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Freedom of Speech or Hate Crime?

If a person or group of people make public speeches with the intent of psychologically hurting others is this freedom of speech or committing a hate crime? Advertisements

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Prison Reform

A conversation I had about the prison system in America is the catalyst for this post. The person I was discussing the system with is a correctional officer in another state and says the system does not work and the … Continue reading

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Two Part Challenge To Atheists & Theists

I WAS NOT GOING TO PUBLISH THIS POST UNTIL TOMORROW, BUT IT IS DONE AND MIGHT AS WELL BE OUT THERE. For the Atheists, here is your two part challenge: 1. How did we come to exist if there is … Continue reading

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Only people who don’t believe in God; hate the young men and women who enlist to protect our country; and hate children will not hit the like button for this post. After hitting the “Like” button for this post, type … Continue reading

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College Homework Formatting

When, a professor becomes more concerned about the formatting than the content of the paper, unless of course it is a class entitled “College Paper Formatting 101”, there is a problem. Whether it be the professor or the formatting, one … Continue reading

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Is the Cold War Really Over?

I have been wondering lately; although both the east and west both claim the cold war is over, is it really? When the Cold War was raging, in foreign countries the Soviet Union would sell arms to one side of … Continue reading

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The Cost of Thievery

Whether it is the government, or a common criminal, the people pay the price. When government constantly adds more and more regulations to the people it governs, it is the people who pay the price for those additional regulations. A … Continue reading

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