scanning through the news on the internet, I see that a Pakistani businessman has accused the Pakistani Ambassador to the United States of committing blasphemy. As I read the article, I thought about how many times accusations of … Continue reading

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The Iowa supreme court Strikes Again

For all my life I have been under the understanding that courts were to follow the law and only in the cases of laws that violated the constitution rule those laws were unconstitutional. However, the past couple years, the Iowa … Continue reading

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I’ve Been Quiet (What a Miracle!)

The past few days have been a roller coaster of emotions and have drained me out. We started by bringing our granddaughter home with us on Valentine’s Day and spent the rest of that day, all day Friday and half … Continue reading

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A Survey

You are working for a large publicly traded company as a widget inspector earning $20 per hour.  The day of your annual review you read that your employer posted a $100,000,000 profit last year. Are you: a.  entitled to a … Continue reading

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