As I posted  previously, I have some blockage in the arteries leading to the heart and the tick-tock of my internal clock is a little out of whack.  Yesterday, I posted about being misdiagnosed with liver cancer and the initial stress followed by coming to terms  with the doctor making a mistake.

It all came together to create a less than ideal week with the highs and lows associated with the medical world.  Then this morning I received a message from a friend of a friend whom I had written of in January last year.  This young lady, Kim Wilshire, said she had known Scott Maciboba and dreamt of him last night out of the blue.  This morning she googled his name and my blog post about him was the first item to come up.  She thanked me for memorializing Scott and said it brightened her day.

I thanked Ms. Wilshire for her kind words and sat down to eat my lunch; yes, I know I am eating lunch way too late in the day.  As I sat here eating my beef and noodles over steak fries it came to me.  Scott lifted me up after the death of my father and now twelve years later after having a week of ups and downs he came by to lift me up again.

To Ms. Kim Wilshire and Scott, I won’t forget how you two lifted me up again when it was needed.

If you, the reader, have not read the stories that led to this one, you can find them on my blog under:  (1) and (2)

Now, I guess I should explain the beef and noodles over steak fries.  30 years ago, I was sent to Germany where I was assigned to an Air Defense Artillery Battalion that spent a lot of time in the field.  For you non-military types being in the field meant being off base training for war.  While in the field you would eat meals ready to eat (MRE’s) for breakfast and lunch and have a hot meal for dinner cooked by the unit cook.  Most of the army cooks weren’t worth a darn in the field, but we had an overweight cook that could work wonders with what he had.  One of my favorites was beef and noodles over mashed potatoes.  He could take those instant potatoes and make them palatable.  He could take canned beef and make it edible.  And somehow, working with nothing but dehydrated materials he could make homemade noodles that were above reproach.  Sgt Brown had a way of making low grade government consumables into a dining experience.

Today, there were some left over beef and noodles my wife made yesterday while I was preparing my hunting site but no mashed potatoes.  We did however have some steak fries in the freezer that I popped into the oven while I re-heated the beef and noodles.  It was not as good as Sgt Brown used to make, but it was good enough to bring back some memories further back that I had not dwelled on in years.

Now, having paid my respects to Scott and Brownie (appropriate nickname for an army cook) and having had my lunch, I will wrap this up and spend the afternoon watching football while being caressed by the 70 degree breeze wafting  through the house.

God Bless!


About The Rural Iowegian

I am the Rural Iowegian of a published author and an award winning photographer. I use this space to speak my mind. God Bless.
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