An Honest Question to Non-Christians

For those who feel the need to confront Christians, I have one question for you.  Why is it when an non-Christian feels the need to confront Christians trying to use the Bible as a weapon against the us, they always take verses out of context to try and make your point?  Do you not realize that in doing so you defeat yourself?

The latest round of this practice was noticed just a few moments ago, where some non-believers decided to side with Muslims and claimed Christianity preaches violence as evidenced by Jesus said in Luke 19:27 “But those enemies of mine who did not want me to be king over them—bring them here and kill them in front of me.”  But what was not said was this was part of a parable that Jesus preached about a wealthy man who wanted to be king (Luke 19:1-27). He gave his servants money to invest while he was gone. They didn’t want him to become king and tried to prevent him from doing so.  He still became king and when he returned two servants had made him more money although they tried to keep him from being king.  He rewarded them for making him money.  One servant who was afraid of him, kept the money originally given to him in safe keeping for fear of losing it and angering his master.  This money was taken from him and given to another servant.  But then the king said “but those enemies of mine who did not want me to be king over them – bring them ere and kill them in front of me.”

There are also those who quote verses out of the Old Testament to claim Christianity as a cruel religion.  To those I say the Old Testament is the recording of God’s Law that condemns us all to death because there is no one who can abide by all of His laws.  It is the New Testament that Christians follow and it is the New Testament where God gives those people who accept Jesus’s gift eternal life after this one.

So, to wrap this up, I would say non-Christians who want to debate our faith with us should be knowledgeable before trying to use our Bible against us, because those who aren’t only defeat themselves.

P.S.  To the Muslims that say that Christianity is a poly-theistic religion because of the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, I ask you this:  What do your grandparents call you?  What do your parents call you?  What does your wife call you?  and What does your children call you?  With these answers in mind, are you more than one person?


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I am the Rural Iowegian of a published author and an award winning photographer. I use this space to speak my mind. God Bless.
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3 Responses to An Honest Question to Non-Christians

  1. Loved reading this. As the bible is interpreted in so many different ways, people often end up completely off the meaning. It is often those that haven’t studied the bible that find themselves taking the scriptures wrong.

    I just wanted to point out that i don’t consider myself a Christian. So I guess that puts me in the Non-Christian category. But i believe in God, his plan and his word. For he is out creator. I am currently studying the bible, but also the torah and the quran. Ive also recently started looking into the book of Enoch. I am starting to believe that all three books hold one message. Have you ever thought that? Also what are you views on a person like me, That doesn’t classify myself as a religion but learns from all of them.

    Anyway what a lovely way of putting your question. What you have written is so true. So refreshing to have people who stand by God without question or doubt like.

    • Each of the big three (Judaism, Christianity, and Islam) all believe in the God of Abraham. Whereas Judaism and Christianity descend from his son Isaac, Muslims descend from another son Ishmael. The issue lies between the three in Jesus. The Jews view Jesus as an ordinary Jew. The Muslims view Jesus as a prophet of God, not the Messiah. Christians believe that Jesus is the Messiah as prophesized by Isaac and is the incarnate of God.
      Now comes the question: What if the Pharisees knew Jesus was the Messiah and had him crucified because he had castigated them for turning the temple into a cash venture for themselves which would end had he lived?
      This leads me to the next question: What if Muhammad had received the word of God through the Angel Gabriel but was told that Jesus is the Son of God; where would that have left Muhammad? Would that have made him no more than a messenger to the Arabs?
      I ask these questions from a Christian point of view as I am a Christian. The Bible teaches us that we are all flawed (as if we needed the Bible to let us know that). Those flaws often influence how we deal with situations, two of which being pride and our lust for power.
      The Torah which contains the first five books of the Old Testament is a partial message and tells of the Messiah.
      The Bible’s Old Testament gives us all of the law which condemns us all to death as it is impossible to keep all the law. The New Testament gives us life as a gift even though we cannot fulfill all of the laws through Jesus. The New Testament also shows how Jesus fulfilled all the prophesies that Isaac said the Messiah would in the Old Testament.
      The teachings of Muhammad mirrored those of Jesus and the Bible in many ways. However, it has been bastardized in many ways. The Muslims say that they are to put to death any person who does not convert to Islam. I cannot believe that God would order some of his children to murder other children of His.
      As far as your own beliefs go, it sounds like you are seeking the truth. I have travelled the world and experienced many religions and looked for the good in each one I encountered.
      I suggest that if you read the Holy Bible with an open mind and open heart you can see the truth. I would also suggest that you might read my entire series entitled ‘An Inconvenient God’ which starts at:
      There are 17 parts to this series and part 16 is where I covered the big three religions.
      God Bless.

      • Such amazing insightful words. I really appreciate that reply. I am definitely seeking the truth. I will read ‘An Inconvenient God’ now. Thank you. And God Bless

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