Shaking My Head

During a speech in late September to the United Nations General Assembly, the President of The United States America compared the ISIS atrocities of murdering people, raping women and selling them into slavery and destroying historical monuments to the shooting of Michael Brown by the police officer in Ferguson, Missouri.

Really?  The police officer who shot Brown after it was reported that he was beaten by Brown while still in his vehicle and then when told to get on the ground, Brown again advanced at him is the same as ISIS members? ISIS which has committed mass murders, rapes and pillaging of anyone who does not bow to them?  ISIS which has been declared by other Islamic leaders in the region to not be following any faith and are nothing more than common criminals?

Between this president and the National Black Caucus which has declared that the only reason the homeless veteran Omar Gonzalez made it over the White House fence and into the White House was because the Secret Service is racist, America is now more racially divided than it has been in the past 50 years.  Add to that the “pass” Holder gave a group of criminals identifying themselves as the New Black Panthers at polling stations in Philadelphia during the 2008 election and starting a policy of not prosecuting blacks who commit crimes against white victims, the divisiveness grows greater.

The response to the National Black Caucus I come up with is:

If Omar Gonzalez got into the White House because the Secret Service is racist, what was the racial reason for Kennedy being assassinated?  What was the racial reason for the assassination attempt on Ford?  What was the racial reason for the assassination attempt on Reagan?

The last crime statistics I found from the Federal Bureau of Investigation were for 2011.  Here is what they show:

In 2011, there were 2695 African Americans murdered.  Of these, 91% were murdered by other African Americans, 7% of the assailants were European Americans and 2% the ethnicity was unknown.  That comes down to 193 of the 2695 murders of African Americans were committed by European Americans.  During that same period, there were 3172 European Americans murdered.  Of these, 83% were committed by other European Americans, 14% were committed by African Americans, 1% by Asian Americans and 2% unknown.  The FBI’s own statistics show that African Americans have a greater propensity to commit violent crimes.

So, there is a greater percentage of African Americans attacking and killing European Americans than there is of European Americans attacking and killing African Americans.  Add to that the percentages of the population in correlation to the percentage of murders committed by that community.  47% of the murders in America for 2011 were committed by European Americans which constitute 80% of the population of America.  That is in contrast to 48% of the murders were committed by African Americans which make up 11% of the population of America.



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