The City of God or The City of Man, Which do you Choose?

Augustine De Hippo, a 5th century bishop and writer wrote a book The City of God. He talks about how some people dwell in the City of God, while others in the same community live in the city of man. The difference between the two is unnoticable to some, while glaringly different to others.

John lives in the City of Man. Someone living in the City of Man lives for only today and whatever pleases him. He denies God as it is inconvenient to have to answer to God when you want to enjoy the lusts of this world. The man who lives here does not want to live the righteous life as it might be boring as far as he is concerned, so he lives for today, for himself, without consideration to others.

Another person named Jack is living next door. Jack does not live in the same city though, he lives in the City of God. Jack does not have the glamour and luxury of his neighbor, but he works hard while caring for his family and lives a virtuous life, helping others. Even though Jack does not want in this life, he is sometimes tempted by the luxury of John’s life.

Now John looks at Jack and shakes his head because he thinks Jack could benefit from learning to think of himself more and others less; leaving income left over to have more luxuries. He can often be heard telling Jack “You only go around once and you need to learn to enjoy it!” He cannot understand when Jack replies “Yes, I do only go around once and I do enjoy it” for Jack knows the fulfillment of helping another in need.

What John does not and probably will never realize is that he lives in the City of Man and when the day comes he dies in the City of Man. After death, he is soon forgotten by others also in the City of Man. Where Jack, after death in this life, goes on to continue living in the City of God, where he has always been spiritually. Those he has helped while in this realm will all remember him and some will follow in his footsteps into the City of God.

So, which do you choose? Do you want to live for today here in the City of Man for the short time you are on this earth; or would you prefer to live in the City of God, preparing for an eternity of even more happiness? The choice is yours as God will not force someone to come to him.


About The Rural Iowegian

I am the Rural Iowegian of a published author and an award winning photographer. I use this space to speak my mind. God Bless.
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