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I thought about this at length before deciding to post this at this time of the year.  Before I get started, I know many countries have legalized this with the rationalization that is the woman’s body and therefore the woman’s choice.  However, for every abortion there is a silent scream that needs to be heard.

Very early in the pregnancy, only 16 days after conception, before many even know they are pregnant, the unborn child is already developing a brain and nervous system.  By the end of the first trimester, the baby has a sense of touch.

What’s my point?  My point is that the baby can feel and when being aborted it also means that baby can feel pain.  Imagine yourself going through the pain of being ‘removed’ from the womb.  Imagine being cut off from your source of oxygen and suffocating there in the presence of one of the people who created you while they do nothing to protect you.

I have also heard the rationalization that men can’t have babies so they have no say.  In response to that I will just say the pregnant person didn’t get their condition from the toilet seat.  It took two people; one male and one female to create that life.

I have also heard the claim that it’s the conservative religious zealots trying to dictate women’s rights.  Actually, even though I don’t consider myself a religious zealot or a ‘conservative’, I believe that we all have to take responsibility for our actions.  Intercourse was not created as a pastime, it was created as a form of reproduction.

I would say that before a woman lets a man into her pants she should be asking herself whether or not she is ready to become a mother.  I would also say that before a man tries to get into a woman’s pants he needs to ask himself whether or not he is ready to not only become a father, but also whether or not he is capable for supporting a child both financially and spiritually.  If either the man or the woman answers ‘no’ to these questions, the vast majority of abortions would not be needed.

This is the point of the conversation where I usually have someone say “That is so hateful to say!  What about women who have been raped?  What about life and death situations?”  Like I said above ‘most abortions’ are because of irresponsible actions.  If a woman has been raped, after the examination at the hospital it would be possible for the doctor to give the victim a ‘morning after’ pill and she would not have to deal with an unwanted pregnancy.  As far as in life threatening medical situations, that would have to be a decision between the parents of that unborn child.

When I reached puberty a long time ago, my parents sat me down and told me that unless I was ready and able to be a father and be present in that child’s life forever, I better keep my penis inside my pants.  I had a midnight curfew on weekends because as my mother used to say “The only thing open after midnight is a loose girls knees.”  I knew they meant every word they said and whenever things got a little too hot with a girlfriend I would remember what they said and I went home to take a long cold shower.

But the main thing you should think about is during the abortion, the unborn child feels the pain of life being ripped from him/her.  That, is cruel and unusual punishment for someone who has committed no crime.

If this post has upset you, I am sorry for your hurt feelings, but I have to give my two cents worth.

This is in no way any way support for the deranged people who have attacked planned parenthood establishments in the past; it is a call for a reality check for people who believe that intercourse is a pastime similar to going to the movies or out to dinner.

God Bless.



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I am the Rural Iowegian of a published author and an award winning photographer. I use this space to speak my mind. God Bless.
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