Thought for Today (6/18/2016)

I look around at the younger generation and what I see in most concerns me for the future of the human race.  There are so many willing to be spoon fed what to think and what to do, that they have become sheep in a world of wolves.

I have ran into several who go all in for any politician that tells them they will give them free education or free healthcare and look past not only the politician’s background (to include criminal charges), and not even consider the ramifications of what the result would be if the politician’s promises came true.

I asked one of those young people why they supported who they did and was told matter of factly that they should not have to pay for education or healthcare.  I asked who was going to pay the wages of the doctors, nurses, teachers, administrators, and everyone else working in the education and healthcare worlds.  The response was “the government”.  When asked where the government would get the money, the answer was “they’ll print it.”

I then asked what would happen if the government just started printing currency at will.

“Everyone will have more money” came the reply.

“If everyone has more money because the government is artificially pumping of the economy, what will happen?”

“Everyone will live better” was her retort.

“Are diamonds valuable?” I asked.


“If everyone in the world had 1000 diamonds, would they still be valuable?”


“If everyone has 1000 diamonds, no one would want diamonds so why would they be valuable?”

She thought a minute and said “I guess they wouldn’t be as valuable.”

“So if the government prints money that they cannot back, how much is that money worth?”

“I don’t know”

“Just like the diamonds, the money loses its value and causes run away inflation.  What costs $2 now could very well cost $200 because the money is less valuable.”

“They could have the rich people pay for it.”

I said “Let’s just look at the education part.  A public university costs an average of $9,500 per year to attend right now.  That is $38,000 for a four year degree. Are you following?”

“Yeah” she replied smugly.

“In America, every year a little more than 4,000,000 people turn 18 every year.  For all the people between 18 and 22 in college that would be 16,000,000 students.  If each one it was costing an average of $9,500 per year, that would be rich people paying out 38 billion dollars each year.  Do you think that the rich have enough money to pay out 38 billion dollars a year?”

“Maybe” she said a little less smugly.

“No, putting a tax burden of 38 billion dollars a year for education on the wealthy is not feasible.  Add to that the cost of healthcare which runs an average of $9,538 per person in The United States each year, and now the cost for education and healthcare is up to $3,038,000,000 per year.  Right now, the annual federal budget is $3.8 trillion dollars.  Add another $3 trillion, 38 billion for healthcare and education and you have effectively doubled the budget.”  A single person from Iowa pays about 22% of their paycheck for state and federal taxes.  If you double the budget you have to double the taxes.  Now you are looking at paying 44% of every dollar you earn into the tax system.”

“But I don’t have a good job so you guys need to pay more so I can go to college.”

“And what happens after college?”

“What do you mean?”

“After you graduate from college in the system you want, you have to get a job and pay 44% of your income into taxes to pay for the next people’s education and healthcare.”

“Then they’ll have to pay me more money.”

“So you’re saying everyone needs to have more diamonds?”

She looked like she understood for a moment and then became agitated “You’re just trying to twist my words to confuse me!”  She then turned and stomped away.

“No, young lady, I was trying to get you to take off your rose colored glasses and look at reality instead of the fairy tales certain politicians are telling.”

If the next generation has no critical thinking skills and are wrapped up in believing they are entitled to a cushy life, we are in deep trouble.




About The Rural Iowegian

I am the Rural Iowegian of a published author and an award winning photographer. I use this space to speak my mind. God Bless.
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