Is This Customer Service? Mediacom at its Worst

Yesterday at 6:05 PM  Central Time

“TO:  Khartoon Ohan, Mediacom

When my wife and I purchased a home we called Mediacom to get service.  We were told that Mediacom does not service our area, that was two years ago.  Last week a Mediacom van was at the end of our street and a representative was conducting an audit.


I spoke with the auditor and he told me that Mediacom does service our town and there is a service connection right across the street from our house.  I called (844) 274-6753, the local Mediacom number and asked if we could get service.  The young lady put me on hold and had our address verified.  Soon she came back and said yes, we could get service.  We discussed various packages and then ordered a package that was going to cost us approximately $88 per month, including phone, internet, and cable.  She set up an appointment time of between 1:00 PM and 5:00 PM today and said the installer would call when he was 30 minutes out and I needed to be here with cash, check or credit card for the first month and hook up fee.


Two days ago I received an automated call to verify that I was going to be here and have the first month and hookup fee when the installer arrived.  I verified that I would be here and all was a go as far as I knew.


Today, I left the university early to ensure that I was here when the installer arrived.  I waited all afternoon without any call from the installer telling me he was on his way.  After 5:00 PM, I called Mediacom at the aforementioned number and was transferred to a young lady by the name of ‘Tara'(?).  She checked the system and then told me that the installation order was cancelled.  Imagine my surprise!  I asked who and why it was cancelled and she set the phone down, did not put me on hold, but dropped the phone on to the desktop.  Approximately five minutes later she came back to the phone and said that it was cancelled because Mediacom does not service my area.  I reminded her that my address was ‘verified’ last week and it was not a problem then; why is it a problem now?  She then told me that she would check and laid the phone down again!  After another pause of several minutes she came back and said yes, Mediacom does service my address and all we had to do is reschedule an appointment.


By this time I am exceedingly aggravated.  I told her that I needed to speak to a supervisor because this is unacceptable.  What kind of business has customer care like this that notify a potential customer when there is a change to avoid treatment like this.  I asked ‘Tara’ to get a supervisor on the line now.  She told me that she could take care of rescheduling an appointment and I replied that I wanted service hooked up within the next 30 minutes because I have already had to take time off for today and would not do it again.  The phone was laid down for a third time!


She came back to the phone after another extended wait time and informed me that Mediacom does service homes in my area, but not mine.  I again reiterated my desire to speak with a supervisor and was told there were no supervisors there.  When I called her on that as no call center operates without supervision, she said that the supervisors were on calls with other customers and I would have to call another number and leave a message.


I ask you Khartoon, is this how a business like Mediacom operates?  Are call center employees directed to make up stories?  Are call centers instructed to lie?  Does Mediacom think it is permissible to perform operations where a potential customer is not informed of status changes? 


It is regretful that you had to receive this, but the Director of Marketing and the Director of Operations do not have their email addresses published, but yours is.  I do expect a response from someone higher than the local operations on this though in a timely manner.  There is an old saying that goes:


“When a person is treated right by a business they tell everyone they know.  When they are treated wrong, they tell EVERYONE!”



Almost a Customer”

I got the name of the person to send this email to from Mediacom’s Corporate site.  A few moments later I received an auto-response telling me that this person was no longer with the company, yet they are still on the official business site.  It gave me an alternative person to contact and I forwarded the email to her.  I didn’t receive a reply which tells me that this is not a problem at a lower level, it is all the way to the top.

True to what I told them, I am making this information as a warning to others to include those I don’t know.  I also posted this to Mediacom’s Facebook site and was told by others that they experienced the same problem with this company.


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I am the Rural Iowegian of a published author and an award winning photographer. I use this space to speak my mind. God Bless.
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