Rant Time

The next 22 year old at the university that tries to tell me about ‘the real life’ that they have never even experienced, they’ll be lucky if they are able to walk away under their own power.  I don’t take verbal abuse from anyone, much less some kid who thinks because they have a student government position, they have power.

The next 30 year old professor who tries to tell me that his 22 year old pets have more experience than me, I will probably a little less than tactfully enlighten him on his own ignorance.

That professor told me today that his pets have control over my grade.  I laughed and told him straight to his face that I was fine with that because through the professor review system at this university, I had some say in his future and was not intimidated by the university faculty or staff.

Some of the crap I put up with to get a couple pieces of paper.


About The Rural Iowegian

I am the Rural Iowegian of www.ruraliowegian.wordpress.com a published author and an award winning photographer. I use this space to speak my mind. God Bless.
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