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Rubbing Salt into the Wound

We’re down to our last 12 days living here in paradise and then I will be the Rural Iowegian stuck in urban Iowa. As if to rub salt into the wound of leaving this behind, this morning my wife picked … Continue reading

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Aphorism for Today

The trail that challenges the hiker is remembered long after the walk in the park is forgotten. – ME MEANING: The harder you work to accomplish your goal, the longer you will remember the accomplishment.

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Fast Food Workers in 60 Cities Walk Off the Job

Today, fast food workers in 60 cities walked off the job to protest their wages. They are demanding their wages be increased from $7 – $7.25 per hour to $15.00 per hour citing that many can barely afford to pay … Continue reading

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Why is It?

A local TV station asked people what they thought about doctors dispensing medicine to people without examination or knowing the patient’s medical history. I responded that I think it is laziness and unethical on the doctor’s part as they have … Continue reading

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Tonight’s Sunset

Need I say more?

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If beauty was always easy to see, it would soon become mundane. Beauty is often hidden in the minute details of the big picture and you have to work to see it, thereby giving it beauty. – ME

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Let man judge violations of man’s law. Let God judge violations of God’s law. Let every man be reminded that he is not God. – ME again

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