Thought for Today

Recently Hillary Clinton brought to everyone’s attention that 90 Americans die each day to wounds inflicted by a person with a gun.  For this reason she demands more gun controls.

My questions to her and anyone who supports trying to take guns out of the hands of Americans are:

  1. 92 people die in automobile accidents each day in America, are you also for more car controls to keep cars out of the hands of irresponsible drivers?
  2. 113 people each day commit suicide in America, are you for more controls to keep drugs and rope out of the hands of the depressed? and
  3. 268 people die every day in America due to medical negligence, are democrats for criminalizing doctors?

I think Hillary and her minions are misguided.


About The Rural Iowegian

I am the Rural Iowegian of a published author and an award winning photographer. I use this space to speak my mind. God Bless.
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