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Patriotism is not conditional. ~ ME

Last night I heard about a guy, who at one time was stationed at the same unit I had been, had his comment about the political candidates removed (censored) from a veteran’s forum by the administrator, another guy who had been stationed at the same place.  The first guy’s post was about how the liberals running for office would damage this country so much with their spend into bankruptcy plans.

Then, I found out that the administrator was so upset with George W. Bush was elected over Al Gore that he moved to Canada.  You remember Al, he was the guy who said he invented the internet and claims that he is concerned with global warming while running an average utility bill of $1359 per month.

This same administrator jumped on the forum where the first guy was venting and ranted that no one can ever question his patriotism.  This bothered me to the nth degree.

I started my military career when I was 17 and Gerald Ford was in office.  In Naval basic training we were all torn down as individuals and built back up as team members.  We learned to not think of me, but to think of we.  We learned to perform our duties for the good of all. Years later in Army basic training (that’s right, I got the privilege of participating in two basic trainings), the methods had changed a bit, but the end result was still the same.

When I became a Non-Commissioned Officer (NCO), as a low level leader/manager, I was expected to again ensure our small team worked towards the goals of the unit.  I led from the front and was the first one in every day and the last one to leave.  I put my wants/needs second to the needs of my subordinates while accomplishing our mission.  If I thought we were doing something wrong, I took it to my immediate supervisor with what I thought was wrong, why I thought it was wrong, and with a viable solution. I also instructed my subordinates that if they thought something was wrong, don’t ignore it as this festers dissatisfaction, but to come to me with the issue, and a workable solution.

When I became a Senior NCO, I became the mid level manager that directed the lower NCO’s on what to do and how to do it.  I further reinforced the problem/solution practice with my subordinates and I did the same when I saw an issue.

I left the military while George W. Bush was in his last year of office.  After retiring, I still had instilled in me that when I see an issue, I come up with a viable solution and then work towards that solution whether it be in the political field, academic world, or where ever.  The one thing I do not and will not do is run away from my country when I don’t like what is happening.

Anyone who pulls up stakes and leaves the country because someone got elected that you don’t like is not a patriot, it is someone who cannot see past themselves.


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I am the Rural Iowegian of a published author and an award winning photographer. I use this space to speak my mind. God Bless.
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