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Thought for the Day

It is possible to be biased against the act without being bigoted toward the actor. – Me Advertisements

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Quote of the Day

A very wise woman once said to people who put on airs “No matter how many times your mommy told you your poop does not stink, your farts give you away every time.” That very wise woman was my grandmother. … Continue reading

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Definition of Sucks

I have come up with the a new, yet amazingly accurate definition for a sucky situation: Having tinnitus in both ears at once and the ringing in one of the ears is out of tune.

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Random Thoughts

Every waking moment, I am inundated with random thoughts until I focus on one and force the others out. This morning, I post what pops into my mind. Woke last night to the sound of thunder, how far off I … Continue reading

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You Make the Call

You work as a machine operator for the Wiley Widgets Company of Sierra Vista, Arizona. You have been employed here for 10 years, earning regular merit raises and little chance of being laid off no matter what the economy due … Continue reading

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How to Give Good Customer Service

To expound on previous customer service posts, I have added this to wrap it all up. I was going to post this on 6/24/2013, but I realize I have a lot on my plate tomorrow so I will make sure … Continue reading

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Speaking of Customer Service…..

Four weeks ago, I stopped at a McDonalds Drive through with my wife. We both ordered chicken sandwiches to eat on the way home and were told we’d have to pull up and wait because the fries were not done. … Continue reading

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