Thought for Today (6/12/2016)

As my heart goes out today to the families of those killed, I need to address the misinformation being passed by the media.  This morning, one news outlet said that the gunman had a military grade AR-15 assault weapon.  Others, stated that the gunman had an AR-15 automatic assault weapon. This has been picked up by people I know who are using social media to decry the availability of assault weapons.

Everyone seems to think there is no difference between an AR-15 and the M-16 or M-5.  However, the M-16 and the M-5 are AUTOMATIC weapons and the AR-15 is a semi-automatic.  Older style M-16’s and M-5’s would continue to spit out bullets at a high rate of speed until the ammunition magazine is empty.  The newer style M-16’s and M-5’s put out three round bursts.  An AR-15 is a semi-automatic rifle that will fire a bullet each time the trigger is squeezed.  It can only fire as fast as a person can make that squeeze.  The AR-15 cannot fire at the same rate of speed as an M-16.

The AR-15 as sold is semiautomatic the same as my .22 caliber semiautomatic rifle I hunt rabbit and squirrel with.  The projectile of the AR-15 is at .223 is slightly larger than my .22 caliber rifle, but admittedly has more propellant.

If someone wants to wreak havoc, there are better weapons to do so.  But, the current administration cannot and will not blame anyone for today’s horrible massacre because the desire to deny Americans their Second Amendment right to bear arms away.  The current administration made it possible for the gunman to obtain a job where he was issued a permit to carry and even though he had been twice on the FBI’s radar, was able to purchase the weapons for this attack last week.




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One Response to Thought for Today (6/12/2016)

  1. Liberals refuse to allow facts to get in the way of a good talking point.

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