A Little Catch Up

After my last entry my internet went down.  They (the phone company) could not get out here to check it out until yesterday, and I got it back in the late afternoon.

Monday I went to my first ever caucus.  This election is far too important to not voice my opinion so with a snow event bearing down on us, I went to the caucus site and before the start of the official proceedings, campaigned for my candidate.  Although Iowans are thought to be overwhelmingly Christian, that was not the feeling I got.

When we started, each candidate on the ballet had the opportunity to have a person stand up and speak on their behalf.  Some had no one to support them, others had a local supporter speak, and one (Rick Santorum) had a minister fly in from Dallas, Texas fly in to our little town to speak for him.  The minister was quite eloquent, but I could not recall Santorum coming to Iowa at all other than his appearance at the state fair last year.

At the end of the evening, Ted Cruz won the Republican side with 28%, Trump came in second with 24%, Rubio had 23% and Carson had 9%.  On the Democrat side it was a dead tie, but Clinton declared herself the winner.  She actually ‘won’ because Iowa has a rule for the Democrats that when there is a tie, the tie is broken by a coin flip.  Then the videos started popping up of Clinton supporters who were supposed to count the number of people supporting her just standing there and then giving a higher number than the number of Sanders supporters.  Some of the precincts had more votes than were actually present.

Yesterday, the well warned snow event finally arrived with a lot less impact than what was hyped.  Instead of 12″ of snow, we got 3″.  Today is more dangerous than yesterday.  We got rain, freezing rain, and then more snow with high winds today making roads treacherous.  Also yesterday, the groundhog predicted 6 more weeks of winter to which one meteorologist warned that the groundhog is only right about 55% of the time.  I thought to myself “So, he is as good as a meteorologist”.

Now you can go about your daily business without fretting about what happened in my life for the past couple days. 😉


About The Rural Iowegian

I am the Rural Iowegian of www.ruraliowegian.wordpress.com a published author and an award winning photographer. I use this space to speak my mind. God Bless.
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