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Thought for Today (10/28/2016)

I look to the skies and think “There has to be intelligent life out there.”  Looking around me, I know why they haven’t visited here. (My first attempt at capturing the Milky Way)

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Thought for Today (10/25/2016)

The media has once again shown its propensity for misinformation.  According to the big three television broadcasters the Clinton lead on Trump is insurmountable trying to make Trump supporters believe that there is no reason to even vote. In reality, many … Continue reading

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Thought for Today (10/17/2016)

I have to work early tomorrow, so let’s look at stats today. The statistics show in 2014 the single parent households by race were as follows: Native America 53% Asian 17% Black 66% Hispanic 42% White 25% Mixed 42% This … Continue reading

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Thought for Today (10/16/2016)

I recently read a post where someone was trying to use statistics to validate a point of view.  I saw early on in the post that fallacious arguments (FA) were being used but there was insufficient data to determine whether … Continue reading

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Thought for Today (12/13/2016)

“They’re nothing but your standard rednecks.”  (Bill Clinton) “We need to infiltrate the Catholic Church and change their ideology.” (Podesta) “They’re nothing more than a basket of deplorables.” (Hillary Clinton) This all from the leaders of the party who says … Continue reading

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Thought for Today (10/10/2016)

After watching last night’s debate between Clinton and Trump (although I flopped back and forth to the football game), it was clear that the moderator’s were favoring Clinton, but it did not seem to help her.  Today, I am reading … Continue reading

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Thought for Today (10/06/2016)

As I watched part of the Today Show this morning, Matt Lauer kept harping on Trump’s VP nominee on what Trump has said in the past.  I kept hoping that Pence would say “At this point, what difference does it … Continue reading

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