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Today’s Aphorism

If you spend too much time staring at the road behind you, you won’t be able to avoid the wreck ahead of you. – Me Advertisements

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The Big Ten (not college football)

In my Religion class at Grand View University last week, we covered the Ten Commandments and how they very between Christian sects. This is just another classic example how the Bible is written by man and man will emphasize what … Continue reading

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The Sabbath

When businesses started staying open 7 days a week, was that the major influence on people losing religion?

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Today’s Aphorism

What people see of others is nothing more than the mirror image those others want people to see. Their true selves are hidden in back where no one, in many cases including themselves, will ever look. – Me I may … Continue reading

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The Truth and Nothing But The Truth

When I was Seventeen, I graduated from high school and joined the military. I spent my whole adult life serving in the forces that defend our nation. Shortly before my 51st birthday, I retired from the military due to age … Continue reading

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No Wind For My Sails

After retiring a few years ago, my wife and I lived in the country where the nearest neighbor’s home could not be seen. I found a whole awe inspiring world encapsulated in the bit of land we had. I could … Continue reading

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Today’s Class Called for a Self Portrait

and here is what I came up with: Sometimes I think that not allowing someone to see the whole picture promotes imagination.

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