No Greater Love

As a child growing up, I experienced my mother’s love on numerous occasions.  She could make the physical aches and pains of childhood dissipate with a properly placed kiss.  Her hugs could make the sorrow of the death of a family member ease.  She knew when to let me run free and when to rein me in, all out of love.  She was my mentor and confidant throughout my childhood and I knew there could be no greater love!

In 1980 I married my wife, the woman who by just a look could make my heart melt.  She would ease my aches and pains each day when I returned from the military base each day.  She listened to my stories and became my other half.  She lifted me and held me up and I knew there could be no greater love!

In 1981 my first child, my daughter, was born.  That tiny human being that bonded with me and was so pure, innocent and completely dependent upon me and her mother for existence.  Every achievement, no matter how small it might be, was greater than scaling Mt. Everest to me and made my heart flutter.  When she finally said ‘daddy’ I was overjoyed.  When she screamed with laughter at my antics, my heart skipped a beat.  I knew there could be no greater love!

In 1983 my second child came, a son to carry on the family name.  Like his sister before him, he instinctively knew which actions would pull at my heart strings and overwhelm me.  Everything we did together as a family seemed to increase my happiness tenfold.  I knew there could be no greater love!

In 2011, my son and his wife gave me a granddaughter.  On the day she was born, as I held her she reached out and grabbed my little finger in her tiny hand and the immediate flood of endorphins rushed throughout my body washing away anything negative and again I knew there could be no greater love!

In 2014, I was again rewarded for being a good grandfather with another grandchild.  This time I was given a grandson.  On the day he was born, as I held him in my arms, he reached out with his tiny hand and took ahold of my little finger.  The same little finger that my granddaughter had grabbed on the day of her birth.  The endorphin reaction was no less than when my granddaughter had been born and I knew there could be no greater love.

Some where along the line I also gave over my life to God who had lifted me up when I was unable to lift myself up and washed my sin away. He loves me without consideration to my shortcomings, just like my mother, but unlike my mother he gives me life over death.  I knew there could be no greater love.

As I sit here today, I know in each case I have received love from each in a way that none of the others could and for that I am grateful for knowing that there is no greater love than what each has given me.



About The Rural Iowegian

I am the Rural Iowegian of a published author and an award winning photographer. I use this space to speak my mind. God Bless.
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