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The media in America has again turned its attention on gun control because Iowa is looking at passing a law making it legal for teens to fire handguns with an adult present. To try and make its point, they put a real gun in amongst toys  to see what kids would do with the gun.  Then they acted surprised when the kids picked up the gun and played with it.  The inordinate amount of attention given to this issue peaked my curiosity so I looked up the statistics for America from the CDC.  Here they are for 2012 (last year I could find):

  • 1418 children died in car accidents (20.8%)
  • 1366 children died from prescription drug overdose (20.1%)
  • 1273 children died from illegal drug overdose (18.8%)
  • 1118 children died of suffocation (16.5%)
  • 726 children died from drowning (10.7%)
  • 308 children died from fires (4.5%)
  • 97 children died from environmental accidents (1.4%)
  • 94 children died from poisoning (1.3%)
  • 62 children died from falls (0.9%)
  • 62 children died from firearms (0.9%)
  • 262 children died from ‘other’ incidents (3.7%)

Instead of putting the attention on children getting their hands on their parents’ prescription drugs, or getting ahold of illegal drugs which combined accounts for 39.9% of the deaths of children, the media focuses on something that accounts for less than 1%.

I think the media must have an agenda.  I wonder what those same kids would do if you put prescription pills on a plate with candy hearts, or cocaine on a plate with powdered donuts.

It is heart wrenching to hear of a child dying by any means, but instead of working from the bottom of the list up, why would the media not put its attention at the top of the list first and work its way down?


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I am the Rural Iowegian of a published author and an award winning photographer. I use this space to speak my mind. God Bless.
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