Thought for Today (4/17/2016)

In a suburb of Madison, Wisconsin, a group of mothers started making lunch and bringing it to a park by the high school for their children to eat on Tuesdays.  The school has an open campus and allows students to leave campus to eat lunch wherever they want. Soon, other children started showing up to the lunch in the park.

This group of mothers does not charge the other children to eat, but did ask those who came for lunch stay after eating for a prayer as this group is Christian. Soon, more and more children came for the free lunch.  Whether it was to fill their stomachs or fill their spirit that drew them in, it does not matter.

Now, the principal of the school and the superintendent are raising a stink because they have leased the park, but under the lease it is still open to the public.  They claim that since the school has leased the park, no one can use the park for political or religious reasons.  However, the pavilion in the park has been rented by the city to the group of mothers.

The school representatives claim that students can be seen in the hallways crying, with some being hysterical because of the free lunches with a spiritual message.  I think that if there were students reacting to a lunch they need not be involved in, it is either staged, or the school has students that need psychiatric help.

I do have a question for the principal and superintendent though.  If a student showed up to school wearing a hijab or burka, would they make that student remove it under their policy of no religious or political activities on school grounds?


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I am the Rural Iowegian of a published author and an award winning photographer. I use this space to speak my mind. God Bless.
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