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General Rant (Don’t Read if You’re Sensitive)

Colin Kaepernick is nothing more than a punk ass beotch.  With his $19,000,000 per year he knows about oppression as much as I know about being a frog.  If he wants to show solidarity with oppressed people, let him pull … Continue reading

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Thought for Today (8/27/2016)

As there is no perfect human, and we are all effected by biases, perceptions, environments and many other factors, it is not possible for anyone to know absolute truth or absolute reality.  Therefore, truth and reality are nothing more than personal illusions. ~ … Continue reading

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Thought for Today

I have been working managing a retail business for four months working an average of 65 hours per week, though when hired I was told 50 hours per week.  After turning in notice because my doctor told me to slow … Continue reading

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