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Check your Privilege?

I read an article just now about colleges and universities students telling non-minority students to “check your privilege” in classes and around campus. I guess it is assumed that if you are not of a minority status, there are those … Continue reading

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Fun Guy Looking For Fungi’s to Have for Dinner

Even though the weather is not cooperating the way I like to see it this time of year, it is time for this fun guy to go out and search for fungi’s of a particular nature. Every year, starting around … Continue reading

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The White Glob with Fowl Like Tendencies

The weather turned south as they say Saturday. Why we say something went “south” to indicate that it became less than desirable, I do not know and someday will have to do research on that for my own satisfaction. Anyway, … Continue reading

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Racism is a par…

Racism is a parasite that can attach itself to anyone, no matter what race that person is. – ME I have now heard several people say that they aren’t “racist” because they aren’t “white”.  Racism is not limited to one … Continue reading

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Eureka! I Found Utopia!

I recently went on a trip and while driving through the mountains on a state highway, I found Utopia. I had parked my truck by the roadside upon seeing a lush valley down below and hiked down in to see … Continue reading

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The problem wit…

The problem with a politician getting endorsements is eventually that endorser will say something stupid and the politician is left to deal with the fallout. – ME

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Friends Don’t Let Ailing Friends Keyboard

Yesterday, with severe thunderstorms rolling through Iowa, I had a message that I thought I needed to share. I feverishly banged out my post, paragraph after paragraph relaying my message. Having completed my task, I went to bed. I covered … Continue reading

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