Is the California Drought Manmade?

Just a hypothesis here; let us see if I can make it comprehensible.  In areas not habituated by man, there are areas like deserts with minimal life, deserts with moderate life, and plains and mountainous areas with plentiful life.  Once man starts interfering with the environment in each area, the habitability of said areas are adversely affected.

The southern California area was an environment that was able to sustain a certain amount of human habitation.  With low lying dwellings and not a lot of pavement the temperature and winds were not severely affected by man’s presence.

But the number of humans drawn to that area kept increasing and buildings went higher and more pavement was poured.  The amount of humans, vehicles, pavement and buildings created higher temperatures in the metropolitan areas.  We all know heat rises and what was created in this area was a continuous updraft.  Then, with the tall buildings and the updraft, winds were diverted.

A change in weather patterns occurred and resulted in a drought.  Then, instead of recognizing man’s affect on this, California first recommended that more water be diverted to the drought stricken areas and then started pumping more and more water out of the subterranean aquifers to feed its demand for water.  Herein arises another issue.  Californians are pumping water out of the aquifers faster than it is being replaced.

The water levels in the aquifers are so low, scientists claim it will take 7-10 years of normal rainfall without pumping anything more out of these subterranean wells to replenish the aquifer if we stopped right now, but as long as there is a drought, the pumping won’t stop.  Once the aquifers are drained, you will have large cavernous spaces below ground with nothing to hold the roofs of the caves up.

An analogy would be planting a sapling in a 12″ pot.  Eventually, the tree will demand more than the earth in the 12″ pot can give.  It is at this time the tree needs to be transplanted into the ground or a much larger pot.  If you don’t it dies, and then all you have left is a barren pot.  But instead of replanting you decide to keep watering the dead tree in the soil that has no nutrients left to give.

What do you think?


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I am the Rural Iowegian of a published author and an award winning photographer. I use this space to speak my mind. God Bless.
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