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Whether these are rules for formal debating or not, here is a list of rules you should consider when debating (arguing) on a topic, whether in person or on the web. Rules of debating different subjects: 1. Know the terminology … Continue reading

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Macroeconomics Fallacy?

Today in Macroeconomics class the professor showed a slide depicting inflation causing the consumer price index and nominal wages to increase together over the long run. He explained that inflation causes the consumer price index to increase which in turn … Continue reading

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A Weekend of A Family’s Milestones

Yesterday, my grandson turned 100 days old. So what? In western civilization 100 days old is nothing. Why would Rural be writing as if it were something important? I can tell you why. My grandson is 1/4th Korean and in … Continue reading

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Religious People are Weaker?

On a forum today the question was asked “If you found out today with 100% certainty there was no afterlife and no God, would you still hold true to the teachings of your religion? Would you still raise your kids … Continue reading

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I Need a New Soapbox!

I have spent so much time getting up on the soapbox this year, I need a new one because this one is worn out. Ok, some may not agree with this, but let’s round up all the illegal immigrant children … Continue reading

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The Illusion of Virtuous Acts

Aristotle said for an act to be virtuous, it must be done knowingly and willingly, the act must be in character with our normal actions, and it must be done with no ulterior motive. Herein lies the problem; upon performing … Continue reading

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2nd Anniversary

Two years ago today I started posting on this blog. The original intent was to post one entry per day to help me recover vocabulary that a cerebral vascular accident I incurred had taken away from me.  If you include … Continue reading

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What is the Value of Books?

In today’s day and age, what is the value of a book? I grew up reading a lot.  I read Dr. Seuss when I was young, Dickens, Stephenson, and Twain as a pre-teen.  I moved on to Asimov, Heinlein, Vonnegut, … Continue reading

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Shallow Minds

“Shallow minds can only swim in shallow waters.” – ME A question was asked “When was the golden age of man?” I answered, “Personally, it was before it became inconvenient to believe in God.” One person kept asking when that … Continue reading

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Last Monday in Macroeconomics class we were discussing e-books and their value compared to normally published ink on paper books. One student said she thought the price of e-books was a rip-off for two reasons: One, there is no ink … Continue reading

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