Up on the Soapbox Again

It is time to get self serving parasites out of Congress and all other elected positions throughout American government.  Anyone who vows allegiance to a political party over the constituents he/she represents is not a statesperson, they are a bottom feeder.

I have previously called for Americans to demand:

1.  An amendment to the Constitution that allows for the constituents by 2/3 vote to recall any elected official at all levels of government that fails to represent the welfare of those constituents (federal, state, and local).

2.  An amendment to the Constitution that says ALL Americans are subject to ALL the laws in America.  No one will be able to pass a bill that only applies to non-elected persons. (Congress cannot exempt themselves from laws they pass.)

3.  An amendment that states that elected officials will not be compensated more than the mean income of their constituents.  This will prevent elected officials from voting themselves a raise.  The only way they can get a raise is if the economy is doing better than before.

4.  A flat tax rate where ALL Americans are taxed at the same rate regardless of income to insure all Americans are treated equally.  No more deductions, loop-holes, exemptions; we all contribute at the same rate.  You cannot have unity when you create a caste system that divides.

5.  An amendment stating that any elected official that is convicted of a crime that reflects a lack of moral/ethical behavior shall be removed from office and will be ineligible to hold any public office afterwards.

After doing some research this morning, I now find that many of the spouses of elected officials are given positions not only in government, but also in private industries that actively pursue government contracts.  Companies and administrations use these spouses to peddle government influence and should therefore be prohibited.  Therefore, I add to the list:

6.  An amendment that states that any elected official whose spouse/significant other is or becomes employed in a position that has the ability to or perception of peddling influence shall be removed from office until such time as the condition no longer exists.

One example of this is the now retiring Senator Tom Harkin and his spouse, Ruth Harkin.  While Tom Harkin was in office, his wife served as the director of an “independent” government corporation to which she was appointed by then President Bill Clinton.  She then went on to sit on the board of directors for one of the largest logging companies in the world and also a major oil company.  She also sat on the board of United Technologies Corporation in the position of “Director of Government Relations.”  These are blatant incidences where she was able to peddle influence for private entities within the government.

Harkin, who is not seeking re-election, leaves Congress the 29th wealthiest congressman and even though he claims the wealth is his wife’s not his, anyone with common sense knows better.


About The Rural Iowegian

I am the Rural Iowegian of www.ruraliowegian.wordpress.com a published author and an award winning photographer. I use this space to speak my mind. God Bless.
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