And Yet Another Reason

And yet another reason not to vote for Clinton or Sanders.  Today, VOX which is an extremely left leaning website, along with Tax Policy Center, which is not so left leaning, came out with a calculator to show people what their taxes would be like if each candidate got their way.

I used their calculator and entered my present retirement pay (which is the only taxable income I have).  Then I re-entered the data with an imaginary income of $65,000 which is right around the mean income for Americans.  Let’s see how I fare in each instance:

CANDIDATE                        CHANGE @ $30k               CHANGE @ $65K

TRUMP                                  $1,490 LESS                        $5,640 LESS

CRUZ                                     $1,620 LESS                         $4,290 LESS

CLINTON                             $50 MORE                         $80 MORE

SANDERS                            $3,150 MORE                    $6,970 MORE

Wait a minute!  Both Clinton and Sanders are telling Americans they are going to go after the wealthy.  How can they claim that a family of two is wealthy at $30,000 per year?  At $65,000 a year, a family of two is at the mean for the nation, so they are in the middle of middle class and the democrats want to raise income taxes on the middle class too!

For the people looking at Clinton or Sanders as viable candidates thinking they are going to go after the wealthy to bring up the standard of living for the poor, I suggest you look again.  They are not pushing income equality, they are pushing lower standard of living for all no matter what your income class.

You can go see for yourself at:


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