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A Couple of Thoughts

1. infamous saying “Whatever does not kill you will make you stronger” fails to mention to be careful about stepping over the line between the two. 2. There used to be a musical group, Mason Proffit, that had a lot … Continue reading

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Quote of the Day

It’s a sad day for America when morals can be chiseled away because the precepts of morality interfere with one’s wants and lusts. – ME

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Thought for Today

If you always punish those who work hard and succeed and reward those who are lazy and a burden, soon you’ll have a society of nothing more than bums. – ME

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Thought for the Day

Is it not better to seek out your fears and face them down than to let them lurk in the darkness never knowing when they will choose to pounce on you? – ME

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Photography Tips

Photography is not just pointing a camera and clicking away. With the invention of digital cameras, the days of spending tons of money on developing photographs to see what you got are diminishing. Now, you can go ahead and click … Continue reading

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Progress Report

I started this blog on 7/21/2013 with the goals of: 1. Helping me remember words and increase brain power after a small stroke; and 2. Publish one post a day. So far, I have 297 posts currently on the blog … Continue reading

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Omission, Misinformation, or Diversion

Unlike Samuel Clemens’ claim the three types of lies are Lies, Damn Lies and Statistics, I submit that there are three types of lies, but they would be classified as Lies of Omission, Lies of Misinformation, and Lies of Diversion. … Continue reading

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