Here it is Folks, My 1000th Post

Here we are at my 1000th post on my blog.  Although you will only find 889 of them, that is because 111 or my first posts were deleted for lack of interest.  For my 1000th post I wanted to say something deep, insightful, full of life; but since I can’t think of any of those things I will just post a little story…

About three times a year I make up a batch of my award winning Afterburner Chili.  Each batch produces somewhere between ten and twelve pounds of decadent chili full of bacon, Italian sausage and ground beef with all the veggies and fixings that set it apart from others.  I made a batch for Christmas and what we did not devour with the children and grandchildren here, we froze in containers that were about two bowl full’s each.

On my way home from the university the grey skies and dropping temperatures were all the catalyst my mind needed to think of chili at first and after a few more moments that thought bloomed into tonight’s dinner.  Fortunately I have to drive right by a grocery to get home and pulled in.

I purchased the necessary items and came home.  Starting out I made some home made steak fries from fresh potatoes and seasoned them with a little BBQ seasoning and sprinkled them with Tabasco before popping them in the oven.  I then opened up the package of Hebrew National Kosher franks and poked multiple holes in each one before dropping them in a pan of beer on the stove top.  Finally, I removed one of the containers of chili and popped it into another pan to slowly heat up.

With everything either on the stovetop or in the oven, I went to the medicine cabinet and took one of my pain pill as my shoulder that was blown out in the service has been hurting all day.  About the time the pain pill kicked in, the timer on the stove went off telling me it was time to assemble dinner.  I took out two of the bakery fresh hot dog buns from the bag and placed them on the two plates.  I removed two hotdogs from their beer bath and placed them on the buns.  The hot dogs were topped with supple portions of my chili and that was topped with shredded cheddar cheese.  Next to the dogs, I put the oven baked steak fries that had turned a beautiful golden brown.  To make the meal perfect I opened up a new bottle of A&E Dairy ice cold milk and poured a glass for each.

As we at dinner neither one of us said too much.  Both buns had soaked up enough of the chili to make them impossible to pick up with the hands and my wife and I looked quite posh as we ate them with knives and forks.  After we finished dinner, my wife who normally detests chili but loves mine stated that the chili on top of a beer boiled hotdog was surprisingly good.  She was born and raised in Korea so chili and bread products are not high on her list of edibles.  She went on to say that this batch of chili was hands down the best so far.  Then she got up and went to the kitchen and helped herself to seconds!  My wife is like five foot tall and weighs all of 120 pounds, yet she can put way more food away than I can.

One dog and some fries was more than enough for me so I just sat there and talked to her while she dove into the second hotdog.  I enjoy watching people who enjoy my cooking while they eat and I think it gives me more pleasure seeing others enjoy my cooking than eating it myself.

We then cleared the dining room table together and as she rinsed, I loaded the plates and such into the dishwasher.  We put the extra dogs and chili into the fridge before retiring to the living room.

The dinner tonight was quite spicy and we both like spicy food, but my stomach does not appreciate it too much.  As I sit here typing, I think about what this chili experience is going to be like tomorrow.  It reminds me of something someone told me once.  He said “The lusts you satisfy now will only hurt you tomorrow.”  Somehow I know this will not be so satisfying in the morning. 😉



About The Rural Iowegian

I am the Rural Iowegian of a published author and an award winning photographer. I use this space to speak my mind. God Bless.
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