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A professor at Wheaton College in Chicago was suspended for saying on FB that the God of Christianity is the same God as the God of Islam because both are the God of Abraham.

The posts that followed the story were disturbing. It was like three children arguing who is their fathers’ favorite.  All I can do is shake my head.

Here is a thought for consideration:

God, the one and only God who has always been and always will be, saw that his children were straying from him.  They had turned his temples into market places and the priests were using the offerings to God for their own benefit.

So he sent someone to return the people back to Him.  The messenger was sent in a manner that fulfilled the prophecies of the Messiah.  The Messiah taught the people the way back to God.  Some got the message and others didn’t want to give up their life of luxury they had been accustomed to.  Those who had gotten the message became to be known at first as Christian Jews.  The Christian Jews saw Jesus as the Messiah and the other Jews denied him. The Jews didn’t want to share their God with the Christians. Both still worshipped the God of Abraham.

As the word and faith of the Christians spread, God saw others in the cradle of civilization who were not getting the word.  Again, he sent another messenger to spread the word.  This messenger brought more people to worship Him.  This new religion said Jesus was a prophet, but not the son of God.  They validated Jesus which validated Christians.  They validated the God of Abraham, and therefore validated the Jews.  But Jews and Christians didn’t want to share their God with others.

All three worship the same God, but there are radicals within each religion who preach hate against the others or claim theirs is the only valid qualification for being the children of God.

The Jews, Christians, and Muslims are all three offspring of the same God who bicker and fight over who is the favorite child.


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I am the Rural Iowegian of a published author and an award winning photographer. I use this space to speak my mind. God Bless.
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24 Responses to Thought for Today

  1. Overly simplistic assumptions here. Generalisations obviously not based on any research into the doctrinal differences between Islam and Christianity. It is greater error to draw such conclusions devoid of careful study than the bigotry you assume on the part of Christians in general.

  2. You call it “bickering” and compare it to sibling rivalry.

  3. “Radicals that preach hate in each religion” all I can say is that you need to just do a real quick Google on the most violent verses of the Quran and compare those to the most violent verses of the Bible and see what Allah commands Muslims to do but I understand there is no New Testament in the Quran

  4. In Christianity God is love that’s not so with Allah. Nor did Allah become a man and sacrifice himself to pay for our sins

  5. Jews say that only Jews are the children of God.
    Christians say only through Jesus can one enter heaven.
    Muslims say only followers of Mohammed go to heaven.
    All three claim to follow the God of Abraham.
    As far as violence, the crusades did not follow the word of Jesus anymore than ISIS, Al Qaeda or other radical Muslims follow the Quran.

    and yes, it is like three siblings fighting over who is their Father’s favorite; except we have grown so far apart that we take the level of bickering to a level God would never condone.

  6. The truth about the Crusades juice that Islam was pushing its way into Europe and the Crusades were a response to Islam but you should know this

    • The crusades were brought on by the plea of Alexios I, Emperor of Byzantine, to Pope Urban II for help to push back the Turks from Constantinople. In response, Urban offered to those who went and fought forgiveness of their sins and raised many Catholic soldiers. However, it was the hope of the Pope through sending soldiers, he could reunite the Eastern and Western churches under Catholicism. That is common knowledge and recorded.

  7. The price difference to responding to unprovoked violence such as the Crusades and initiating unprovoked violence such as Islam

    • Once again, Pope Urban was not under Islamic violence and his reasoning for sending soldiers was to reunite the church, not free the Byzantine Empire from the Turks. If you want to argue a point, make sure you have the facts first.

      As a last point on this, the Jews preached that Jesus was wrong and not the Messiah for whatever reason. You now preach the same thing against the Muslims. I wonder what Jesus might say to you for preaching hatred towards another…

      • Oh it’s not hatred. But exposing hatred. You must understand that first the mod r ates arrive. Then mosques. Then sharia law. Then terrorism starts. This is the paternity wherever Islam has gone. Look at Sweden. Rape is up 1400% due to Muslim men.

      • Sweden has had either the 2nd or 1st highest rape statistics in the world for a long time because of the way they count the reports. If a woman walked into the police station daily and reported that her husband had raped her, it does not count as one incident, it counts as however many times she walked in and reported it. As with any culture, nationality, or religion, there are good and there are bad people associated, that is a fact.

        As far as ‘exposing hatred’ isn’t fear mongering considered hatred? What you are doing by stereotyping all Muslims under your thoughts is no different than what was done in Germany starting in the 1930’s against the Jews. Try reading James 1:26 before spreading gossip in an effort to raise hatred.

