Math Teacher in a Calculated Move Shoots Ex-Girlfriend Multiple Times

A teacher in England got into a heated argument with his ex-girlfriend Catherine Weir after which he pulled out his pistol and shot at her multiple times and hitting her.  A recording was submitted into court where Ms. Weir recorded the confrontation, which some propose that she did so to get her ex, Timothy Gledhill, into trouble.

What I have failed to tell you up to this point was the pistol he attacked her with was a water pistol; and the court found him guilty of assault.  He appealed but his appeal fell on the deaf ears of the  British magistrate. The magistrate stated Mr. Gledhill had shot Ms. Weir to humiliate her.  Getting shot with a water pistol is humiliating in Britain?  Me thinkst that the Brits must be smegging loonie if getting wet is humiliating but arguing in public is not.

What the story failed to tell us was later in the recording, after being hit with water, Ms. Weir who in reality is the Wicked Witch of the West, could be heard to scream “I’m melting!”  She also complained to the court that Mr. Gledhill intentionally used hard water to shoot her, not soft water.

The link to the story covered in the first two paragraphs is:

The last paragraph was a bit tongue in cheek if you could not tell.


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