What Kind of American Are You?

I was taking an online survey right now and it asked me what I was.

Are you:


African American



Native American

So, I know I am not from the caucases and looking at myself my skin is a light ecru if anything; so answer number one is out. I am not from Africa, but I am from America so that was close but still no cigar. I am not from a Latin country, nor am I Hispanic, so number three it out the door. I am not from any Asiatic nation so number four was not an option either. That left me with considering Native American.

I decided to look up “native” and here is what I found:

noun: native; plural noun: natives
  1. a person born in a specified place or associated with a place by birth, whether subsequently resident there or not.
    * a local inhabitant.
adjective: native
  1. associated with the country, region, or circumstances of a person’s birth.

Well, not only was I born in America, but my ancestors were born here too all the way back to the early 1600’s. So looking at all the definitions I am a native. I am also an American which would make me legally a Native American! With this classification of myself, my only consideration was the location of my birth with no thought of race.

What would happen if we all quit dividing ourselves by the color of our skin which is nothing more than a one time adaptation a millenium ago to our ancestor’s environment, and set our allegiance to our nation?  Would dislike and violence towards others based soley on the tone of their skin become a faint memory of how foolish we used to be?

Then the other questions I came up with were:  Even for immigrants, should not their only allegiance be to the country they chose to immigrate to?   Since they chose to leave their homeland, should not the cultural aspects not native to their new country be left behind?  If not, can their allegiance to their new country be tainted and incomplete?

By defining ourselves as others than Americans does nothing to bond us together, but does a lot to separate us.  So I answered “Native American” and hit enter.  A new screen popped up and said “You are not eligible to take this survey.”  Just another sign of how even others want us to be divided, not united.

From now on, I wll not be classified as anything other than a Native American, how about you?


About The Rural Iowegian

I am the Rural Iowegian of www.ruraliowegian.wordpress.com a published author and an award winning photographer. I use this space to speak my mind. God Bless.
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