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Bradley Manning – Nothing More Than a Traitor

I personally have nothing but disgust for this sorry excuse for a human and before you get your hackles up, let me explain why. Manning went to Baghdad in October 2009 or and immediately started downloading classified diplomatic documents and … Continue reading

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This was brought up on another site today. Here is the situation. With technology advancements, we now have social networking and texting for communication. Questions: 1. Is texting your parents and other elders crass or proper etiquette? 2. Is writing … Continue reading

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Comfort Women

What is it about the Japanese culture that encourages the government of that nation to continually attempt to deny historical facts? I wish to address the recent incident in Glendale, California where a memorial to “comfort women” was erected and … Continue reading

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One Dee Ten Tee

Have you ever met someone who is so utterly lacking in mental faculties and yet they felt the need to share their ill nurtured thoughts with you? Have you ever wanted to grab them by the shoulders and try and … Continue reading

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Done Deal

Last week we sold our own little piece of heaven and started looking for the place we could start the next chapter of our lives. My wife started having the second thoughts about leaving this place that I have been … Continue reading

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An Old School Western Movie

Last night when I got home from classes, I turned on the TV to find something to watch while unwinding from the five hour class and the drive home. There on one of the channels was an old black and … Continue reading

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Speaking of Ethics Part II

Now in philosophy we’re speaking of Utilitarianism which teaches that it is okay to treat the few differently if it’s good for the many. This is also how a democratic form of government looks at the citizens; it’s okay to … Continue reading

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