Senator Elect Joni Ernst

Iowa last night elected Lieutenant Colonel Joni Ernst to the United States Senate over the democratic candidate Bruce Braley.  During the campaign Braley started out with a negative campaign.  Democrats not only across the state, but across the nation started picking up on the negativity against Ms. Ernst claiming she is a hate monger and will set back women’s rights to the 1950’s.  This was escalated by Planned Parenthood, which receives government funding, with a television commercial campaign with our tax dollars stating Ms. Ernst is anti-abortion and should not have a voice in what women do with their bodies.

Today, Ms. Ernst posted on Facebook thanking Iowans for electing her as the next senator.  Immediately, the negative posts began on her post.  From people wishing her ill; people again spewing venom at her; people claiming voter fraud; to yet others claiming God is hanging his head in shame.  Then there were posts like these:

“I hope you will realize most of your positions are not right for Iowa and you will understand that as a Senator you should promote the public good, not narrow interests.”  Excuse me?  If Ms. Ernst’s positions were not right for Iowa, she would not have gotten the majority of the votes.  She was elected to represent Iowans and since the majority voted for her, the interests she campaigned on are not “narrow”.

“Here is a woman that was voted in that believes we should be living in the 1950’s. A time where birth control was frowned upon & abortion was illegal in all cases. I think the government needs to stay out of a woman’s rights & what she chooses to do with her body. Such a sad time for women to have one of their own turn against us.”  That is right!  Government needs to stay out of women’s rights to kill unborn children because they were irresponsible and got pregnant.  That includes funding abortion clinics and funding birth control.  So by your own words, Ms. Ernst is not against you, but trying to fulfill your wishes.  As for living in the 1950’s, the moral and ethical values of the 1950’s are a heck of a lot better than the values we see demonstrated by a lot of people now.

“Barf. As a woman how can u say we don’t need birth control? I don’t want more kids now so why can’t I prevent them? Your not going to help me afford more so why not prevent more?”  Okay, the previous post quoted wanted the government out of what women do with their bodies and this one wants government involvement.  Ms. Ernst is a right to life believer, but if you don’t want children, you need to pay for the birth control, not the government.  If you can’t afford it, get your bedroom partner to chip in to prevent unwanted children and quit expecting the taxpayers to fund your mattress escapades.  To top it off, Ms. Ernst did not ever say that birth control should be outlawed, she said “I do support a woman’s right to accessible, reliable, and safe contraception.”

As for the other comments:

1.  Liberals are always accusing conservatives of being hatemongers and yet it is the liberals that are spewing hate.

2.  Whenever someone is promoting protecting life, God surely does not hang his head and God does not hang his head in shame.

3.  The majority of the voters voted for Ms. Ernst over Mr. Braley.  Elections do not always go the way you want so accept it and move on!

Finally, do I believe Ms. Ernst is the best person to represent Iowans?  Not necessarily so, but I know she was lawfully elected by the voters to the position so now I hope she will do what is right for Iowans and this country.  If she, or any other elected official fails to do the job they were elected to perform, it is our responsibility to hold them accountable next time they are up for re-election.


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I am the Rural Iowegian of a published author and an award winning photographer. I use this space to speak my mind. God Bless.
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