Communing with God

Got to the stand at O Dark Thirty this morning and climbed up in a thick fog. Around dawn the wind picked up and started blowing the fog off while a mist fell. Shortly after what would have been sunrise without clouds, I caught movement to my right and there was a big bobcat mousing along the mowed trail. Then another came out from behind me and joined in. Both had their spotted coats still on. Then I heard a noise behind me and there was even a larger bobcat in almost all brown sharpening her claws on the hedge tree behind me. Turned out to be an adult cat with two kittens hunting together.

Didn’t see a deer all morning, but this almost made up for it. Wish I would have had a camera with me!  The wonder of bow hunting is you see the wonders of God that had you been walking through the woods you more than likely would not have seen.


About The Rural Iowegian

I am the Rural Iowegian of a published author and an award winning photographer. I use this space to speak my mind. God Bless.
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