Lest We Forget

73 years ago today, the Imperial Navy of Japan attacked the naval base at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii and killed over 2,500 Americans.  It was not until after the raid that the Japanese declared war on America.  Believing that America could not fight a war on two fronts, Germany followed suit and declared war.

The result was to strengthen American bonds and we resolved to not let this go unpunished.  It brought us out of the financial depression we were experiencing quickly putting together a war machine 2nd to none.

Almost four years later the war ended proving Germany wrong.  The cost of declaring war on America was approximately 7 million German deaths,  450,000 Italian deaths and 3 million Japanese deaths, versus 420,000 Americans.  Other American allies at the time, China lost between 10 and 20 million, Russia lost between 20 and 28 million, and England 400,000.  Other nations lost millions of lives because of the actions of the axis powers also.

Other than for America, approximately 90 million people died in World War II with 60 million of the lives lost being civilians.



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