The Consequences of Choice

I was reading the comments on a local celebrity’s social media page about what is going on in Baltimore.  Some were saying that it was okay to loot, riot and commit arson because another man died in police custody.  These people who were proponents of looting and arson made it a point to say that it was because the suspect was black and the officers were white.

I’m trying to comprehend this train of thought to no avail.  The people throwing out this race card for some reason, either by design or failure to comprehend, once again are not thinking logically.  They are not considering The Consequences of Choice, nor are they thinking about the racial makeup of America and the crimes committed here.

78% of Americans are white and 13% black; the statistical odds of a black American dealing with a white police officers are 83% higher than a black American dealing with a black police officer. In 2013, according to FBI statistics, there were a total of 9 million arrests made in America.  64% were whites being arrested (this includes Hispanics), 33% were blacks, 1.4% was Native American, 1.4% Asian, and .2% were Pacific Islanders.  When you limit crime to violent crime, 59% of all violent crimes are committed by white Americans, 38% by black Americans, and 3% by a combination of Asians, Native Americans, and Pacific Islanders. When it comes to murder, there is twice as many whites murdered by blacks as the other way around.  According to the Bureau of Prisons, 59% of the prison population is white, 38% is black, and 3% is other races.  The percentages of prison population directly mirror the percentages of violent crimes committed in America.

Add to that the response of each individual and The Consequences of Choice take over.

Michael Brown – attacked a police officer still in his vehicle and tried to disarm him.  He took a situation that could have been totally disarmed by getting out of the middle of the street when told to do so and going on about his business, but he chose not to.

Eric Garner – While being arrested chose to resist arrest causing more force to be used.  This combined with his physical condition resulted in a heart attack.  Had he not resisted, he would not have been put on the ground and the heart attack that ensued would not have happened.

Freddie Gray – Upon making eye contact with police Freddie fled on foot.  Mr. Gray had a long history of dealing drugs in the neighborhood and was well known to the police force.  Think about this for a moment; if you arrived home and saw someone in your yard take off running as soon as you showed up, you would be suspicious too.  The difference between you and the police is that it is their duty to deal with this type of person so they pursued him.  Had Freddie not run, the police would not have chased and apprehended him, and Freddie would still be alive.

In all three of these cases, the alleged victims of white police brutality drew the attention to themselves and then escalated the issue to the point the consequences of their choices was dying.  I am sure there are people of other races who have died at the hands of police officers because of the choices they made, but somehow those incidents are not newsworthy by the media who peddle sensationalism and ratings.

In all three of these cases, the choices made by these men were the catalyst for consequences. I truly believe that all lives matter regardless of skin color.  I also believe we all need to be realize and fully understand that when we make choices, there are consequences to those choices.

Which brings me back to the looting, rioting, and arson.  Peaceful demonstration when you think a wrong has been committed is a right of all Americans. When you cross the line and start looting business, burning buildings, and destroying property, you have crossed the line.  There is no justification for these actions and to claim they are a legitimate response is a logical fallacy or intentional sophistry.






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I am the Rural Iowegian of a published author and an award winning photographer. I use this space to speak my mind. God Bless.
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