Defeating Funk

There are times in our lives where a funk demon gets into our brains and while wandering around, does all it can to make our lives miserable. This affects our perception of life around us and the quality thereof. If that first demon isn’t dealt with and our perception of life has been diminished, what would normally be a non-incident can cause the release of another one of funk monsters into the brain. Now, with two of them working in unison, they are able to blur the image of reality that the mind watches. This in turn releases more demons and soon they are standing at the gates of the endorphin center with their boards and nails intending to seal the gates. If they can seal the gates, the ability of one to seek out and destroy the funk is greatly diminished.

Early on, there is a way to defeat these little pests though. It doesn’t take a ton of money, a psychiatrist, or a neurosurgeon to do it either. It only takes laughter to defeat the funk. Some of you may be thinking “Is this guy crazy? When I am down in the dumps I am not laughing.” That is true, but you don’t have to laugh yourself, you just have to expose yourself to humor.

If that doesn’t seem to be working for you, try saying things others will find humor in. An example of this is that I have been depressed because a friend and fellow veteran died on Christmas Day. Then, finding out that my only remaining aunt on my father’s side had fallen on Christmas Eve and broke her hip and then laid there on the floor for two days before anyone found her, released a whole passel of those little jerks. Last night, I got on a social networking site on the internet and looking for something to take my mind off my woes. I saw where a friend had posted something that left himself open for smart aleck remarks. This friend and I have a running joke between us that most would find to be warped. His post was about cooking and soon I had him completely off subject and was laying down posts tied to our running joke.

After a while, his wife posted about how humorous she was finding the banter and others started chiming in adding to the humor. After a bit I found myself smiling and soon after that I was chuckling at what others said. Then, I found the post that I referred to in my previous post and I was laughing out loud.

I went to bed and slept for 10 hours and this morning when I woke up, those little demons that were focused on sealing the gates to the endorphin center had been washed away by the flood of endorphins that were released by laughing and humor. Per the website, the benefits of laughter include:

Physical Health Benefits:
Boosts immunity
• Lowers stress hormones
Decreases pain
• Relaxes your muscles
Prevents heart disease

Mental Health Benefits:
• Adds joy and zest to life
Eases anxiety and fear
• Relieves stress
Improves mood
• Enhances resilience

Social Benefits:
Strengthens relationships
Attracts others to us
Enhances teamwork
• Helps defuse conflict
• Promotes group bonding

So, next time those little Funkers try and take you down, laugh and you’ll have them on the ropes.

About The Rural Iowegian

I am the Rural Iowegian of a published author and an award winning photographer. I use this space to speak my mind. God Bless.
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