        Sharia law outside Western Asia as criminal law is pretty much non-existent. For civil law concerning Muslims, there are countries that allow Muslims to follow sharia for divorce, child custody, inheritance, etc.

      • It isn’t fear mongering. It is a violent historical fact based on the doctrines of the Quran which you should research yourself.
        Here’s a little unbiased history.

      • 1786, John Adams and Thomas Jefferson met with Arab diplomats from Tunisia, who were conducting terror raids and piracy against American ships (Barbary Pirates). Writing to John Jay, Thomas Jefferson described what he saw as the main issue and the reason why they were attacking Americans who had done them no harm. The following quote is from Thomas Jefferson….

        “We took the liberty to make some inquiries concerning the Grounds of their pretensions to make war upon a Nation who had done them no Injury, and observed that we considered all mankind as our Friends who had done us no wrong, nor had given us any provocation. THE AMBASSADOR ANSWERED US THAT IT WAS FOUNDED ON THE LAWS OF THEIR PROPHET, THAT IT WAS WRITTEN IN THEIR KORAN, THAT ALL NATIONS WHO SHOULD NOT HAVE ACKNOWLEDGED THEIR AUTHORITY WERE SINNERS, THAT IT WAS THEIR RIGHT AND DUTY TO MAKE WAR UPON THEM WHEREVER THEY COULD BE FOUND, AND TO MAKE SLAVES OF ALL THEY COULD TAKE AS PRISONERS, AND THAT EVERY MUSSELMAN (MUSLIM) WHO SHOULD BE SLAIN IN BATTLE WAS SURE TO GO TO PARADISE”

      • I could go dig up what Asians said about Christians as Christianity was pushed onto them. Words like ‘nanban’ was commonplace in Japan meaning southern barbarians. In China, it was pronounced ‘nanman’ but meant the same.

        What do you think the Native Americans thought of the military and then forced Christianity back in the 17 and 1800’s?

        Just because your culture is near and dear to you, it does not mean the same elsewhere.

      • But you are talking about the corruption of doctrine in Christianity and I am talking about the doctrines themselves they do not change in either Christianity or Islam what the Quran and the Bible says is fixed and unchangeable and is what will always be in the end. The Protestant Reformation was initiated in 1535 by Martin Luther to bring us back to true representation of the scriptures in the Bible and out of corruption of Christ examples. This is the hard part because the Quran actually says to do all these corrupt and evil things so the devout appear to be corrupt but they are not according to the Quran. If you study the Quran you will find it is a book of extreme contradiction in extreme evil and virtue and all of these doctrines are considered current rules to live by in the Quran and Islam. In the end Islam demands you submit or Islam will use violence to force submission with the threat of death.
        Please consider that I may be a perfectly loving compassionate Christian who because of such and is aware of the truth feels compelled to warn others please do not confuse warning with hatred or fear mongering. Search these things out they are not hard to find for yourself.
        I wish you well and to have the courage to do so, and not simply assume bigotry on the part of those who hold what you may find to be an informed position.

      • Corruption either in Christianity or Islam is corruption. You preach that all Muslims are evil and I know better.
        When you condemn all because of their religion, you are not warning, you are hate or fear mongering.
        And Quran says that those who do not believe in the God of Abraham are infidels. Jews, Christians, and Muslims all worship the God of Abraham, but like reiterated several times before, there are those among all three monotheistic religions that wish to radicalize.
        What you consider an informed position is a very limited position.

      • I preach that Islam has extreme evil doctrines thinly veiled with virtues.

      • You are doing the exact same thing that atheists have long done to vilify Christianity; take a verse here and there out of context to try and convince people to think evil of Christians.

      • Are you recommending Group Think in place of evidence? That a minority view automatically makes that view wrong?

      • I am saying you do not judge a people by the actions of one or a few. If you want to do that, I could equate you to Jim Jones, David Koresh, or many others. A view, whether minority or majority, that condemns a whole for the actions of a few is not only wrong, it is against the teaching of Jesus.

      • This was 15 years after Jefferson and the founding fathers explicitly mentioned Muslims as included in religions the acknowledge God and are protected. He later saw Islam for what it is and was. In the case of Jefferson, he had to create a navy and launched our first war, which was against Islam.

      • Ya, I did my homework.
        “In 1095 Byzantine EmperorAlexios I, in Constantinople, sent an ambassador to Pope Urban II in Italy pleading for military help against the growing Turkish threat. The Pope responded promptly by calling Catholic soldiers to join the First Crusade. The immediate goal was to guarantee pilgrims access to the holy sites in the Holy Land under Muslim control.”
        (Wikipedia )

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