Buyer Beware!

Almost two years ago I purchased a laptop to use at university.  At the time of purchase, the big box store that I purchased it from had an extended warranty and a store based computer help staffed by store ‘experts’ which I also purchased to cover my investment.  The two items cost additional $358.00.v  Over the two year period, the letters on the keyboard were worn off and the dvd read/write quit working.  The other problem was the monitor would zoom in and out on its own.

I called the store and they told me to bring it in and they would get it going.  So, I loaded up the computer and went to the big box store.  The team member from their ‘expert’ team told me it would have to be sent in to their main shop for repairs.  He asked if I wanted the hard drive backed up and I said “yes”, I paid for a service to protect my computer and its contents.  He told me that would be an extra $85.00 plus tax.  Then he asked if I brought an external drive with me.  I said “No, when I called no one said anything about bringing an external hard drive.”  He found a 32 Gig thumb drive for another $20.00 that would hold my documents, photographs, and videos.  I spoke with a manager who in turn refunded the $85.00 charge.

Today, I got a call from that store and they told me that they got the computer back and got it ‘almost’ working right.  The caller said that updates could not be installed and they were going to have to ‘refresh’ my hard drive.  I asked what ‘refreshing’ does and was told that I would lose any software I installed.  I said “So, you’re going to ‘restore the computer to factory settings?”  And the caller said “No, we’re going to ‘refresh’ the hard drive.”

My mind was becoming unsettled because this ‘expert’ didn’t even know the terminology.  I asked to speak to a supervisor.  He started telling me the same story that I would have to reinstall all the software that I had previously installed.  I asked him what the heck I had paid for.  I was now livid and was not ready to take any crap.  I asked if I had to reinstall my own software after being reset to factory settings, what did I pay for?  I then came up with this analogy; I told the supervisor telling me that I have to do the work myself is like you bringing your car to me telling me that the check engine light had come on and would not go back off and me telling me that I could disconnect the light, but after that he would have to do everything else himself.

Then he said he agreed and would get it fixed.  Ten minutes later I get a call from the first ‘expert’ again telling me that some of the software that was on the computer is not sold by their store and therefore I would have to do it myself.  If I had checked my blood pressure at that time, I am sure I would have been concerned about another heart attack or stroke.  I told the ‘expert’ if I did not get my computer repaired with everything in place, it would not fair well for the store and the ‘experts’.

A few minutes later the manager called me and said they would get it taken care of.  I haven’t heard anything else from them since 3:00 this afternoon and the next call from them better be that everything is done correctly or an offer to replace the computer and all software or comparable software.

If you purchase support when you purchase an item, make sure they provide the service they sold you!


About The Rural Iowegian

I am the Rural Iowegian of a published author and an award winning photographer. I use this space to speak my mind. God Bless.
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