Thought for Today (4/18/2016)

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania is going to hold a White Privilege Conference next month.  That is correct, The City of Brotherly Love is going to hold a conference where they will discuss how the color of your skin at birth will automatically give you an advantage in life.

One of the speakers, Heather Hackman, was quoted in an article yesterday stating that the education system is intentionally set up to give white people advantage in the ‘system’ and was “literally killing off non-white Americans.”

She said the downfall of the American education system is because educators focus on individual assessments, competition, outcome over process, discipline in showing up to classes and being on time, proper American English, based on a hierarchical power structure that has heavy goal orientation.

She promotes ‘collective assessments’ which measures what the class level learned, not the individual, and eliminating all school grades entirely.  She stated that when she was a professor, she employed this methodology.  She allowed students to turn in essays in foreign languages, including languages she did not know under the pretense that a professor need not know what foreign student in an American school in America writes, but only that they thought about what they were supposed to write.

From there she stated that modern teachers should only learn things enough to become employed in education so that they can change them from within.

Finally, the article states “While the traits listed may simply be regarded as positive traits for success in the modern world, Hackman described them as specific cultural traits chosen and emphasized to favor whites to the detriment of non-white groups, who are forced to assimilate white traits such as good discipline and goal orientation or else be left behind.”

I was going to comment on Ms. Hackman’s idiology yesterday but refrained because I was a tad bit overwhelmed at the actual level of stupidity that she whole heartedly believes in.  (Yes, I know that I typed ‘idiology’ in lieu of ‘ideology’.  I am coining this new word based on a cross between idiocy and ideology. Idiology is an ideology that is ignorant and absurd.)  Therefore, I waited until today to respond to this person’s attempt to nullify education.

Imagine a group of students at medical school.  They were each admitted into the school based upon their grades while undergraduates.  This group all came from undergraduate schools that employed the Hackman idiology of Education.  Students 1-8 are very intelligent and were part of the group that carried all the others through each class while undergrads.  Students 9-14 are students that attended traditional colleges overseas and were the tops of their classes there.  Students 15-20 are the parasite students that rode through the undergraduate system on the coat tails of the others.

Here at the Hackman Institute of Non-Traditional Studies the medical students are all assessed under the collective assessment.  All 20 students want to be oncologists and the first 14 students carry the other 6 all the way through under the collective assessment method of ensuring these students know what they need to know.  After the complete their ‘education’, they all go into private practice at various medical institutions around the world. 

One day you notice an odd mole on your skin and go to the doctor.  Your doctor, who also graduated from a school employing Hackman’s idiology, says “Yep, this mole looks like a profile bust of Abraham Lincoln.  I don’t know why you’d be concerned about that; you should be proud to carry around a mole that looks like the Great Emancipator!” 

You leave his office and then decide you need to see a specialist.  You make an appointment with an oncologist who happened to be student #18 from the Hackman Institute of Non-Traditional Studies.  #18 was one of those students who had been trained to think that attending classes and actually learning something was integral to being able to do his job, was not all that important.  In fact, even though he never went to class, since the rest of the class did so well, he almost graduated Magna Cum Laude.  He too looks at your mole and is awestruck by the amazing resemblance to Abraham Lincoln and asks you if you have an agent because he thinks you could make a fortune on the night show circuit.

Six months later you are dead because the skin cancer you had was very aggressive once it started to spread.  Welcome to the wonderful world of the Hackman idiology.

Absurd you think?  If Heather Hackman has her way, a very real possibility.

Now, let’s look at some of her idiology from the story:

  1.  Her statement that the system is set up to give white people the advantage and is “literally killing off non-white Americans.”  I checked for statistics all over America to indicate that non-white Americans were dying on college and university campuses anywhere.  Yet, I was unable to find any such statistics.  I do remember one of my classmates at the university I attended dying, so I went back to get the specifics.  Unfortunately for Hackman, the student who died was ‘white’ and died in a car accident.  If white supremacy is actually in place in running, it should be easy to see.  77% of Americans are white, 13% are black, and the other 10% are all the others combined.  But when I went to the National Center for Education Statistics site, the numbers are all out of whack!  Females make up 51% of the population, yet 57% of the 2015 fall enrollees were female!  African Americans like previously mentioned, make up 13% of the population but account for 15%.  Hispanics make up 16%.  Together these two categories alone make up 31% of the college student population.  That leaves 69% for whites and the other minorities like Native Americans and Asians.  If the percentages for students are higher than the percentage of the population, exactly how is it that the system is set up for whites?  Hackman Idiology.
  2. Her collective assessment and obliteration of the grading system idiology is another setup for systematic failure of education.  The collective assessment practice does not indicate whether individual students know what they are doing, it is more of a communist notion of collective thinking.  Dare not to be able to think on your own as it might upset what the collective wants.  It is really nothing more than communist ideology.  Everyone is the same and therefore no one can fail, or succeed, or be inspired, or……..   Hackman Idiology.
  3. Timeliness is bad according to Hackman.  Out in the business world, what would happen to an employee who did not see the need to go to work and if he did, not be on time?  What would happen to the representative of one company that travelled to Asia to set up a business deal and then didn’t show up or kept his Asian counterparts waiting because he just didn’t feel like being timely? Hackman Idiology.
  4. Finally, her practice of allowing students to write essays in languages she did not understand and giving them credit because they had shown they put thought into the answer.  Pure idiocy!  For all she knew they were writing letters to their parents to inform them they had wasted their money sending them to this university.  If Hackman could not read what was written, she could not know whether or not they even thought about the topic.  Hackman Idiology.

If you would like to read the original article, here is the link:

Professional Educator: Grades, Showing Up On Time Are A Form Of White Supremacy


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