How Did That Happen?

Your spouse is allergic to pet dander but so wants a dog.  Personally, you don’t like the yippy little things, but you spend $1000 to buy one.  How did that happen?  You take your spouse with you to get the thing with the understanding that your spouse is responsible for feeding, housebreaking, and all the other care for this animal you don’t want in the first place, but it ends up being you taking it out in the middle of the night to make sure it doesn’t leave you a present in one of your work shoes.  How did that happen?

Your spouse dotes on the constantly yapping ankle biter while you ignore it all the time.  Somehow, it bonds with you instead of your spouse.  How did that happen?  When you go to bed at night you don’t like anything touching you, yet the annoying little pain in the butt has to be right up against you to fall asleep.  You eventually give in and start sharing your sleeping space with it.  How did that happen?

When you leave for work in the morning, the little four legged annoyance follows you all the way to the door barking the whole time; yet if your spouse leaves, nary a sound from it.  How did that happen?  When you come home from being away for as little as an hour, you are greeted with five minutes of high pitched ‘barking’ and whining.  When your spouse returns from being gone the whole day, week, whatever, the dog looks up and acknowledges it isn’t a burglar breaking in before going straight back to sleep.  How did that happen?

Years later, you wake up one morning and this dog that has been a constant thorn in your side can’t stand up when yesterday he was fine and you hit panic mode and call the vet for an emergency appointment.  How did that happen?  The vet checks him out and tells you that she recommends he is taken to the Veterinary Hospital immediately and you find yourself praying for green lights the whole way.  How did that happen?

At the hospital they tell you he needs back surgery before the nerve damage become permanent and you don’t even consider what the cost might be.  How did that happen?  Then, they hand you the itemized bill for $4,500 and even though you are on a fixed income you immediately start thinking of what you can sell or how you can create the income flow needed to make it happen knowing you will do whatever it takes.  How did that happen?

Then you go home and type out a blog post on WordPress to keep you mind off of the time while you wait to hear how the surgery turned out.  While you do so, you realize that the annoying little ankle biting pain in your side has somehow gone from a pet for your spouse to a loved member of the family that you would do anything to keep healthy and with you.



About The Rural Iowegian

I am the Rural Iowegian of a published author and an award winning photographer. I use this space to speak my mind. God Bless.
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