Id, Ego, or Super Ego; Where do Religious Beliefs Fall?

Freud explains that everyone has a Super Ego, an Ego, and an Id. The Super Ego is where your role in society lays; the Ego is your self-identity, and your Id is basic needs for survival.

A professor today decided to ask the question “Where do religious beliefs lie: in the Id, Ego, or Super Ego?”

The first young student, who is atheistic, said it was in the Super Ego. They went on to explain that religious people tout their religion for others to see and be use that as a tool to be judgmental of others.

The second student, who was about 10 years older and says she is spiritual but not religious, said religious beliefs lie in the Ego because that is part of how you see yourself.

Then the professor asked me. I being older than the combined age of the first two students thought about it for another moment before answering. Finally, I said “I see religious beliefs as part of the Id for the truly religious. Your basic needs of food, shelter, and clothing are all about self-preservation. Self-preservation is about doing what is necessary to continue living.” I paused for a moment to make sure the professor was following along, and then continued “for the soul to have eternal self-preservation, the religious belief has to be more than something worn on the sleeve of a self-identification issue. It has to be contained within the soul, or spirituality of the person where it part of every aspect of life.”

The professor thought for a moment and then said he liked the train of thought I was on so I continued, “those who wear religion like a patch for all to see are what I call windup worshippers; an idea I stole from a Jethro Tull lyric. They tout that they are religious because their actions don’t show it. Then they go to church on Sunday so others can see them there and be counted among the faithful. The people who have religion as part of their self-identity have religious beliefs as one of their traits as if it were a qualification on a job application. Then there are those who have ‘spirituality’ that can be seen through their actions, and words or outward identifiers are not needed. The religious belief is an equal part of existence with the other basic needs.”

So, if you are a person of faith, where do religious beliefs lie with you; in the Super Ego, Ego, or Id?


About The Rural Iowegian

I am the Rural Iowegian of a published author and an award winning photographer. I use this space to speak my mind. God Bless.
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