This Date in History

35 years, 420 months, 1820 weeks, or 12,783 days ago, my wife said “I do” and then I said “I do” and a bond was formed between us that cannot be torn asunder by mankind.  I have never abided by the gift guidelines for anniversaries.  I have given her gold, silver, diamonds, rubies, sapphires, all set in different jewelry.  For our 10th wedding anniversary, I bought her 10 orchid plants.  On our 20th, I gave her 240 roses that were all red except two white ones to symbolize our two children.

I have always tried to creative in the giving of the gifts too.  This year I am proud to say that not only had she forgotten it was our anniversary, but I know for fact I really gave her a roller coaster ride of emotions for the day.

She went out to tend to her vegetable and flower gardens so I sneaked out to the mall.  At a well respected jewelry store where I purchased a silver necklace with a pendant made of coral and onyx.  Then I headed to a big box store and bought a anniversary card and a salad spinner.  She already has a salad spinner, but her present one has a crack in the bowl and leaks.  While checking out, the cashier mentioned the card and I told her that my wife and I had been together for 35 years.  She said that was commendable and smiled.  I then told her that the salad spinner was the gift.  The look on her face of shock almost caused me to split with laughter.

Back in the car, I placed the gift box containing the necklace inside the salad spinner and returned it to the box.  I filled out the card and then drove home.  Once home I handed my wife the card and then gave her the salad spinner.   To say that she was less than impressed or happy would be a huge understatement.

After she calmed down a bit, I said she should check out her salad spinner to make sure it wasn’t broken.  As she opened it all up she found the gift box and let out a little scream in anticipation of opening it.  Once she saw what it was she cried and put it on before telling me that she was really disappointed when she saw the salad spinner thinking I had stopped loving her or was mad at her.

Sometimes to keep a relationship fresh, or to put a zing into the relationship it is good to surprise the one you love.


About The Rural Iowegian

I am the Rural Iowegian of a published author and an award winning photographer. I use this space to speak my mind. God Bless.
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