Thought for Today

There was organized opposition designed to interrupt a Trump rally in Chicago Friday.  The protestors, using various methods, incited the rally goers to respond.  Video clips of an Middle Easterner trying to grab a flag from one person and another stomping on an American flag.  There were several clips of the protestors yelling in the faces of the rally attenders and then swinging at them when the rally goers responded in kind.

Afterwards, the protestors and others blamed Trump for the resulting melee.  I have read people who have claimed Trump’s actions are like Hitler.  The poster said that Trump kept repeating catch phrases that he knew would get the people excited into a frenzy.  He went on to say that Trump’s stance on Muslim refugees from the Middle East were also comparable to Hitler.

My response to that is:

  1. Freedom of speech is for all, not just the ones y0u agree with;
  2. Proper vetting of all immigrants before allowing them in is good policy, not racism; and
  3. If Trump is like Hitler for his tactics of using certain phrases over and over again to rally a crowd, so is every politician out there.  Bernie blaming Wall St. and the wealthy for those being poor, Clinton blaming the republicans and also saying the poor deserve more, both of these are also phrases that they found excite their followers.

Of all of them though, Sanders most closely emulates the Nazi regime.  He blames a certain class of people (the wealthy) for the woes of the nation just as Hitler blamed the Jews.  Whereas Trump wants to stem the flow into the nation of illegals and possibly terrorists to protect Americans from outside threats, Sanders blames a class of people inside the nation for the woes of others.

Freedom of speech is a Constitutional right for all, not just those you agree with. ~ ME



About The Rural Iowegian

I am the Rural Iowegian of a published author and an award winning photographer. I use this space to speak my mind. God Bless.
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