Thought for Today (9/8/2016)

On the news is a story about a Playboy playmate who took a photo of a nude woman at a health center and then posted it on the internet.  The playmate is facing jail time if convicted of invading the woman’s expectation of privacy.

The playmate is now using the Hillary Defense and claiming she never ‘intended’ to break the law.  How many of you didn’t see this coming when Hillary used this in reference to her jeopardizing national secrets?



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4 Responses to Thought for Today (9/8/2016)

  1. Did HRC post secrets on social media, with derogatory comments? If not, there’s no real comparison, is there?

  2. No, she had her employees remove classifications from emails and then send them to her on a non-secure server. She later claimed when questioned by the FBI that she did not ‘intend’ to circumvent the law. So yes, there is a comparison whether you choose to see it or not.

    • It’s apples and oranges, an inept comparison. The playmate put out the secretly snapped photo for general public view, and ridiculed the woman, saying “You can’t unseen this”. Nothing on Clinton’s servers went public. You’re saying an act of public insult without permission is identical to an act of private incompetence or a mistake, because both parties were dishonest, but the acts can not be made equivalent just because the defenses were similar.

  3. They both broke the law and then claimed the intent was not there. On Clinton, there was no incompetence or mistake, she told her staff to remove all classification markings before sending. Whether or not a crime is made public or not does not nullify the crime. On the other, do you think she is so stupid that she did not know what she did was illegal? Both use ‘no intent’ as defense.

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